Smita Was Pure Lady But Her Husband?

Smita Was Pure Lady But Her Husband?

Hi I am seema with a story. This story I am going to tell is not mine but one of my friend’s friend. My friend name is manasi and she is 36 years old married women.She became my friend 2 years back when I first came in Mumbai and was new in city. I used to go for morning walk. One day she asked me for water, when we first talk and know each other. Our daily presence in morning made us good friend.

Now we are so close that we share many things. One day she shared her friends story of her age. Her friend name is Smita.

Some 13 years back when both were 23 years of age Smita gets married with Mahesh (28). Smita was pure lady. Perfect figure of 36 hips endomorphism spoon shape describes her maturity in that age. White in colour, not a single darkspot on her face , wide thick lips , big round eyes , straight long thick hairs, round ass, beautiful curvy boobs, strong hips were few of the many of her feature. She was simple shy traditional Indian women type. Height 5 feet 6 inch. Always smile on her face. Mahesh was also 5 feet 6 inch man and was a good average body male.

Couple was from pune, Pimpari area. Actually there roots are from Madhya Pradesh but since Mahesh worked in company in pune and Smita was also pune it was simple for them to stay there. Love marriage made them tight bonded couple as they know each other very well. Sex life was normal with no experiment on different position.But there was a problem, after five years of marriage they didn’t had any c***dren. Couple was quite anxious especially Mahesh who was of type fearful nature. They went out for medical check up and medical reports deeply hurts Mahesh. There was fault in Mahesh. He tears the report and was quite in tensed mood over period of month which hurt his sexual life.

Finally to get some relaxed environment couple went out to their origin place in Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal. Even after spending few days there Mahesh was so tensed. His desire for c***dren killing him from inside. He don’t wanted that people look at him as impotence. He had decided internally that he would have others seed in her wife womb and give it his name. At least this thought temporarily satisfying his mind. On that short tour he met his cousin Abhishek from whom he was so impressed. Abhishek was a that kind of personality , height 5 feet 7 ,so much socially active ,handsome and had a beautiful wife and 2 son. Mahesh had internally decided to whom he would let his wife to fuck. He told Abhishek to come to Pune and he agreed.

From Bhopal couple with Abhishek alone returned to Pune. Abhishek was unaware of what would going to happened to him neither Smita unaware of that. Mahesh first convinced to Smita about how he lives his life in misery because of c***dlessness and what he wanted from her for himself. After few days she convinced in deeply broken hearted. Next was Abhishek, Mahesh used his inability to produce c***d and beauty of Smita to Convinced him.

Everything was set and Abhishek was going to fuck Smita in her 8 days of c***d production of her month.

On first day

Smita was lying on bed in red saree waiting for Abhishek. She was nervous internally as she thought it as usual intercourse. Abhishek entered the room and removed his Tshirt and moved towards the bed. He was shy at a movement but was active and confident person .

Abhishek ” I didn’t even imagine that this situation will come to me here. after long debate I convinced to do this…”

Smita ” ( nervously) do what you have told to do and don’t be smart”

Abhishek did not talk anything than. Mahesh came in and talk to Smita to cooperate him. He was watching them doing from room door. After few time Abhishek started some action of kissing on her thick lips. After few seconds Smita started responding him. He hold her face and push her on his face and started kissing vigorously.

He moved on her neck and started licking her ears and pressing her boobs in blouse. On pressing boobs her response also increased and than he unhooked her blouse and bra. Her puffy nipples brownish red color were on sight.

She was lying her white sexy boobs exposed to Abhishek and now he started to squeeze them. He was aroused by puffiness of nipple and was slowly slowly moving his tongue on entire area of boobs. His saliva was spread on both boobs and they were shining. While Mahesh was looking entire activity and was also nervous. Abhishek removed his pant and now was on underpant. Then he moved on and removed her saree and left her on black panty. He then started biting her thigh which was entirely new to her and she was in little more pleasure.

Abhishek was now ready for fuck session. He introduced his 6.5 inch thick cock in sight which was 1.5 inch bigger than her husband. She was little more excited and aware that more pain going to come. He removed her panty, put his cock and rub it on her vagina having two straight brownish small petal and pinkish vagina inside. He then waist no time to insert it in her pussy. Her pussy was quite tight and when compressed getting fit for his cock. He carried on fucking slowly as she was moaning loudly in pain and pleasure.

Aaaahhh uuuhhh slow .. Slow…. Its too big ….

Entire dick of Abhishek was in her vagina . they were in missionary position. From behind Mahesh was watching how fat dick spreading his wife’s vagina. Finally he come in her pussy in excitement. After few minutes Smita walk towards her husband. Sperm were flowing on her thigh from her vagina. First day was ended.
Second day

Three sat together and discussed last day and ended in conclusion that more excitement is needed because breeding needs positiveness. On that day both Abhishek and Smita was ready. First time there was some naughtiness in her as she was happy and enjoying her sex, moreover little lust was in her mind as somebody other than her husband was fucking her. Abhishek was from day one in plan to take complete pleasure of smita’s beautiful body. On that day session started with similar foreplay but more vigorously from both side.

Smita giving more response this time .she was excited when Abhishek grabbed her sweet round ass. This time session last long little more and ended Abhishek lying naked on Smita’s hot naked body with his penis in her vagina deeply in and his penis was throwing sperm in her pussy and his hands on her shoulder ,chest on her boobs , lips on her lips kissing passionately.

Finally he removed his cock and both were joined by Mahesh when liquid was coming out of her vagina. Second day ended.

On third day

Abhishek demanded for some oral to increase excitement and after lot of debate it was granted. There was usual foreplay with more fun and excitement. Smita had totally forgotten his hubby and was in deep pleasure. When Abhishek reached for licking her cunt she was so excited.

As he touched his tongue to her clitoris she was full in pleasure. He started to lick her vagina slowly inserting his tongue. This was totally new for her. He was licking her cunt and pressing her boobs by both hand , her both hands were on his head holding his hair . A kind of lightning pleasure current was moving in her head and finally she had her first orgasm of her life.

For few seconds both were looking in each others eyes like true lover and then moved for long missionary session which ended in same way as yesterday with one more thing that in Mahesh was sitting in chair near to them like defeated king tide by knot and winner of the battle was Abhishek having his dick in Queen’s pussy. This scene of oral also excited Abhishek. Day three ended.

Day four

Demand for blowjob by Abhishek which was totally rejected first and then allowed on the one condition that Mahesh would give first. Session was started in same manner with three of them all together but dominated by Abhishek. This time during licking her pussy she was excited and kissing her thick lips to her nose in pure pleasure and moving her hips on Abhishek’s face.

When blowjob was started Abhishek was putting her in missionary position and holding her hand. Mahesh was doing blowjob. His dick was tight like rock when he put it in her mouth. She started sucking it within few second Mahesh was on seventh sky. He come strongly in her mouth. She fills his spray in throat but unable to removed his cock from her mouth and also her hands were locked in hands of abhishek. It was mouth criempie. She don’t liked it much but Mahesh enjoyed lot. Soon seeing this seen Abhishek also come in her pussy. This day Abhishek lost chance of blowjob and decided to go for next day. Fourth day ended.

Fifth day

Three of them were quite frank to each other now. Abhishek demanded for different position sex which was immediately granted. He first fulfills his desire of giving his long dick in smita’s mouth and told her how to suck it. She was licking his dick and moving tongue on it while abhishek was in full pleasure. Abhishek started with side shot with putting his dick in her pussy holding her breast firmly by both hands while her mouth was working on Mahesh’s cock. In the end they ended with missionary sex for deep penetration of sperm. Fifth day ended in much matureness in sex.

Sixth day

Sixth day wasn’t any request from Abhishek. Session was usual with foreplay and oral. Abhishek went for first doggy shot. Holding her long hairs in hand riding his dick on her. He was fucking her like slut this time. Pulling her hair made to look up and he was giving jerky shot. She was moaning totally.

Uhha aahhhaa ….. Her voice of pleasure was so erotic that nobody of both male last long. So they went on for second session. She was lying on her stomach with her rounded ass exposed to Abhishek. He inserted his cock behind and was grabbing her boobs. Smelling all her sweaty neck. Her mouth was working on blowjob on mahesh’s cock. Session ended in sweating with cum in her pussy. Three together slept naked with both men’s hand on her boobs. Day s*s ended.

Day seven

Abhishek was so attracted by her ass so he demanded anal. After all this work this was nothing but granted with slow penetration request by Smita. Abhishek first grab her ass and then put his long dick slowly. When he inserted it fully she was in full pain and Abhishek was in heavenly pleasure. Grabbing all her body and kissing in full excitement from behind he come in her ass which was not allowed.

After some tensed environment they moved for second session which ended in missionary fuck with sperm fully loaded in her vagina. Seventh day ended. After continuous fuck for seven days with big cock Smita’s pussy was much spread and no more tight.

Eighth day

To continue his ass fucking desire Abhishek requested Mahesh to join in threesome fuck. Finally Mahesh joined it. First abhishek fuck her from behind and then mahesh. Later abhishek put it in her pussy and loaded it and at same time Mahesh cum in his wife ass.

Double creimpie. Eight and final day was ended.

After some more than a week Smita was not old smita and Mahesh also learned lot. Abhishek left them to Bhopal satisfying his all desire. He was in heaven for 8 days. With one advice to Mahesh ” don’t waist your life behind private company and money. Doing entire day slavery for them. What you gain ,a ruined sex life. Do look at you and her . give her more love and pleasure”.

Finally she was pregnant and after year later gave birth to girl.

Mahesh was so happy man year later. Life was going on and couple was happy with lot of new things . A c***dren they wanted and new sexual excitement.

Mahesh was also now so experimental in sex and doing all those lovely things which he don’t used to do.

But the twist came when after 2 year of first c***d smita was again pregnant. Mahesh started doubting her. Tensed environment was there between mahesh and smita. Smita was telling mahesh she never cheats on him, but mahesh was in full doubt on her.

He went on for DNA test. And test results were more heart breaking for him than anything else. Report clearly stated that c***d was none other than Mahesh’s only. He was disappointed with report first but later recovered and was happy. At least now he was going to be father of his own son. A year later smita delivered a boy.

Manasi once asked jokingly Smita that girl do not look like her father. She took it seriously and elaborated whole situation to her best friend. Later she told me. Names in story has changed by me for some security. But it was Mahesh’s less confidence cost him first and gain him later . Lot to learn from this story. Sex to life . Later couple was living with their both c***d happily but Mahesh never went for Bhopal again .

I am posting my story. Hope you will like it. And hope admin will soon published it. Give me your sincere reply with some naughty experience of your own. Don’t be horny.

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