This is an episode in the NAKED LEGAL group of stories. It is recommended that you at least read the original story, NAKED LEGAL, before reading this story to understand the origin of the office relationships and the main characters. NAKED LEGAL preceding THE CHAIR:

• NAKED LEGAL, Chapters 1 – 4

That is the continuing story of Grace McBride, a former attorney with a hard-driving, dominant, and extroverted personality; or, at least, that was what she showed the professional world, the image she cultivated from c***dhood because it was demanded that she succeed. That was the mask she wore to hide the reality of a mild, submissive, and introverted personality. It was only a matter of time before the method of her break-down appeared. When it did, it was stellar. Once that mask begins slipping, people can either adjust to incorporate the real part that was being hidden or … the division, the gap, between the two can become destructive. In her case, it was very destruction, resulting in disbarment.

Her redemption was in being recruited for a special role in a small law office. The shiver-producing words in the contract she signed were an entire section under a descriptive heading, NAKED LEGAL: she was to remain naked, except for stockings, heels, and jewelry while in the offices; she was to be available for the sexual pleasure of all members of the team at any time and in any way; she was to be sexually available to any member of the team outside of work with the approval of Mr. Franklin; she was to be sexually submissive to the team and primarily to Mr. Franklin who would represent ultimate control; all males would be referred to as ‘sir’ or ‘Mr. last name’; all females would be referred to as ‘ma’am’ or ‘Mrs. or Miss last name’; and, as reinforcement, she agreed to respond at any time, anyhow, anywhere, and with anyone, as directed.

This is more a story that reflects that sometimes the greatest love you can experience is when you can realize and accept the reality of yourself. A reality that becomes easy to share.


The time in the office as the Naked Legal proved to be both surprising and not surprising. I found it surprising how I could become engrossed in the details of a case or client information at my desk or even sometimes while in consultation with one of the other members of the team, all the while essentially naked. But, it was also not surprising how a simple touch by one of them or catching one of them with a lingering gaze upon my exposed body would cause me to instantly become aroused. And, though I could frequently focus around that arousal, the evidence of it would be shown on my body through a flushed response in my skin, erect nipples, or a moist spot left on a chair when I got up to leave. The other indicators of my arousal were like a tease, but the damp marks left on chairs were like a neon flashing advertisement.

As the time passed, my workload was increased very quickly from reviewing files and cases (current and past) to active involvement. As my workload increased, I found the sexual interruptions decreased. The first couple days it was like I was being ravaged by everyone. Mr. Franklin confided in me while I was again under his desk sucking his cock while he worked that my heavy use initially was to get everyone past the timid, awkward stage of the new arrangement. And, it had worked. Even if I wasn’t constantly being ravaged all day, anymore, I was frequently touched intimately and open discussions were held about what necklaces set off my breasts best or if my pussy should be completely cleaned or a thin patch of trimmed hair might be left above it. They always liked for me to open my legs for that consideration, but they always ended up agreeing I should remain completely clean.

Recent discussions began revolving around possible piercings of my body, which resulted in the close handling of my nipples, clit hood, and pussy lips. Mr. Franklin assured me any body modifications like that would be entirely up to me. Of course, those assurances generally came while I was sucking his cock, too.

There would be several days in a row when I spent my sexual time sucking them while they worked and that included Marjorie, too. That allowed the office to be more effective while still receiving satisfaction. It took away from my effectiveness in the office, but that was dependent on the measurement used. My effectiveness at the office might be high in terms of pleasure provided or low in terms of work completed. The time I spent in the office slowly increased to compensate for the diversion of pleasing the office.

The days when I was relegated to providing oral pleasure left me unsatisfied, though. The combination of taking my office-mates to noisy orgasms, being naked, and being frequently touched and teased left me wanting for my own pleasure release. Several times, Mr. Franklin exerted his control onto me further by prohibiting me from pleasuring myself. The sexual tension within me would build up to a fever point until they would use me in a mini-gangbang at the end of the day, leaving me exhausted and limp, but finally content.

Mr. Franklin had scheduled a conference of all of us regarding a client’s case that was approaching its court time. We were gathering around the conference table, a laptop primed for reviewing the case on the large screen at the end of the table. I was approaching the table with my hands filled with a coffee cup, folders, and notepads when Jake grasped me from behind. His hands cupped my breasts, fondling them, fingers pinching and twisting the nipples. He leaned into me, his hands on my breasts pulling me into the front of his body and his pelvis pressing into my butt. He kissed my shoulder and worked his way to my neck as his face pushed my long hair out of the way. I moaned at the attention, my eyes closed, and momentarily lost in the feeling. I opened my eyes to find the other three watching and smiling as they got settled.

Mark stopped short of taking a chair and looked at Mr. Franklin who gave him a nod. Jake whispered in my ear between kisses, “We have a present for you, Grace. We decided you deserved a new chair.”

A new chair? The one I had seemed just fine to me. I heard Mark returning and turned my head to see what was so special about a new chair while Jake’s hands continued to fondle my body. The chair Mark was pushing out from his office was clunky, not nearly as sleek as the one I had. The seat part appeared to be like any other, but the rolling base contained a boxy section under the seat and above the column attaching to the roller section. It wasn’t nearly as attractive or graceful appearing.

Mark caught the look on my face. “Don’t judge a chair by its appearance.” He smiled.


I looked at Mr. Franklin and he only smiled. Jake moved a chair away from the table and Mark brought the new up behind me. I sighed, recognizing they were up to something with this chair, but I wasn’t going to figure it out without playing along.

“This chair screams you, Grace.” I looked at him with a look of exasperation. “See anything different about it?” I pointed underneath. “Well, yeah, that, but anything else?” I shrugged, I really didn’t except for the ugly box underneath.

Marjorie interrupted, “Mark …”, and she made a movement of her thumb pressing on her curled index finger.

“Oh, crap … yeah, thanks.” He ran off to his office and returned with two items in his hands. They were remotes very much like a TV remote only smaller. He slid one onto the table and held out the other one for me to see.

“A remote chair? What does it do, take me across the office?”

He chuckled and he was joined by the others. “It takes you, all right, but not across the room.” I watched him press the power button and I heard a soft hum started up, continue for a moment, then go silent. I looked at him with brand new concern. He pointed at the seat, “See anything different about the seat?” I looked closely and commented on the seam down the middle from back to front. “Yes, well, watch that seam.” He pressed a button on the remote, the hum returned and the seam appeared to open slightly until a flesh-colored knob penetrated out about two inches and stop.

“Oh, fuck … sorry.”

“No, no … you’re actually quite correct. Keep watching.” After a short time, it continued to rise out of the chair and I understood the reason for the box underneath. The box contained a motor with a dildo attached to it. The dildo again stopped once it reached about six inches. It was obscene, a dildo sticking out from the seat. He continued, “It has a variety of settings for our … I mean your enjoyment.” He gave me a devilish grin. He pressed a button and I thought I saw movement. I reached a finger out to it and it was vibrating. He pressed the same button repeatedly and the vibration became more intense. He turned the vibration off and pressed another button. The dildo slowly retreated and then rose back up. Pressing another button several times and it increased in speed. He turned that off and pressed a different button that caused the dildo to start wobbling on its axis.

He looked at me and it was like a k** on Christmas morning. “You can even combine everything: up and down, vibrating, and wobbling.”

I looked at Mr. Franklin and he held up his hands in a ‘not my idea’ gesture. I rolled my eyes.

Mark continued. “When you’re sitting in the chair and you feel the head come out, you have 15 seconds to adjust your pussy over it, then it starts to rise further.”

I looked at everyone, “You’re serious about this?”

Marjorie winked at me, “Mark’s the genius behind this. We’re just thinking of you, dear. Part of all this was to assure you the pleasure you desired, not just your submission to pleasuring us. We just want to be sure to live up to our end of the bargain.”

I rolled my eyes and with a hint of sarcasm, “And I am so grateful for your thoughtfulness, Ma’am.” Continuing the sarcasm, “You can’t imagine how deeply I feel about that.”

Jake slid his hand from my shoulder to my ass and gave it a playful smack. “Feeling it deeply is the key there, Grace.” They all laughed.

I looked to Mr. Franklin, “Sir, was there really a meeting intended or was this just to further embarrass me?”

He chuckled, “Oh, there is a meeting. The other is just a pleasant bonus.”

They were all watching. I glanced down and found the dildo out of view. I sat down nervously and waited. I heard the soft hum, first. That was followed by a very gentle vibration in the seat before I felt the seam part and the head pressing against my crotch. I shifted slightly side to side and back and forth until satisfied with my position, then waited. He said it was 15 seconds. Sure enough, I felt the dildo rising, parting my lips further and with a very slight shift, it went into my pussy. I gasped.

Mark leaned forward and was holding a tube of lubricant. “I forgot the lubricant!”

Jake laughed, “She won’t need it unless … she wants it in the other hole.”

I gasped and moaned. It was slowly rising and dropping through my pussy. The other hole. Dear Lord … this could be used in my ass, too?

Mark then went through the safety features programmed into the unit. If the setting wasn’t changed in 15 minutes, it would randomly change to another setting or combination. After two hours of continuous use, it would automatically shut off. It could, of course, be turned back on. He smiled lustily. Leave it to the geek to get a rush from a fucking machine for my use.

The meeting began while the chair was set in a slow fucking motion. It rose and fell through my drooling pussy and a thought came to my mind.

“Sorry, Sir, but is everything inside waterproof? I would hate to be electrocuted in the midst of an orgasm.” I was assured all electrical contacts were sealed and completely safe from electrical problems. Right, so all I really have to worry about is passing out and crashing to the floor.

The meeting began in earnest. The issue was the client’s possible testimony or not. I was of the opinion we should have her testify. There was always a risk in that, but she so naturally came across as vulnerable it was difficult not to be sensitive and that an aggressive cross-examination could turn against the opposing counsel.

The remote was being passed under the table from one to the other and whoever increased the intensity of the fucking motion had waited for the moment I completed my point. Then, I gasped loudly and my head hung from my shoulders. I gripped the edge of the table while my breathing came in gasps punctuated with moans as an orgasm rose and spread through my body.

“Oooooooo … fuccckkkkk … sorrrryyyyy … ooooooooooooo”

My hands shifted to the arms of the chair as my body went rigid, the pressure on the armrests raising me slightly from the seat, but the dildo continuing to thrust. Then, the motion shifted to the wobble and I exploded in orgasm. I cried out, my head and upper back pressed against the back of the chair and my arms and legs quaking in tension.

My breath came back in ragged gulps and my vision cleared. They were all watching me slowly recover, a weak smile spreading across my face. I turned my attention to Mr. Franklin, “Sorry for the interruption, Sir.” I looked around the table, the remnants of my orgasm still visible on my face and body. “Thank you for the chair. If the manufacturer would like a review, I would be very happy to provide one.” They laughed.

The meeting continued without the chair being reactivated. After the meeting, I pushed my new chair to my office, this time it was carrying my folders and notepads. As I was approaching my office door, “Grace, can I see you a moment?” It was clearly Mr. Franklin’s voice.

I called over my shoulder, “Yes, Sir, just a moment.” I pushed the chair into my office, grabbed the notepad, and retreated next door to Mr. Franklin. “Sir, what should I do with my old chair?”

He looked up at me from behind his desk, his eyes did a quick survey of my body, then smiled. “Put it at the conference table for now, I suppose. So, the new chair seems to satisfy you.”

I smiled as I took a chair opposite him. “Yes, Sir, satisfy me, indeed.”

We talked more about the client testifying. He still had his concerns. He saw my points about how she came across, but his general rule was to be very hesitant about taking the risk.

“Sir, you brought me on board for my gut instinct on these types of things. I understand your reservation and it would certainly be the normal approach in this type of case. My gut just tells me that the opposition wouldn’t be expecting it. And, not expecting it, they won’t be prepared to effectively cross without the appearance of bullying. They’ll be walking a tightrope unprepared.”

He nodded. “Okay, good points. You’re right, of course, that is exactly one of the prime reasons for you being here. Your instinct is bolder than my own tendency. Okay, let’s talk to her about testifying and see how she reacts.”

He pushed back from the desk and leaned back in the chair. I waited. Then he leaned forward, his elbows on the desktop. “A reality check, Grace … how are you doing here?”

I thought I knew what he meant, but decided to play with him a little. “You tell me, Sir. How AM I doing here? Am I meeting your expectations? Am I fulfilling my duties here to your satisfaction?”

He leaned back and smiled, “You’re playing with me, aren’t you? Damn, Grace, do you have any idea how easily you can get me hard?”

I giggled, “Then I’m being effective in at least one part of my responsibilities.”

He shook his head. “I want to be serious for a moment, please. How are you doing? What you’ve agreed to do here is hugely conflicting. Just being naked, not to mention the willingness to be available for the variety of sexual encounters. On top of that, a very real job responsibility. I want to remain reasonable, Grace. This isn’t slavery or coercion, this has always been consensual. So, are you still good?”

I, of course, didn’t need to think about my response. I had been good from the first moment and nothing had happened to change that … even the chair. He had been right from the start about me. I wanted and needed to be sexually controlled and used. The issue I hadn’t solved on my own was how to do it safely. He solved that. There was no regret. I looked forward to each day. And the work was just as he had promised. I had real legal responsibilities without having to maintain that false mask while doing it.

“Sir, I’m good. I promise, I’m not looking backward or wishing anything was different.”

He smiled, “Good.” He chuckled, “I think everyone will be glad to hear that. Now … you’ve been putting in some long hours.”

I nodded. “I live across the street, Sir. Both of those doors are always locked. It’s not a safety issue. You also need me to fulfill my duties as a professional …” I smiled, “I mean as an attorney.” He laughed at the play on words of a professional being sexual. “Sir, I take the chance you have given me very seriously. I’m not about to let you down.”

“You’re not going to, dear. Nobody around here thinks otherwise. I don’t want you to burn out, though, either.”

“Well, I guess that would really be burning both ends of the candle.” He laughed, again. Yes, mental and sexual fatigue. What a combination, but the sexual is a great reliever of mental stress.

“In that case …”

I got up from the chair, “Yes, Sir, it would be my pleasure.”

I moved to his side of the desk and he turned in his chair, stood up, and loosened his slacks. I knelt between his knees and licked up the length of his cock. I apparently had teased him hard. The tip of my tongue touched the drop of precum forming at the hole and pulled it to my lips. I pulled the head to those same lips and sucked any remaining precum forming just inside. I sucked the head into my mouth and pushed my mouth firmly down the length of his cock. I pulled up so just the head remained inside and I twirled my tongue around the head, first one direction, then reversing. His moans told me what he liked and I focused on those actions.

I pulled off his cock and kissed down the length of it, lowering my hand and cupping his balls as my mouth approached. I bent further down and licked his hairy ball sack before sucking one, then the other into my mouth. All the while, my other hand was stroking his stiff cock and he continued to moan at my efforts.

I saw a darkening of the room and sensed someone at the door, but the lighting quickly changed, again. Nobody was surprised anymore to find sex happening in any of the offices.

When my mouth returned to the head of his cock, I plunged down rapidly, bringing a gasp from his mouth. I pushed down until his cock head was at the entrance to my throat and he sighed as I controlled my breathing and reflex to take him just inside my throat.

I felt his hand come to my head with gentle pressure as I raised and lowered my mouth, faster and faster. He groaned and grunted and I felt the swelling and tension in his balls and cock. I pulled up to suck ravenously on the head of his cock and a moment later he began spurting his seed into my mouth. I gulped loudly, more for effect than necessity, but I was intent on swallowing all of his cum.

I licked his cock clean as my eyes wandered up to his face. As his eyes opened, he saw me gazing up at him, the head of his softening cock still in my mouth. I smiled around his cock and he returned it to me.

I walked back to my office with a slutty bounce to my steps and a thought singing in my mind, ‘I think my first review went pretty well’.

I was oblivious, totally focused on the files and information spread out on my desk and the reports and historical documents on my computer monitors. When Marjorie called out ‘goodnight’ from my doorway, I flinched. I was surprised it was already the end of another day. One by one they all stopped by to tell me they were leaving. The last was Mr. Franklin.

“Sir?” I called out to him as he walked past my glass wall. He poked his head in. “I wanted to check with you about something.”

“Of course.”

I had questions about some background relevant information on a case I was covering for him as he focused on one currently going into court. This one required a routine motion prepared for his signature and submitted by the end of the week. My anal attention to details left me curious about a few issues I couldn’t find covered in the files. He clarified them for me and I made my notes for the file as we talked.

“Thank you, Sir.”

“You going to be long?” I shrugged. I did have more I wanted to review. With four people after my body, it was hard to properly manage my own expectations of what I thought I could get done. He walked out to the conference table. He came back with a remote. He pressed a button and the already familiar hum began. I felt the head rise and touch me. I shifted and smiled at him. He walked the remote to me and set it on the desk. “In case you want to experiment with some of the settings …” He came to my side and I raised my face to accept his kiss on my lips.

The setting he selected was the slow, straight penetration, and low vibration. I wiggled a bit in the chair as the dildo penetrated me deeply. I sighed and refocused on the work in front of me.

I guess it had been 15 minutes since I thought of the slow, pleasant fuck I was receiving because suddenly it changed completely. The settings randomly changed and the new setting made me grasp the desk edge. The new setting was a rapid thrust, wobble, and high vibration. I contemplated slowing it down but my lust was already stoked and I committed to riding this one out.

The wobble was hitting me inside in wonderful places and a crazy, obscene thought came to me. I leaned way back in the chair and I cried out as the wobble repeatedly impacted my g-spot. It was everything I could do not to lean forward for relief but this was becoming the most erotic experience in a long time and it was coming from a machine.

My legs shot out in front of me and my toes curled, my hands pressed into the armrests of the chair to keep myself back so the diabolical phallus could continue to do its very fiendish work on me. My mouth opened wide to release a scream that didn’t seem to be able to come out. My eyes were wide, my body was sweating as every pore opened and oozed. My legs and arms and stomach all spasmed at the same moment my pussy did. It felt very much like my pussy was attempting to stop the movement of the phallus all by itself. I gushed, washing the dildo and my chair when the scream finally escaped my mouth.

My orgasm didn’t abate, though. Neither did the stupid machine under my chair. It had no intelligence to interpret the sound escaping me to slow its abuse of my pussy. It was a machine and it kept on its unthinking, unknowing assault. I gasped and curled as another orgasmic peak hit on top of the one I was already riding.

I fought with myself for any shred of control and awareness to grasp onto. My body was in a constant state of convulsion and spasm. My pussy was clenching and releasing around the dildo. My stomach was clenching and tightening like the most intense curls I ever endured. As the third orgasm crested and broke over me while the others were still tearing my mind to pieces, I groped across the desk, unseeing and almost unthinking, until I felt it, the remote. I pressed buttons at the top wildly until the damn machine finally stopped.

It was many minutes later, though, before my multiple orgasms finally subsided.

I found myself nearly off the chair. The seat of the chair was so wet with my juices, I had nearly slid off and onto the floor. I pushed the chair back from the desk to escape it as if it might suddenly assault me, again. I sat on the floor looking at the demon pretending to be a chair. Assaulted by my chair. Could I ever repeat this experience to anyone? Would they even believe me? I used the desk for support to gain my feet. Located my shoes and stumbled out of my office in stocking feet to the refrigerator for a bottle of water. As I gulped the water, I wondered, ‘would the others believe it? But, I knew them, they’d want to watch it.’

* * * *

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