Playtime Stories 22– Mistress G’s Slave

Playtime Stories 22– Mistress G’s Slave
Playtime Stories 22– Mistress G’s Slave

I crashed at the motel and was surprisingly well-rested when I went to work. Once at work I began counting down the minutes till I would submit to Mistress Genella. I’d decided to tell my boss I’d away from the office following up on business. I left at lunch.

At half-past one in the afternoon I arrived at the doorbell I was told to ring twice. I was greeted by the driver from the other night and guided upstairs to a changing room. I remitted the $350 tribute to him and secretly smiled at how $80 of it had been earned.
I took a breath and looked around. The room was made to resemble a show performer’s makeup booth. My cock was growing as I dropped my clothes and began to change into my black sex clothes. I put on my leather waist cincher and secured the stockings to the garters. Then I put on my panties over the garters and strapped my bra on. I filled the cup with my silicon falsies and gave them a squeeze. I did my make up in a dark and striking manner as Mistress Genella had instructed the night before. My eyelids had a thick dark line along the top lid and that was complimented by a silver highlight and a shade of blue and rouge mixed to be a sexy purple. My mascara was dark and thick. I never needed extra lashes. I waited to paint my lips until after I’d put on my luxurious auburn wig and fixed the wavy curls. Then after painting the lips I glossed them. I slipped my shoulder-length black lycra gloves on and rolled them all the way up. I strapped on my heels and put on my miniskirt and vest as an after thought.
I went to the door and opened it to see the driver look up and smile at me. He was actually a nice looking Latino man with a great body. I’d really enjoyed the kiss from earlier, as well as sucking him off in the car last night. He took me along the hall way to a door and told me to wait for Mistress Genella inside the next room. Then he opened the door and guided me in like a gentleman and closed the door behind me.
I was in total darkness. Then I reached around and felt a black curtain and moved it around and opened it wide to reveal a sex dungeon. The room was a mixture of reds, grays, and black darkness. The large room oozed perverse sex. There was everything you could need. A set of medieval stocks and large “X” shaped bondage cross dominated the left side of the room. The right side of the room had a couch and a fireplace with a little living room area. A small gas fire flickered. On the rear wall there was an examining table and a barrel on its side. Against the wall there were chains and shelves with toys. In the left corner of the room a doorway led to a bed room that looked like a sensuous four post bed with a canopy was lit with candle light. Chains, rope and what looked to be stockings or silk hung form each post. Stands with lube and condoms were positioned around the chamber. On the left wall between the bondage cross and the bedroom door there were four racks of whips. There was every type of whip, riding crop, and paddle or slap leather I’d ever seen and then a few others. I saw weights for nipple and cock and ball torture hanging from thin chains fastened to a shelf. A black dresser had a set of wigs sitting on the top. Each wig was a different color and placed with care on top of a wig-head. The wig heads had been made up to look very slutty. There were mirrors placed all around the room. In the center there was a single large red velvet covered antique chair. There was a foot stool in front of it and a small foot locker on the right side. On the left side there was a small table with a wireless telephone, a bottle of lubricant, and a leather head mask.
I was very turned on. It was clear that the Mistress was very well established. I strutted around the room to get a closer look at everything. I looked inside of the bedroom and discovered a large door to a bathroom in the corner. I realized I needed to piss so I went in and began my business. I saw all the necessary fixtures used to clean out someone before use. A also saw the metal rings bolted into the floor and walls and I imagined the combination of bondage and watersports, or worse. I wiped and returned to the main room and looked around some more.
I heard some music begin. It was some sort of new age dramatic music without words. It was affect music. I looked around the room and waited to see Mistress G arrive. The panel on the left side of the room that held the whips swung open and she appeared. She was dressed in a black PVC ankle length dress. She complemented that dress with pointy patent leather high heels. Her black hair with auburn stripes cascaded down to her shoulders and was placed to fall both on top and in front of her shoulders. Her dark eyes appeared brown and were accented with dark eye liner and mascara. Her lips were a blood red and like the night before, she wore no blush at all.
She walked over to me and stood about two feet away. She looked me up and down. Finally she smiled softly and looked at my eyes.
“Slave Rebecca, it is good to have you here to serve me.”
“Mistress, it is wonderful to be here,” I uttered in a sultry femme voice.
“Very good. As you know and as we discussed, I am a benevolent Mistress. I have need for you as a slave. I have many plans for you. I will not focus strictly on your needs, but I do want you to be honest with me at the conclusions of our sessions regarding how you are handled. Do you understand? To be clear, do not interrupt a scene unless it is absolutely necessary.”
“Yes, Mistress, I understand.”
“Good. Now if a situation is painful beyond you tolerances or violates your own willingness I want you to say “safety Mistress,” do you understand?”
“Yes Mistress,” I said in demure manner.
“Good. Thank you for your tribute. Now you will be rewarded. Kneel in front of my throne.”
I walked over and kneeled.
She watched me take my place and glided around me to see my whole body and then sat on her throne and crossed her legs to reveal sheer black thigh-high stockings extending up the hip to heel slit of the PVC dress. Her eyes looked down in an almost cruel but very dominating manner.
“Take off your vest you whore.”
I unzipped and removed my vest and gazed back at her.
“Take off your skirt.”
I obeyed her command and kneeled back down.
“Slave, pull your filthy panties down to your knees.”
I pushed my panties over the curve of my ass and down to my knees.
“Slave, are you clean?”
“I am mistress,” I replied. I was glad I had taken a few minutes over lunch to clean myself with a douche bag and then placed my plug in. I’d removed it when I changed.
“I am concerned you are not clean enough. Leave your panties here. Go to the bathroom and ready yourself for an enema.”
I stood and walked though the bed room and removed the hand portion of my gloves and rolled them up over my wrists.
A moment later my Mistress appeared and turned on a brassy bright set of lights. She now wore examination gloves and a thick white butcher’s apron. She made me bend forward and closed the door. The room was a very bright white and resembled a hospital, except for the door. On the back of the door there were several dildo toys placed with care on either side of a full length mirror. I love to watch myself, so I was turned on even more. She opened a hospital cabinet that had several syringes, sets of examination gloves, lubricant, a scalpel set, a head lamp and a stethoscope. She handed me a long towel and told me to stand on it and wrap it around my legs and clip it in front. Then she unhooked an examination table by pressing in on a couple of tiles on the wall. The table dropped into place in front of me and she told me to hold it. I looked at myself in the mirror and then I heard her pop open a tube of lubricant.
She slapped my ass with a crack that echoed of the tile walls. “Hold yourself open you little whore!”
“Yes Mistress!” I bent forward and complied as my cock became totally rigid. She dripped the cool clear gel onto my hole. I felt really dirty now. Then I felt her fingers rim me. She went around maybe ten or fifteen times before she narrowed the circle to the center and teased inside my pink.
“Ohhh…” I moaned as she entered me.
She looked up at my eyes in the mirror and said, “Yes slut, I knew you needed this.” Then she withdrew and teased my ass again. I could just hold myself open and moan. She pushed in even further this time and then exited, causing another moan from me. I felt another large drip of cool gel on my boycunt. Then she pushed in her finger. She pushed in farther than before and rubbed my prostate g-spot. Then I felt another finger push into me and then another. Her hand rotated around and massaged my g-spot. She continued this for a minute and then removed her hand. I moaned and exhaled hard. She attached a slim chrome nozzle that resembled a thin dildo with three holes on the front to the chrome shower hose. She turned on the water and had me reach back and tell her when the water was warm, but not too hot. The water dripped on the floor and echoed off the walls. I nodded and told her it was nice.
“Put your hands back on your ass and open up.”
I held myself open and she inserted the hose without problem. The water flowed and filled me quickly. I did a good job of holding it in. Mistress removed the hose and told me to hold it in and stand up straight. I stood. She waited and watched me. “You are a very beautiful whore, you look very sexy over the table holding your asshole closed with your cock-clit so hard. It turns me on.”
“Thank you mistress,” I replied.
“Go to the toilet and drain yourself,” she commanded.
I sat on the commode and drained my bowels. Two loud plops belied that I was now cleaner than before. I wiped and flushed and then waited for instruction.
“To the table.”
She repeated the process three more times. Each time she said some kind of nice compliment about how I was a good looking whore and would serve her well.
On the last time, she stepped in front of me and dropped the apron on top of my towel covered legs. She stripped off the gloves. She reached down and opened her dress. I smelled her pussy. I felt her hand guide my head forward to her neatly trimmed fur. “Service me my little whore!”
I sat on the commode in the bright room with my ass wet and my hard cock. I licked her cleft and penetrated her folds to find her steamy clit. I reached my tongue in and began circles on her tip. She moaned and complimented my ability. My hands wandered forward and I held her legs and pushed upward to get better access to her cunt. In one hand I felt her warm stocking clad leg. In the other I held her gathered PVC dress.
“Mmmm yesssssss, that is a gooood slut. Ohh yessssssss,” she moaned.
I circled her clit and then I noticed a smell. It was a very familiar smell. I licked downward and tasted- semen.
“Ha ha ha ha, You finally found it. Ohhhh yesss, my little whore. Clean my slave’s deposit. Clean my cunt you fucking slut. I know you love eating cum. Do it nowwww!”
Her cunt was sopping wet. I stopped licking her clit and dropped down to her cunt hole. I drove my tongue up into her and felt the cum release down onto my tongue. I realized she had been holding it all this time so I could lick her clean. I imagined as I licked that the driver had left me in the chamber and then gone upstairs to fuck her and provide this “prop” for my fantasy. I sucked his seed from her cunt into my slutty mouth like a hungry c***d.
“Ohh yesss, Oh! Fuck yessss!” my Mistress was about to cum in my mouth. “Oh fuck yess do that slave, suck that cum out of me you whore! You know who’s cum this is don’t you my dear, that’s right, you tasted it before. He serviced me a few moments before I entered, now you get t-to c-clean.. I commanded him to picture you as he fucked me, he fucked me so good my little whore. Ahh! No doubt many people do that while fucking someone else after seeing you! Ahhh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Yeah-Yesssss!” she came and compressed my face into her crotch and held me still and firm. I felt her clit pulse and throb. Her entire pussy seemed to contract and relax. After a minute her orgasm subsided and she released me. She looked down and told me to clean my shoes and go to the dresser with the wigs and put on more lipstick. Then she turned and walked out.
I was quivering with excitement. I quickly unwrapped my legs and cleaned the drips of water off my shoes and dried my ass. A moment later I went into the room to find mistress sitting on her throne. I opened the top drawer and fixed my lips with a dark red lipstick. As I wiped off the shiny smudging that was left on my chin I wondered how many other cunt licking or cocksucking slaves had required the lipstick before me. I walked over with my semi erect cock and kneeled in front of her.
She looked up and smiled at me. “Now don’t you look cute, you little slut. Did you like your snack my little cum-eater?”
“Yes Mistress, thank you for allowing me to serve you.”
“Oh you will get used to that, you will serve me like that often.” She looked at my cock and then back at me. Then she reached down to her right and opened the chest. She picked up a large Caucasian colored realistic cock that was fixed to a harness. She put it into my mouth and left it there for a moment. She stood and in front of me she snapped the harness into place and adjusted her body up and down to have the latex cock mounted directly in front of her clitoris. She reached down and picked up a condom and told me to put it on her like a good whore. I reached up and took the condom and unrolled it a little. I placed it in my mouth and rolled it down onto the cock using my tongue and lips. Each movement I made on the cock seemed to rub her clit.
When I finished she jacked it slowly and looked at me in the eyes. “Suck my dick you whore!”
I opened my mouth and did as told. I licked the latex cased head and then ran my cock hungry mouth the length of the thick seven and a half inch shaft. I felt it touch the back of my throat. I controlled the gag reflex and then drew up the shaft. I knew I impressed my Mistress with my talent. I sucked her deep again and again. I looked up and kept her eyes as I sucked her. She would squint on the down stroke as the cock pressed against her sensitized clit. Then her eyes opened wide and she lifted me off her entirely. I thought she might be cumming. She breathed deeply and looked back down at me with a smile. “Good slut.” Then she looked over her shoulder to an apparatus. It was really two padded weight lifting benches and a curl bench with fixed cuffs, the whole thing was welded together to make it one apparatus with a gap for someone to stand between. Then they could remain standing and fuck a submissive or offer a dick for sucking while a slave was on her (or his) knees in doggie style position. She told me to go to the stock. She followed me and guided me into the stock and closed me into it. She helped me put my legs on it properly. Then I felt her strap my knees and my ankles to the benches. The head ring of the stock was not very tight. I could lift my head and watch her in the mirror. I saw her looking at me in the mirror.
“Do you want to get fucked my little ass slave?”
“Yes Mistress!”
“Yes my whore? Yessss? Beg for me to fuck your slutty little ass, your, -boy-cunt?”
“Oh Mistress, fuck my boycunt! Fuck me please!” I moaned in ecstasy.
“Oh and what an experienced boycunt it is. You little whore. I bet you can’t even remember how many cocks have been inside you, can you whore?”
“No mistress, I’ve lost count!”
“You want me to fuck you whore?” she said as she deeply lubed my whole.
“Yessss mistress, fuck me please. Please fuck my slutty ass!”
I couldn’t reach my cock but I knew it was hard. I wanted to feel the invasion of her inside me. I needed the pressure against my g-spot. I watched her in the mirror and I felt her grasp my right cheek as she started to guide her cock into my wet ass. I felt the head push smoothly into me and pass my tight “o” ring. She slowly pushed deeper and only stopped when she hit my curve just past my g-spot. The cock began to vibrate. I was frozen in rapture. My g-spot was being vibrated and pushed at the same time. Then I felt her begin to pump me. She fucked me deeply and she started to thrust harder. I watched her in the mirror. She had an evil smile on her face as she watched me getting fucked. My eyes rolled and I felt her hit my g-spot and then my curve in a perfect and painful stroke. The colon curve would be sore for several days but the pain was perfect now. I relished the desecration of my ass. She continued to degrade me. “You love it don’t you whore? Don’t you! Yeah take that big thick cock up your ass you fucking slut. Fuck me back. Fuck me back and make my clit cum. When you make me cum I’ll give you what you need, you fucking slutty whore!” Her cock stopped vibrating and she smiled at me as she pushed in deep again.
I began thrusting into the air and fucking her back as she pushed into me.
“Oh yesss, that’s it! Fuck me back you whore, fuck me back slave!”
I watched her as I did all I could to slam back against her hips. I loved the way the dick moved inside me, in and out. She was a very talented fuck. She felt very different than most women who tried to use strap-ons and just couldn’t get the same motion a real man got. The rhythm. The technique. She stabbed my hole with smooth control and hurt me just right. I kept pushing back and forth with deep thrusts and then I saw in the mirror as she began to cum. Her eyes rolled back and she watched me through little slits. Her thrusts became slower and rhythmic. Than she pushed into me and held it there and rolled her hips around in a circle. The friction and pressure of my resistance and her circular movements pushed her over the edge. She screamed out as she came. “Oh fuck! You fucking slave bitch, Ah! oh!, Yes!” She gyrated her hips against my ass, rubbing her clit against the dildo once, then twice and then a third time before she froze. Her head dipped downward and then she snapped it back with a jolt. Then it dipped again only to jolt back. “Ahhhh!” she cried as she came. Her head dipped again and she spied at me as she again thrust the cock into me and hit her clit again. Her head snapped toward the ceiling once again. She froze and breathed deeply and then groaned, “Mmmm, oh yeah! That was very good slave.”
I just held myself in the stock and watched her cum. I was rigid and I felt I was dripping with lust.
“Oh that was very good slave, very good indeed. Now you will be rewarded. Now I’m going to fuck you and make you cum.”
I saw her lower her head and look me in the eyes. She began to thrust in and out. Deep in and then shallow out. She went slow at first and then she started fucking me harder and faster. I was in complete rapture. I wished I could touch my cock and stroke. She read my mind and I felt her hands snake around my hips to my pubic hairs. She slowed her pace so I could be attentive to her advances. She clawed her fingernails against my pubes gently and then ran them the length of my shaft. She touched the front of my cock head and rubbed the precum all over it. Then she held her hand up for me to see the shine of the wetness. She smiled at me and grasped my cock with the hand that was still below. She held me and withdrew the cock from my ass. She leaned to her side and dipped her hand into an open plastic jar of lube that sat on a nearby table. She held it up for me to see. Then she pushed the cock back into my depths. She held the hand up and I watched as some of the lube dripped off and hit my ass cheek. After she’d fucked me for a minute she said, “Now beg to cum, my slave, beg to cum my whore!”
“Oh Mistress! Please make me cum! Please fuck me and make me cum! Fuck me! Oh fuck me!” I cried. I started to try and fuck back up into her like I had just done to make her cum. Then her right hand joined her left at my shaft and both locked around my hardness. She worked my “cock clit” with both hands and in unison with my ass fucking. She drove up into me and then stopped and held it deep. She smiled at me and began to stroke me several times fast.
“Cum my little bitch-boy. Cum whore. Cum slave. Cum in my hands you sluttly girl with a cock. Cum now! You whore!” Then she quickly thrusted in and out of my ass and made me orgasm.
I could hold out no longer. Her cock hit my g-spot perfectly and her hand squeezed me hard as it descended toward my hairs. Both hands gripped me and moved back and forth. To make the cum emerge. I felt her tighten her grip and stop the cum from passing out of my shaft. She waited until she felt three muscular pulses and then she relaxed her grip and stroked forward. I felt the cum blast and then out of the corner of my eye I saw it pass underneath the stock and hit the floor a foot in front of me. She slowly stroked the cock as she withdrew her cock out of my ass and completed my sodomy. My cock continued to pulse and my hips thrusted with each orgasmic explosion. After four or five throbs my orgasm began to slow. I felt her move close to me and remove her hands from my cock to open the top of the stock. Then I felt her wet cock between my legs and her hips on my ass as she leaned downward to lie on top of me. Her hands snaked downward to grab my tits and squeeze them. I breathed hard and felt my cock twitch. My boycunt had a familiar dull ache.

“You are a talented slave,” Mistress Genella breathed into my ear. “Ok, come on. I need you to get ready.” She got off me and went to her throne. She stripped off the condom and left the cock in place. She picked up the phone and said “Ok, we’re paused for a while.”
I walked over and looked at the mess all over my front. Some of my own cum had shot up and hit my leather cincher.
Suddenly, off to my left the same door that mistress had entered by opened up and in came a good looking slightly disheveled light brunette lady in her middle thirties and dressed in a conservative looking skirt and a silky white blouse. She smiled at Mistress Genella as she walked to the throne.
Mistress G opened her arms and asked her “Well, what do you think? Are you looking forward to it?”
“It was wonderful to watch. I am sure this will be just what I needed. Does she know yet?”
“No, I wanted your approval. I am sure this slut whore will be happy to play her part.” She paused and they both looked at me. “Won’t you my slave?”
“Yes mistress, how can I help?”

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