Russian Shemales


Russian Shemales(Translated from the Russian)We lived in small village, no work, nothing to do but smoke all day. Friend Serge and I sitting by road one day, when black sedan, shiny from city stop near us. The man inside wearing a expensive suit, and ask if we want jobs as models.Serge and I think must be joke. But man introduce himself as talent scout. He speaks Russian but with accent I don’t not know where from. He says he is from modeling agency and is looking for new talent to model. Introduces himself as Mr. Aronoff, and asks us to stand and turn around. Looks closely at our faces. Serge has no facial hair, I am trying to grow mustache and is not doing good at it! Both of us have let hair grow long, like American glory vocalists.Mr. Aronoff says we would be perfect! But there is one more test. He holds up money. More money than Serge and I could earn on farmland in a week. Test is this: show him our dicks.He must be joking! But, no. Mr. Aronoff laughs, and sits back on car bonnet to explain. Many American, European and Japanese men pay good money to see young men dressed up special, and Caucus boys are very beautiful and perfect for the job. No sex for this job, just dress in special clothing and pose for cameras. He will give us the money even if we say no, if we just show our dicks to him.Serge and I shrug and look around. There is no-one around to watch, so we undo our pants and pull our penises out.Mr. Aronoff is very pleased with our members. Hands us the cash and asks if we are interested. Serge says Yes! And I shrug. Why not? I have no other way to make money and nothing else to do. Mr. Aronoff gives us an address in the city, and a map. He says to take bus Friday afternoon, but only after we have shaved all body hair away. All of it. Legs, arms, chest, pubics and even ass! When we show us Friday, he will repay us for bus tickets, but do not be late, he warns!When he leaves, we laugh, and go find vodka to get drunk for the night. We promise not to tell anyone what we are doing, until we are famous! Then we will return in Ferraris and show them all!On Friday, we take the bus, and find the address. It’s a big warehouse on the edge of the city. Mr. Aronoff introduces us to his photographer who does not speak much Russian and whose name is Ken. For the evening, we are not models though. We are movers. We move furniture and fake walls and props buca escort and lights and make a “set”, a fake parlor room for the photoshoot. When we are done, Serge and I are tired, and Ken leads us to a small office that has been turned into a bedroom. There are two beds, a big wardrobe, and a bathroom with a shower. He tells us to get some sleep because before the shoot, we must do make up and costumes.Serge and I talk for a while about what will be happening, and what we will be doing with the money we make. I will send it home for my family, but he will become big international superstar, and will buy a boat, and fuck lots of beautiful women! Before I fall asleep, I hear Serge masterbating in his bed, and I laugh to myself, knowing he is a horndog!When it is still dark, the lights come up in the bedroom, and a woman is yelling at us to get up. She is Russian, and is called Ana. She is the lead makeup artist and is very beautiful. She introduces us to assistant, Tanya, who is not as beautiful and wears too much makeup, and is taller than me. But she has big titties, and I know Serge is wanting to fuck both of them.We are told to stay naked and led to chairs in front of brightly lit mirrors, like seen in Hollywood movies. Mr. Aronoff is there, and tells us to do what we are told. If so, he tells us how much money he will pay us: It is more than we could make on the farm in a month! Ana directs us to sit in chairs facing away from the mirrors. She goes to Serge and Tanya starts working on me. Makeup takes a long time to do! And we are told to hold perfectly still. Then Tanya starts working on my hair, combing it, and brushing it, and spraying it. I keep thinking about the money, and I know Serge is thinking about it too.He is finished first, and allowed to stand naked before the mirror to see himself. I hear him make a low whistle, and say “Shit!” I cannot help myself and have to look. He is beautiful! But he a beautiful girl! His lips are dark red, his eyes lined by color, his blond hair poofed up like a woman! If not for his penis there I would think he was a girl! As he looks at himself in the mirror, his penis starts to grow! I can think that Serge would fuck himself, the horndog!Then I think that that is what they are doing to me too! That Tanya has made me look as a girl! And then I think two more things: Am I as beautiful buca escort bayan as Serge? And I am making a lot of money to do this, so I had better not say no.Tanya is still working on me, but I can watch as Ana leads Serge over to a rack filled with clothing, and she helps him dress: putting on black stockings and suspenders, frilly flowery panties and a matching bra. She makes him wear high heels, and helps walk him over to the set, out of my view.Tanya starts to work on my fingernails, gluing extensions on to them and then painting them a dark red, like Serge’s lips. Finally, she is done, and lets me look at myself. I, too, have been turned into a beautiful woman! My brown hair has been curled and sprayed into place! (I have thought that yes, I would fuck myself too! Maybe Serge is not the only horndog here!)I can hear Ken giving instructions to Serge, and Mr. Aronoff translates, and I can see the flash from the camera. And I wonder when if the money will be worth it. What if my family finds out how I earned the money? My father would beat me and send me away from my home! Everyone in the village would laugh at me! I swear not to tell anyone about this ever.When Tanya decides I have looked at myself long enough, she leads me by the hand to the wardrobe, where she dresss me too in tan stockings, but without suspenders. She gives me cream colored tap pants, where my dick falls through the leg hole, but she says nothing. There is a matching color bra, and a white lace wrap to go with it all. She also pinches earrings on to my ears, and slides a ring onto my finger, and a necklace. I too have to wear high heels, and they hurt and are not easy to walk in. Then, Tanya helps me over to the set, where Serge is still being photographed.Mr. Aronoff nods at Tanya when he sees me, so I guess he approves of her work. Ken ignores us both and keeps barking commands at Serge. Serge is loving this. He is loving the attention, and has to be told not to smile all the time.Ken’s Russian is not good, but is good enough to tell Serge to get his dick hard. Serge complies, and pulls his dick out of his panties to stroke it. It is already halfway there, and he blows me a kiss and giggles as he strokes. I am shocked, and it must show on my face, as Mr. Aronoff leans to me and says “No-one will touch you today. There will be no sex. Someday, if escort buca you want, maybe, but not now.” With Serge’s dick hard, Ken tells him to put it back into his panties, and takes more pictures, commanding him to stand different ways, but always with the hard outline of his cock visible to the camera. After a few more shots, Ken tells Serge to pull it out, and to not touch it, and then to touch it, to grip it. So many commands and poses. Then, they are done, and Ana leads Serge away. It is my turn. And it is repeated. I am told to stand this way. Sit down. Stand back up. Eventually, Ken orders me to make my dick hard. I am nervous and it won’t go all the way hard. I try to think of the money, but it will not get all hard. Ken says it is okay, because I have a big dick anyway. More posing. With dick hidden, with dick out. I never realize how tiring it is to be a model!Then Ana brings Serge back in different clothing, and Tanya take me to change. And so it goes like this all day! We are not given food, but are given all the cigarettes we want off the set, and a little vodka.The sun has gone down, and Ken has taken thousands of pictures of us in different clothings and sometimes with wigs. And we are exhausted. Mr. Aronoff is very pleased, and gives us envelopes with the money. He tells us to wash up and go to bed, and he will drive us to the bus in the morning. Then he, Ken, Tanya and Ana turn off all the lights around the set and start putting things away before they leave.Serge is tired too, but the money has made us happy and excited, and there is a bottle of vodka waiting for us in the bedroom! Serge is singing in the shower as he scrubs the makeup away from his face. I am almost falling asleep sitting on the bed, waiting for him to end, but I look at myself in the mirror, and while I am embarrassed, I am also a little proud that I made very good money today, and am very pretty. After I shower, we drink and smoke for a while. Serge says Mr. Aronoff told him we could make even more money if we were willing to do more. He did not explain what more was, but we can both guess. After the lights are out, I can hear Serge masterbating again. And this time, I don’t know what exactly he is fantasizing about.When Mr. Aronoff drives us to the bus stop, he tells us how happy he was with our work. We are like real professionals! He asks if we want to work again next weekend. Serge says yes immediately. I wait until Mr. Aronoff promises the same money.When we are home, I tell no-one about the money and tell my parents we went into the City and got drunk. It has happened before, and no-one questions my story. Do you want to hear more?

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