The Virgin’s Birthday Surprise


The Virgin’s Birthday Surprise
It was John’s 18th birthday and his parents had whisked him away to London for the weekend. John was a nerdy looking boy, skinny and wirey, short dark hair and never even kissed a girl which his parents had suspected. They arrived at their hotel after spending hours shopping, the parents had one room and John had his own room, his mum told him to get dressed up for his surprise present. John thought it was just going to be a meal at a top restaurant, how wrong could he be. He got dressed in his new suit and splashed some of his new cologne on his face, he was ready just as there was a knock at his door, he answered and in stepped his mum and dad, they complimented on how he looked at then explained that his surprise is going to be arriving in 5 minutes and to enjoy it and then they left. John was confused and just sitting in a chair as there was another knock at the door. He answered and standing outside was a gorgeous looking long haired brunette wearing a figure hugging black dress with her big boobs almost popping out. She said Hi, you must be John, he stammered back with a yes, she then said i’m Lisa and i’m your present aren’t you going to invite me in, John said sure and she walked into his room.

Lisa told John to sit down on the bed and she would explain everything, as John sat down Lisa started to tell him that his parents knew he wasnt experienced with girls, John went bright red as Lisa said this, she then said that after tonight this would never be a problem again and he could do everything and anything he wanted. John asked Lisa what she meant, she whispered in his ear that he was going to get fucked over and over again, as she said this she reached down to his croth and felt his bulge growing. Lisa said that for the 1st part of the night she would take control and asked John had he ever seen a lady naked? John said no, as he did Lisa stripped out of her dress to reveal her naked toned body, she stood in front of him in just heels and said well this is your 1st gift of the night. Next she asked had he ever kissed a girl, again the answer was no, Lisa pulled him to his feet and planted her lips on his and she began to explore his mouth with her tongue, her boobs pressed against his body, she guided his hands down to her ass and helped him squeeze her butt. They finally broke the kiss, John was panting as lisa removed his jacket and unzipped his trousers and let them fall to the ground to reveal his bulging boxers. She whispered that she knew he has jerked himself before but she was going to do it so when they finally fuck he will last longer, Lisa reached inside his boxers and began to stroke his throbbing cock, almost instantly he told her he was about to cum, she reached to the table and grabbed a glass, he unloaded his cum into the glass, his load was huge as he sat recovering Lisa looked at him then drank his hot cum from the glass, his cock sprung back up almost instantly, Lisa said Wow, you are ready for round 2 already, John just giggled. Lisa told him to play with her huge boobs, John began to caress them, squeeze them, he pinched her nipples, she told him to suck them, lick them, gently nibble and he did just that, John was enjoying this, he clamped down on her left nipple, Lisa let out a soft moan, John realised he was doing it right, Lisa grabbed his hand and lowered it towards her pussy, she showed him how to rub his hand along her wet pussy, then guided his finger along with hers inside her, their fingers went in and out as he continued to suck her boobies, once he got the motion of fingering her pussy Lisa removed her finger told John to look up and as he did she sucked her juices off her finger, he stopped sucking on her boobs but continued to finger fuck Lisa, she began to shudder and shake and thrust herself onto his finger, her cunt convulsed and she let out a big moan. Lisa collapsed onto the bed, John’s finger still deep inside, she reached back down, took him by the hand and moved to suck his fingers clean. John that was great, do you want to taste me she asked, John nodded as she reaced her fingers between her legs and wiped her juices onto them, she gifted her fingers to him, John inhaled and then gently sucked on them, he loved the taste and wanted more, she told him to wait because she wanted to taste his cock.

Lisa started licking up his shaft, teasing her tongue around the head before engulfing his shaft with her mouth, she bobbed up and down, fondling his balls and jerking him. John was in extasy and couldnt contain his moaning, she looked up at him her eyes were showing him how much she was enjoying this, she deep throated until she almost gagged, then done it again, then released his cock from her mouth and teased the head with her tongue as she wanked him harder and faster, his cock began to throb she knew he was close so she began to suck again, harder, tighter, he erupted down her throat, she took it all, she released him and licked the last of his cum before moving up to kiss him, John felt the remnants of his cum on her lips and tasted himself on her, they finally broke the kiss and lay in each other arms for a few minutes before John asked if he could taste her pussy, Lisa said of course and told him to begin kissing down her body, he did just that very slowly, finally he got between her legs kissing her inner thighs, John was such a quick learner, he slid his tongue up her lips, he loved how she tasted, he began to lick her quicker, she instructed him to flick at her clit, he did as he was told, after a few minutes Lisa’s breathing become more gaspy, her juices were flowing, it covered John’s face, she pushed his head closer to her pussy almost suffocating him as her orgasm took hold, finally she released her grip on his head and he gasped for breath, Lisa told him he was wonderful as she began to lick her juices from his face. They began to lie with each other talking and kissing, touching each other, she finally climbed on top of him, gyrating her soaking pussy against his hardening cock, lubricating it, getting it ready for round 3. Lisa finally guided his cock to her entrance then sat down on it, John finally felt the warmth of her pussy on his cock, she slowly bounced on it, increasing her speed, john reached up and began groping her magnificent globes, Lisa was taking every inch inside her, they swapped positions and John was on top in missionary, he began pounding her pussy deep and fast, her moans were building and she bucked her hips as her orgasm hit, she screamed at John to cum inside her, as she did he erupted, spurts of cum he finally stopped cumming and collapsed on top of her, his cock finally plopped out as well as the leaking cum, Lisa reached down and began to scoop up the cum and swallow it down.

After what seemed like hours of Fucking they finally fell asleep together, cuddling each other naked. After a few hours of sleep, John woke with a raging hard on between Lisa’s ass cheeks, he got an idea and began to nibble and kiss Lisa’s ear and neck until she woke, he whispered to her i want your ass, she went wild at the thought of this young man who had never touched a girl until tonight wanting to sodomize her. She turned to him and kissed him, she went down and sucked his throbbing cock, to lube him up, she reached to the nightstand and grabbed the lube in her purse that she had placed in there not knowing if she was going to use it, she put some on her fingers and began to lube her ass, she was ready. John gently started to push his cock into her, he got the head in and paused briefly befor sliding further, in and out until he was balls deep inside her bum, he began picking up speed, plunging in and out, she reached down to her pussy and began playing with herself, eventually she screamed out another orgasm as John kept pounding her ass, finally he said he was about to cum, she told him to cum on her face and boobs, he flipped her over and began stroking his cock until he finally sent his cock into spasm as ropes of thick cum splashed her tits and chin, he watched as she rubbed it into her boobs like a lotion, he lay back down and drifted to sleep. John woke up to find himself on his own in bed, he looked at the clock it was 7am, then he heard the shower, he thought to himself what a fantastic night. As Lisa came out of the shower in just a towel, he pretended he was still asleep, she looked at him, noticed his morning glory through the bed sheet, she kne that she had to relieve him one last time before she went. She walked over to him, got under the sheets and took him in her mouth one last time, she licked and slurped at his manhood, sucked on his balls, she finally looked up and saw he was awake, She stopped and said Good morning John, before returning to sucking him off, finally she got what she wanted, his creamy cum filled her mouth, she showed him the mouthful of white goodness before gulping it down and licking her lips, Lisa got dressed, handed her his phone number and told him that she hoped to be his birthday present next year. Lisa left and John just lay there thinking about the best night of his life.

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