Oh, Those Summer Nights…


Oh, Those Summer Nights…
Another short work of fiction for your arousal…

It was a warm mid summer’s evening, the oppressive heat of the day not completely dissipating, making sleep an almost impossible task. The clock on the bedside cabinet said it was almost 11.30 at night, and still I remained restless and unbelievably horny! I had recently moved to a northern seaside town for my new job, and I was already a frequent visitor to the local toilets which were open 24 hours. After reading the pornographic scrawls on the doors and walls of the old, dilapidated toilet block, there seemed to be a lot of meetings happening in the early hours of most mornings. I arose from my bed, dressed myself in a pair of jeans and a tight T-shirt, and proceeded to make my way across the deathly quiet seafront, the faint cawing of a seagull emanating from the distance. I approached the old Victorian toilet block that looked out to the sea, noticing a couple of cars already parked up in the car park. I looked around nervously, and entered the building.

Upon entering, I was greeted with the sight of a long porcelain trough, running the length of the room, and about ten cubicles opposite, daubed in graffiti. One of the cubicles was already displaying an ‘engaged’ sign, and I could hear movement coming from within. I quietly entered the stall next door, and slowly, gently closed the door behind me. I could make out two distinctly separate moans coming from the cubicle, and I noticed an old peephole that had been crudely covered by some crumpled up toilet paper. With trembling hands, I slowly picked away at the paper and brought my eye closer to the aperture. I was transfixed with the sight I saw through the hole! An older coloured guy, somewhere in his late 40’s or early 50’s, had his not inconsiderable length of cock pumping in and out of a skinny blonde guy’s eager mouth, the pair of them moaning gently, as the older guy placed his hands on his hips and started to rock his lower body to get more of his member into his young companion’s hot mouth. My own cock was filling with blood at the sight of young and old, black and white, clearly enjoying each other’s company, completely unaware of my illicit observation.

I moved myself slightly to get a better view of the younger guy, who was sat on the bowl of the toilet, furiously wanking his own cock as he expertly devoured the long, veined brown member, coating it liberally in his saliva, twisting his head at the beginning and end of each stroke. I was in complete awe as I could make out the outline of the other guy’s big tip entering and then leaving the blonde guy’s throat. I had to release my now fully erect member from the confines of my jeans, and gently stroke it, moving my eye away from the hole to look at my own cock, which by now, was liberally coated in a sticky mixture of my pre-cum. I looked through again, and the black guy now had a grasp of his young companion’s head, and was furiously face fucking him, drool covering his long shaft, dripping down to his big, heavy ball sac. He then took his prick from the face of his younger companion, and with a tight knuckled hand pumped his cock, moaning more loudly now. And then a huge shot of thick, white, creamy cum splattered over the face of the young lad as his older lover groaned as shot after shot dripped down the blonde’s face. As the last few drops left the tip of his large, circumcised cock, the younger guy quickly wrapped his mouth around his tip, drawing the last of his load, and cleaning his prick. The black guy put away his cock, looked down at the spunk covered younger man and walked out of the premises without a word.

I sat there as I heard the black guy’s car rev up and drive away from the car park. I still watched the young guy, as he was scooping up the copious amount of sperm from his face, devouring the load he’d been given. I unlocked my door and stood at the open doorway of the young guy, still with semen dripping from his face, and gave him a bit of a shock, causing him to stop pulling away on his own cock.
‘That was quite a show!’ I said, with a wry grin on my face. ‘Could you do the same for me?’
He smiled, and started to slowly masturbate his cock again as his eyes were wandering over my own excited member.
‘I’d love to!’ he eagerly volunteered, as I stepped into his cubicle, locking the door behind me.
I stood in front of him, and let him guide my cock towards his lips, and revelled in the feel of his tongue as it gently swirled around my sensitive tip, lapping up my pre-cum. I reached down to give his long, smooth, uncut cock a bit of a tug, twisting my hand all the way up his shaft, starting to get a rhythm going. He decided to return the favour by quickly devouring my cock, all the way down to the hilt, before coming back up, swirling his tongue around my glans and repeating the process.

Just then, I heard a vehicle pull into the car park outside, and I told my cocksucking friend to keep quiet. Moments later, I heard the heavy footsteps on the tiled floor, and my heart rate increased dramatically as I heard the door of the cubicle next door open and close. They had deliberately chosen the cubicle I had previously inhabited, and as my friend slowly, and quietly sucked on my cock, I looked to the wall to see the eager eye looking through the peephole. I knew I was being watched, and I found myself enjoying the experience. I reached down to my young friend’s cock and started to masturbate him at quite a vigorous pace. He forgot about keeping quiet, and he started to moan, and left my own member drenched in his drool. Meanwhile, I could hear the unmistakable sound coming from next door of a cock being quickly wanked.
‘No need for that!’ I said, my voice filling the whole room. ‘This guy here will help you out with that.’
I reached behind and unbolted the door, allowing it to swing open and for us to be on full display. Within seconds, the other guy had departed the stall and was standing on the step of the urinal trough, still wanking furiously as he watched this young blonde guy sucking my dick as I reached down to give him a handjob. The other guy was pretty unremarkable (compared to what I’d witnessed earlier); a guy in his late thirties or early forties, a bit of a paunch, an ordinary sized cock that now looked small compared to the big monster I’d already seen tonight! His eyes never left us, and I felt the thrill of this blatant exhibitionism, feeling my seed start to stir up in my balls.
‘Oh.. God! You’re gonna make me cum.. soon!’ I panted to the young man whose mouth was quickly sliding up and down the length of my cock.
I increased the pace I wanked the blonde guy. I could hear the guy behind watching start to change his own breathing, sensing he was edging closer to his own orgasm. Suddenly, the young guy took my cock from his lips.
‘Spunk on my face!’ he almost begged.
I took my hand from his cock and instead placed it around my wet member. Behind me, I could hear the groaning and unmistakable sound of a hot load of cum splattering onto the tiled floor. I wanked my slimy, reddened cock, and within thirty seconds, felt the delight as though butterflies were escaping from my backside. A hot jet of spunk splashed into the face of my young companion, another shot flew into his hair, and another flew across his nose and eyes. As my orgasm subsided, I presented my now softening cock to his mouth once more, getting the last drops of spunk sucked from me and having the tip of my penis cleaned up.

I looked down to the cum covered guy, and proceeded to button and zip myself up. The guy who had been watching us was still stood there, his eyes wide, his cock still in a state of arousal, despite the big sticky pool of cum in front of him. As I left the cubicle, I said to the observer, ‘Looks like it’s your turn now, mate!’ with a big grin. I walked the short journey back home, and I can say that I slept like a log that evening.

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