Sophie’s Secret Seduction Ch1


Sophie’s Secret Seduction Ch1
Sophie sat at her desk, bored, gazing out of the window. Her mobile pinged again, another tinder message, she opened her phone. Surprise, another middle aged bloke with a shitty chat up line. She stared off into space wondering why it seemed only on TV women her age had young guys chasing them.

“Hey, how’s it going” snapped her out her day dream.

Sam, one of the new guys walked past, before she could stutter a reply he’d dissppeared around the corner with a wink.

Oh my god she thought, had he seen her phone? Had he seen she was on tinder? She’d die if that got out, although she’d been divorced 6 months and her friends had encouraged her to get back out there, she wasnt sure she could face people knowing she was on there after all, people only used it for sex right? thats what the younger women at worked said they did.

At lunch, she sat at the canteen table, pushing the salad around her plate. Angry at herself for worrying what others might think. So what if she was 41, she still looked good, in that curvy way, her tits were still perky enough, her ass tight enough. Fuck it she thought, she would find some younger guy, like Sam, good looking, young and not looking for anything serious.

Sophie darted to the bathroom, opened her profile and altered her age slider, no more 38-45, 25-35 was her new target, she even decided to pop a button on her blouse and snap another pic, with a little more clevage than before.
She began swiping through,left, left, right, left when suddenly, she couldnt believe her eyes, Sam’s cheeky smile staring back at her. Wow, he was cuter than he seemed, possibly due to the several topless Ibiza selfies from the summer.

As she flicked through his pics, she became aware of a wave of something spreading through her. With out realising it she began to caress her breast, her nipple getting harder even through the material of her bra. The more she did it, the more she felt the tingling sensation spread down her body, her had reached down and she suddenly became aware how wet she had become. She couldnt help herself, right there in the cubicle she had to cum. She frantically rubbed her self through her wet knickers, it’d been a long time since she or anyone else had touched her in that way. she pulled them, her fingers probing inside her while she stared at Sam’s picture, imaging it was him exploring her. She dropped her mobile and clamped her mouth shut as the orgasm swept over her body.

Quickly she gathered up her panties and phone, stuffing them in her handbag, feeling flushed she hurried back to her office, her heart beating faster than her legs could move.

Sophie poured herself her 3rd glass, why not, she was celebrating her sexual reawakening, well, the start atleast. The afternoon had gone by in a blur and it had taken the best part of a bottle of pinot and the evening to loose that buzzing feeling. Ping! another alert,she casually grabbed her phone, ready to be met with another balding middle aged guy when, It’s A Match, you’ve matched with Sam. Oh god, how, she hadn’t swiped right, or had she, shit, when i dropped the phone she blurted out. Before she could panic futher, an other ping, a message from Sam.

After swapping several messages, starting out with how they couldnt believe it had happened and just general chat, Sam sent one final message.

“Right, im gonna get to bed, those beers i had earlier are catching up with me, but for the record, i couldnt believe that last picture on your profile, wow. I mean i always thought you were a bit of a milf around the office but that selfie had me speechless”

Wow she thought, i cant believe he thinks that as that same wave crept over her again. She grabbed her laptop, finding the first porn site she could, she searched for office milf. Watching the first video she saw of a busty lady, about her age working on a rather large cock, she couldn’t help but wish it was her and Sam though surely he would’t be as big.

It didn’t take long to dig out the dildo her friends had bought her as a joke divorce present and even less time for her to fling herself onto the bed, frantically taking of her work skirt and eagerly thrusting her dildo into her pussy, rapidly sliding it in and out as her left hand worked her clit, As the sounds of the porn played on the laptop, she replaced the couple in her mind with her and Sam and that it was his cock that was pounding her. The orgasm washed over her but she didn’t slow down, she couldnt remember the last time she had been this horny. She came again as she watched the young man slide his now well lubed dick up the womans arse and a third as he shot his hot, thick cum in her mouth.

Sam woke the next day, her laptop and dildo still next to her. As she showered and dressed, she opted for a slightly shorter skirt and a slighty lower cut blouse and the best bra she had to give her an extra lift. Feeling like a hot 21 year old again, she walked into work, not imagining anything would ever happen with Sam but she could atleast have some fun flirtting…………..

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