Something Lost, Something Gained


Something Lost, Something Gained
It was August and it was hot as usual. Jared’s 19th birthday was coming up within a week and my aunt, Beth, called mom and wanted to know if she could come for a visit and help celebrate his birthday while she was here. Mom was glad to have the company and said she would have the guest room ready. His parents divorced several years ago and his dad was no longer in the picture. Mom never explained why they split and Jared knew better than to ask questions. He could tell it was a sore subject. Beth never married, which surprised everyone in the family except his mom for some reason.

They were fortunate in one sense – his mom’s dad had died about six months after his mom and dad split up. I say “fortunate” because he left a significant amount of money to his two daughters that they would never have to work if they didn’t want to. Beth chose to travel a lot and mom was grateful to focus on raising me alone. Both women were very attractive and surely could have had any decent looking man they wanted. Neither seemed to make any effort in that direction.

His mom, Jean, was 41, 5’5″, medium brown, shoulder-length hair, a nice round ass, and from reading the tag in her bra one day when sneaking around in the laundry, she had 38-DD tits. Beth was 39, about 5’6″, and his best guess was that she was built almost identically to mom. Her hair was blonde and kept it longer and almost always in a French braid. Beth was more inclined to wearing her clothes tighter, showing off her figure, while mom was a little more conservative in her dress. Years of motherhood will do that to a woman.

Three days before Jared’s birthday Aunt Beth arrived. She had always been very fond of Jared and often referred to him as her boyfriend. Mom thought it was cute until he reached his mid-teens, but Beth never changed the nickname. Jean and Beth were inside catching up with each other and Jared was outside on the ladder on the front of the house painting some trim that had started to peel a little and his mom wanted it fixed. A couple of girls he knew from high school drove by and yelled something to him. He was a bit startled and as he turned to see who it was, he slipped and fell from the ladder.

The next thing he knew I was lying in his bed with his ribs wrapped tight and found it a little uncomfortable to breathe. Mom and Beth were sitting by his bed and came to him as soon as they saw him stir. His mom told him what had happened and that he had cracked some ribs, bruised his spleen and had a mild concussion. Mom told him he wasn’t going to be doing anything too strenuous for a few weeks. He had mostly been out of it from the pain medication for about 24 hours. Beth propped him up in bed so he could get more upright and kissed him on the forehead and left the room. It was early evening from the angle the light was coming in through his bedroom window.

His mom set him up with a movie in his room and said she was going downstairs to relax a little now that he was awake and seemed to be doing okay for the time being. She made sure his cell phone was near so he could text her if he needed anything or to let her know when the movie was over.

She and Beth were in the family room working over a couple of bottles of wine to finally ease the stress of wondering if I was going to be okay. The doorbell rang and mom answered the door. Our next door neighbor lady and her 10 year old son had walked over to see how I was doing and offered up a plate of cookies for me and anyone else interested in them. Mom invited them in and they moved to the kitchen to chat. Mom offered her neighbor a glass of wine, but she refused and said she needed to get her son home and ready for bed. The boy said he had seen me fall from the ladder. Mom was glad someone knew what happened and asked him what he saw. He said that when the girls drove by and yelled “horse cock” at him, turned and slipped and fell.

The boy’s mom looked like she was going to faint and mom spewed wine all over Beth. Beth struggled not to choke on hers but managed to swallow it before she added to the mess. The red-faced neighbor hustled her son toward the door as the boy asked her what a horse cock was. “Never mind,” she said sternly. “We will discuss it another time.” They saw themselves out and shut the door as they left.

As soon as the door shut, Beth burst out laughing.

“What is so funny?” asked mom a bit irritated as she got some supplies to clean up the spewed wine.

“Apparently your son is hung like a horse and you didn’t know it, but all the girls do somehow. I’ll bet he has been fucking everything in town younger than us if that is the case.”

“Beth, how can you talk like that? He’s your nephew and my son, for God’s sake! And he has rarely dated, so I doubt that he has been having sex with too many girls. Probably just rumor from the locker room. It could also be that the k** next door misunderstood what they said.”

“Oh, come on, Sis. You can’t believe he is still a virgin at 19 can you? After all, boys will do the boys thing with anything that says yes at that age.”

Mom knew Beth was probably right but she didn’t want to think of her son in that way. “None of that matters right now. The main thing is that he is going to be okay.”

They sat down and both finally had a good laugh at the nickname and decided the first girl to come visit him was probably the one he had been fucking.

They finished off their second bottle of wine and considered a third, deciding to go for it. Jean gazed off as if her mind was elsewhere and she was a bit foggy headed from the wine. Then a text came through on her phone. “Jared says his movie is over and needs another pain pill.” She got up and went to take care of her son and came back for another glass of wine. Both women were buzzed and had pretty much decided to push themselves over the edge.

After another pause in the conversation, Beth said, “You know, there is only one way to find out.”

“Find out what?” Jean asked. “Who the girls were who yelled at Jared?”

“No, you silly shit,” said Beth. “There is only one way to find out if Jared has a horse-sized cock.”

Jean blushed. “You can’t be serious. You want to go to him and ask to see his cock?”

Beth rolled her eyes at that comment and said, “No, dumbshit. We are going to go upstairs in about an hour when the pain pill has kicked in and while he is zonked out, we are going to pull down whatever he is wearing and examine it for ourselves. He will never know we gave him a follow up “medical exam”. You haven’t thought this through have you? He is going to need some help in the shower for at least two or three days and it is just you and me to help him. And you have to admit, you are curious aren’t you? Remember when we were teenagers and we decided to peek at dad’s equipment when he got out of the shower? We spent the rest of the night eating each other’s pussies until we were exhausted.”

Jean’s pussy tingled like it hadn’t in years and the mention of their first encounter together. When she considered all of the time they had spent having sex with each other over the years, her pussy got downright wet. After a couple more glasses of wine, Jean stood up quickly, nearly stumbled to the floor, caught her balance and said, “Why not?”

“Why not what?” asked Beth. She was plenty tipsy herself and had lost track of the conversation.

“Why not go upstairs and see if my son has a horse dick. A mom has a right to know what her son is dealing with, right?” Jean was clearly wasted and began an awkward march to the staircase.

“Now you are talking, Sis! Wait for me. We may need to help each other up the stairs.”

They struggled to the top of the stairs and found their way to Jared’s room. Jean peeked in and Jared was passed out and sleeping soundly. The upstairs was warm enough that Jared had pushed off the covers. Even though the AC was running, the upstairs still got a little warm in the heat of the summer. They walked to his bedside as quietly and carefully as two less than sober people could. The twin bed gave them both easy access to him from either side of the bed. Beth hooked her thumbs inside the waist band of his boxers and began to gently tug them down over his ass. Jared stirred a little and Beth quit. The pain pill had certainly done its job but didn’t fully knock him out.

Now for the moment of truth. Beth resumed slowly pulling down his boxers. Once they were down below his ass in back, she moved to the front and pulled them down revealing his cock. Even limp, it was very large. Beth estimated it to be 8″ long even in its flacid state. Jared’s balls were also large. He wasn’t following the current trend of trimming his pubic region, so Jean was a bit relieved at the thought that he might not be fucking everything in town after all. That wasn’t proof, but in her drunken state, the logic made sense to her.

Beth got a wicked smile on her face and looked at Jean. Then she reached out and wrapped her hand around his cock and began to tug on it slowly. Jean started to object, fearing that Jared would wake up and they would have no way to explain themselves. Jared moaned a little but did not wake up. He didn’t even seem to be even close to consciousness. Beth smiled and pointed with her free hand that his cock was starting to stiffen, responding to her stroking. In just a few minutes, Beth had his huge cock at full erection. Her hand didn’t fully wrap around the girth of his shaft. Jean just stared in awe at the size of her son’s cock with her mouth hanging open. Beth looked over at her nephew’s desk and saw a ruler laying there next to pen and paper. She put it next to his cock as she stroked it back to full erection and from the base to the tip, his cock just reached slightly past the length of the ruler.

“Holy fuck!” she whispered loudly. “He’s got a little more than twelve inches! He definitely has a horse cock!”

“Ssshhh! You don’t want to wake him up! How would we explain that? Hi Jared, just thought you might need a little relief??” Jean was drunk but not that drunk. Well, actually she was. She couldn’t resist the urge to reach out and wrap her own hand around her son’s shaft. It felt wonderful in her hand. She could not remember the last time she ad felt a cock and she had never felt one that big before. Her pussy was soaking her panties.

Beth smiled again and surprised her sister again as she bent over and started sucking Jared’s cock. Jared only stirred slightly and moaned occasionally. Jean had started to protest, but instead just began fingering her pussy as she watched her sister blow her son. Beth grabbed her sister’s free hand and pulled it over to massage her son’s balls. Jean’s head was spinning from the wine and the pent up lust in her pussy.

The added stimulation did the trick. Beth could feel Jared’s cock start to twitch and knew he was about to shoot his load. She hadn’t thought that far ahead and wasn’t sure what to do with it. There was an empty glass on the nightstand, so she grabbed it in time for Jared to cum in her mouth. As soon as her mouth filled up, she pulled off and spit it into the glass and went right back down on him. He filled her mouth twice more and each time she emptied it into the glass. When he was finally done spilling his cum, the 8 oz glass was half full of jizz.

“Jeez, that boy can cum!” Beth said out of breath. “I didn’t think I was going to catch all of it. I didn’t want to leave a suspicious mess or wake him up from the feeling of sticky goo all over himself. Maybe you should lick him clean, Sis.”
Beth looked as if she were going to protest, but leaned over and began to lick his shaft, getting all of the remaining dribbles that Beth left behind. They worked together to get his boxers back up where they belonged and left him as they found him.

They stepped out in the hall and Jean took her sister’s hand. “I don’t think you will be using the guest room tonight. I need you.”

Beth smiled, leaned over and kissed Jean with a lot of passion and tongue. “I need you too, Sis. Let’s go wear off some of this wine and horniness.”

They reached Jean’s bedroom and quickly undressed. They laid on the bed in what would be the 69 position but they had each other’s tits in their faces and were kneading and sucking each other’s tits with a great deal of passion. As if this was the normal routine, they simultaneously reached for the other’s pussy and began fingering each other feverishly. Beth brought Jean to orgasm first and had her own shortly after. All that did for either of them was take the near-panicky edge off of their desires. They moved further down on each other and began licking each other’s cunt with abandon until they both gushed on each other’s face. Jean reached into the nightstand drawer and took out a tube of lube and began working it into Beth’s asshole. Beth followed suit and they began finger fucking each other in the ass as they resumed eating pussy again. Jean considered getting out the toys, but decided that was too much work and for tonight, they could just handle things as they were doing already. Beth moved around her sister so that Jean was face down on the bed and Beth had her face to Jean’s ass. She began finger fucking her sister’s pussy from behind as she began eating her sister’s ass. Jean was over the top in no time and rewarded Beth with another flood of juice.

They eventually passed out on the bed without getting dressed or covering up. Some time before dawn, Beth woke up first and closed the bedroom door so that if Jared got up, he would not see anything he shouldn’t. She retrieved her sister’s cell phone so that if Jared texted during the night, one of them would hear it. She pulled the covers up over herself and Jean and went back to sleep.

Jean was the first one up and started fixing breakfast. Jared texted her and said that he needed to go to the bathroom and just wanted someone nearby when he got out of bed. She went to his room and helped him out of bed and then stood in the hall as he relieved himself. He came out walking stiffly and thanked her for helping him get around and said he would like to come to the kitchen. Jean was having trouble getting the image of her son’s stiff cock out of her mind. She asked him to wait there while she woke up Beth to help her get him down the stairs.

Beth had a headache, as did Jean, from too much wine the night before, but together they made sure that Jared did not fall down the stairs and make his circumstances worse. Jean and Beth ate a light breakfast and downed some aspirin and Jared ate everything is sight. Beth asked Jared if he slept okay last night and Jean shot her a look suggesting that last night should not be discussed under any condition.

Jared said he slept just fine other than having had a weird dream. Jean tried to be casual and asked if he remembered what it was about. He shrugged and mumbled something, looking a little sheepish and they let the subject drop. Other than having a mild headache himself and moving somewhat gingerly, Jared seemed like his usual self. Mom encouraged him to take it easy and maybe go into the family room to watch some TV or she would get his laptop so he could surf the net and still be with her and Beth and enjoy each other’s company.

By late morning, Jared was wanting to move around a little more, but doctor’s orders were to not do much more than walk around inside the house for a few days and to not put any strain on his ribs. He was too sore to attempt that anyway, but he was still a little stir crazy and didn’t know what to do with himself. Jean knew she was going to have to address the shower issue sooner or later and she secretly wanted another look at her son’s cock, so she mentioned to Jared that he was going to have to accept some help getting showered. He looked mildly horrified at the thought.

“How are we going to do that Mom? I don’t really want either of you to see me naked. Jeez, can’t I do that much for myself?”

Beth piped up and said, “NO WAY boyfriend! If you slip in the shower, you could find yourself in the hospital with a whole lot more problems than you already have.” Jared just hung his head and agreed. His situation was bad enough and he certainly didn’t want to make it any worse.

He looked at his mother and asked, “How are you guys going to help me without getting soaked yourselves? I am not sure we can get all three in the shower let alone get me clean and keep you two dry.”

I already have a solution to that, son.” His mother reassured him. “Your aunt and I will put on our bikinis to get in the shower with you so it will be like we are getting our own showers at the same time.”

Beth smiled at the thought and said, “Yeah, sounds good. But I didn’t bring mine. Guess I will just have to get naked too!”

Jean surprised Beth by just smiling and saw that Jared blushed at the thought. “You can borrow one of mine.”

Checkmate. Beth just frowned and they all laughed. Beth had brought a little humor to the awkward discussion and the mood improved. They went back upstairs making sure Jared handled the stairs with no issues and the women went to Jean’s room to change into their bikinis.

“He’s going to be awake and will get a boner this time!” Chuckled Beth. “What are you going to do about that, sis?”

Jean went pale. She hadn’t thought about that, but Beth was right. Men that age get erect for no reason, let alone having two women in bikinis bathing them. Then she thought about his massive cock again and decided they would wing it. There was nothing else they could do.

Jared met them in the hall. “How are we going to keep the wrappings on my ribs dry?”

The women thought for a minute and then Beth said, “Don’t go anywhere. I have a solution.” She ran downstairs to the kitchen and brought back the plastic wrap for covering food. Jared was naked except for his boxers and he was already struggling with preventing an erection at the sight of both women in bikinis. He decided to intervene by intentionally moving in a way to cause himself some pain and that did the trick, at least temporarily. Beth and Jean wrapped his torso in plastic wrap and were proud of the solution for keeping the bandages dry.

They stepped into the bathroom and Jean got behind her son and pulled down his boxers. He stepped out of them and didn’t even bother to try and cover himself in front. What was the point? They walked into the shower and it was cozy to say the least. Beth’s tits were pressed up against Jared’s arms if he moved one way and his mom’s tits were pressed against his back or his chest if he moved another. And he was starting to feel his cock waking up again having to women pressing up against him so firmly. The hot water felt good to all of them and Jean took the first step by starting to bathe Jared by washing his back and shoulders. Beth lathered up his chest and neck. His mom knelt down and began washing his legs but that put her in a position where her face was practically against Jared’s firm ass. Beth decided to take the bull by the horn, so to speak, and and lathered up Jared’s pubic area including his cock and balls. That did it. He was three quarters erect and rising fast.

He was embarrassed as hell and apologized to them. Everyone was blushing and his mom responded first. “I understand, son. You can’t help it. In fact, this isn’t fair to you. You are naked, we aren’t. We are touching you and you can’t touch us. Beth, let’s take off our bikinis. Jared, you are free to feel us up if you want to and then no one has anything to be embarrassed about.”

Beth was dumbfounded but had her bikini off before Jean could finish her sentence. All pretense was over and Jean was out of her bikini quickly and Jared was having the time of his life feeling up both women and bathing them as well. He took his time squeezing their tits and firm, round asses and Beth took advantage of the situation and stroked Jared’s massive, hard cock, oh so slowly.

Beth suggested they get out of the shower and dry each other off where they had more room to maneuver.

“I am going to finish for you what I started in the shower,” said Beth. “It’s not fair to leave a young man in that condition and you probably shouldn’t wear yourself out trying to jerk yourself off.”

Jared couldn’t believe his good fortune and just leaned back against the bathroom wall as Beth began working his long, hard cock with her hands. “You keep feeling up your mother while I take care of this monster of yours.”

Jean was not really sure about any of this but she was sure she wanted more contact with her son. She stood beside him and they embraced and kissed each other deeply while he continued to fondle her tits and ass. She played with is ass as Beth continued to rapidly stroke his cock. It wasn’t long before he started to groan, squeezing his mom’s tits harder and pinching her nipples and warning that he was going to cum.

“Ugh!”, he yelped. “I am cumming.” He shot stream after stream of milky cum all over Beth’s face and tits and she continued stroking him until it was clear that he was finished.

“Well, back to the shower for me!” Beth said, satisfied with her effort and skill.

Jean walked her son back to his room without saying anything. Beth soon followed them. Jared laid down on his bed. His cock was still hard. Jean finally broke the silence and all three were shocked but grateful for what she said.

“Let’s drop all the pretense and just admit it. We all need a good fucking. Jared, let’s get you out of this bed and let’s move down the hall to my king bed where we can do this right. I haven’t been fucked in years, I can tell Beth wants it as much as I do and it is plain to see that you need it more than anyone. You are going to have to do two things. One, lay on your back and let us do the work and two, promise that you will never tell a living soul. Because if you do, I swear I will break all of the rest of your bones.”

Beth playfully wrapped her hand around Jared’s cock and tugged him gently down the hall to the master bedroom. They got him in bed, laying on his back. Beth asked him if had ever gotten laid before and he said he had not. He had gotten close a time or two, but every time a girl saw how huge his cock was, they would get scared and back out. That explains everything Jean thought to herself.

Jean began to wonder if she could handle a cock that size given she hadn’t been fucked in more than 10 years, but she wasn’t going to back away now. She would have sworn she was running a fever because she felt so hot. Beth announced that she was going to sit on Jared’s face while mom fucked his brains out and then they would switch later. So Jean straddled Jared and took his massive cock in her hands and guided it to her sopping wet pussy. As he entered her tight hole, she felt like she was being split in half, but it felt wonderful to her neglected cunt. She eased down on his rod slowly at first but soon found a nice, easy rhythm and took him a little deeper each time until he had bottomed out in her. He was balls deep in his mother when Beth decided it was time to go for a ride on his face.
Jared switched from having his hands full of his mother’s tits to having his hands full of his aunt’s tits. Beth looked down on her nephew and smiled as he began tasting her pussy.

“I am going to teach you the fine art of eating pussy, boyfriend!” But he seemed to be a natural at it. The salty-sweet fragrance and taste of her pussy had him harder than he had ever been and his mother appreciated that. The two women were rocking on him in unison and both women climaxed at nearly the same time, gushing pussy juice all over his face, his cock and balls.

Shortly after they finished, he erupted deep in his mom’s pussy, shooting rope after rope of cum into her. His cum was running down his cock shaft as she pulled off of him. Beth looked them over and shook her head.

“I am going to have to clean you two up before your mom rides your face. Just relax and recover for round two while I lick you both clean. She started by licking Jared’s cock clean of all the cum and pussy juice. He was mostly still hard when she went to work on his mom’s pussy, licking up the cum as it leaked out and sucking on her clit at the same time. She made sure her sister had another orgasm before she quit and turned Jean back over to her son for similar treatment.

Jean straddled her son’s face and began eating her like a pro. Beth got on top and sunk his cock deep into her pussy as fast as she could get him inside her. She was a noisy fuck and she was groaning and at times practically screaming as she rode his rod for all either of them were worth. Jean climaxed again and rolled off of her son’s face to watch Beth fuck her son with all of her strength. Jean reached up and squeezed her sister’s tits and twisted her nipples, finally sending Beth into climactic orbit. Jared grunted and spewed his third cum of the day into his aunt’s pussy for what felt like several minutes. Beth rolled off and looked at Jean. “your turn to clean us up, sis.”

Jean went to work on her son’s dick and then got between her sister’s legs and licked up the cum her son had just pumped into her.

Beth moved up and laid beside Jared on one side and his mom took a similar position on his other side.

Jared had a tit in each hand and they each had his cock, now getting hard yet again, in their hands.

“Those girls don’t know what they are missing, boyfriend. But it looks like you are going to make up for lost time, because you are going to be getting all the fucking you can handle from now until as long as you want it. I’m not going anywhere and neither is your mom. If she isn’t fucking you, I will be.”

With that, his mom and his aunt both went down on him licking his long shaft like a lollipop and preparing him what would be an entire afternoon and evening of cock draining action. He lost his virginity that day, but gained to very hot lovers that would last him a lifetime. Seemed like a worthwhile trade.

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