Nudism At Its Best

Nudism At Its Best
Part 1 of 5

The coastal city where I’d been sent to work for four weeks was very pleasant. My company, for this long stay, had booked me into a mid market two bed roomed serviced unit, on the top floor of a small complex on the edge of the business district. I arrived on the Saturday and commenced work as soon as I unpacked. It was late Tuesday afternoon before all was in order at work so that I could go into on call mode, and have some time to myself. That day I met my neighbors for the first time, in the corridor from the lift to my unit, as I carried home my supply of groceries. The neighbors were a very friendly mother and daughter combination, from an inland town about four hours bus ride away, in town for a two week holiday.

When the mother, Jill, made some facetious remark about my groceries and cooking abilities I invited them for dinner that night. Over two bottles of wine we got to know a little more about each other. Hubby and the other older c***dren were home running the family business. Jill, and Rebecca the mid-teen daughter, were here shopping. In the wisdom of hindsight we were probably a bit too honest with each other, but that is the way things often begin. I told them where I worked and so forth. The wine loosened the tongue. I began to think thoughts about Jill, a reasonable looking woman in her early forties. Events unfolded rather differently.

Late Thursday morning I got a call at work from Jill, asking me for my help. She was at the hospital. As she sounded fairly stressed I drove there promptly. Her problem was that she was to be booked in for a couple of days for some tests and minor surgery; would I help Rebecca retrieve some things for her from their unit; would Rebecca be able stay the couple of nights in the spare bedroom in my unit, so she wouldn’t be in her own alone? No problem!

The first night of looking after Rebecca passed without incident, well almost. She slept in my second bedroom, for some of the night anyway. In the middle of the night I stood quietly in the kitchen, with only one dim stove light on so as not to disturb my guest, having a glass of cold water. I was in my usual night attire, that is nude. Rebecca wandered into the kitchen, also after a drink. She made no comment on my nudity. I asked her if she was all right. Yes, she replied, fine. I couldn’t help but notice her flimsy nightwear. It was see through, white, with thin shoulder straps; the top was low at the front, just above her nipples, so that most of her boobs were on view, her pink nipples visible through the gossamer thin material. The bottom of the nightie reached half way between her waist and bottom, a tiny triangle of light brown pubic down and the round globes of her backside evident. Like a true mature stalwart I mentally closed my mind and body to the view, while I unobtrusively kept my eyes open.

We both went back to bed in our respective rooms. I was just dozing off, lying on my back in my double bed, when I felt the bed move. My eyes opened. In the dim light I saw it was Rebecca. In response to my question about what was she doing she simply said she was lonely. She cushioned her head in the crook of my outstretched arm, lay on her side against my nakedness, put one leg over mine, her hand on my chest, sighed deeply and never moved. My mind and body were in turmoil. I assessed what I could feel. Her nightie was up around her waist, the lower part of her body nude against mine. Her sparse pubes nestled against my bare thigh. The heat of her tush seeped against my skin. I decided to do nothing, and put reality out of my mind.

Sleep seemed impossible, but must have happened as the alarm woke me for work while it was still dark. Rebecca was on her side of the bed. As I left for work I wrote her a note, arranging to meet her at the hospital in the early afternoon.

Our visit to Jill confirmed her daughter was in my care for an unknown number of days. We all seemed happy enough with the arrangements. Jill admonished her daughter to take care of me and do some work around the units. Given they were serviced, there wouldn’t be all that much to be done.

Leaving the hospital, with an afternoon free, I planned a visit to the local nude beach. As I commenced preparations Rebecca learned of my intentions and asked to accompany me. Without reiterating all the details of the discussion, the many pros put up by her and the equally many cons put up by myself, suffice to say I eventually relented.

The two kilometer walk from the car park to the nudist bay was very pleasant, the weather sunny and warm, the water of the incoming tide clear and sparkling. In our bay I noted a number of nudists already there, most like us taking advantage of the tree line bordering the sand. We set up camp about thirty meters from our closest neighbors, a young couple in their twenties, who nodded g’day to us. It didn’t take long to spread towels side by side in the semi shade. The moment of truth arrived for Rebecca as I shed my shorts and T shirt, and hung them over the bow of a convenient tree. I was surprised at her nonchalance. She quickly shucked out of her brief shorts and T-shirt. We both lay face down on our towels and soaked up the warm sun. After a while she commented that this was heaven. We quietly talked.

Time drifted by when I suggested a walk before we worked on tanning the front of our bodies. It was most pleasant for someone my age to have a young nude woman walk hand in hand the few hundred meters to the far end of the bay. Rebecca certainly was not shy about her nudity, but she didn’t flaunt it either. Apart from the young couple near us all the other nude beach occupants were males, of varying ages. Many nodded to us as we sauntered by clad only in caps and sunnies. Many seemed to have avid interest in my nubile youthful companion, perfectly understandable, of course. On the other hand Rebecca seemed not to notice their stares; however, at the far end of the bay, when we turned around to return to our camp, she commented on the various shapes and sizes of the cocks on the guys we’d passed. She asked me did I notice that some of them were hard, that some of them were surreptitiously stroking themselves. Par for the course I assured her, nothing to worry about, merely an interesting aspect of life on a nude beach.

We lay on our backs in the sunshine and chatted. The chat included Rebecca asking for an explanation on my shaved genitalia. It was good, behind my shades, to enjoy looking at Rebecca’s youthful body. Her skin was unblemished. She was about one hundred and sixty centimeters tall, of slim build. Her face was happy and pleasant, not beautiful; eyes clear blue; mouth smiling and generous. She wore her light brown hair short. A great looking round backside topped well shaped legs; her boobs were of moderate size, tipped by small pink nipples in the middle of light pink areola. Her pubic bush was light brown and somewhat sparse. No wonder some of guys on the beach had rested their gaze longingly on her!

Concerned about our lack of tan and the dangers of sunburn I stood and retrieved my Ambre Solaire oil out of my bag. Rebecca watched my efforts at applying it to the front of my body. Lie down and let me rub the oil on you, and then you do me she suggested. I complied. It is not often that I get such offers. She knelt beside me, rubbed oil over my chest with sure deft firm hands, down my belly, unhesitatingly over my cock and balls, down my thighs and legs. As she finished she passed me the bottle and lay back on her towel. I moved to my haunches and noticed the neighboring couple watching us.

Just as I began dribbling oil over Rebecca’s chest we were interrupted by a cheery male voice from behind me bidding us g’day. I looked over my shoulder. A guy in his thirties was taking up residence at the edge of the tree line, about twenty meters away. We cheerfully replied, and I continued on with my task. It was a wonderful experience massaging oil over the skin of this young woman. I was now able to openly look at her in daylight without being seen as a pervert. My touch was business like. My hands did what they had to do with the oil. I admired her pert breasts and nipples as I coated them. I enjoyed the way her nipples budded and hardened under my fingers. As my hands worked down her belly I wondered what to do when they arrived at her genital area. I decided it would be churlish and stupid to miss that spot. So my hands rubbed oil through her lightly curled pubic hair and over her bare mound. Rebecca parted her legs to facilitate access. I made no comment, just continued my work, and enjoyed though the view of her pink slit. I coated her gash liberally with oil, and noted her long sigh. I moved on down her thighs and legs.

As I put the oil bottle away in my backpack I noticed the guy nearby stretched out on his side facing us. He unabashedly returned my look. His erect cock could not be missed. He obviously had enjoyed my hands on Rebecca’s body. I lay on my towel beside her and mentioned the fact of the guy’s condition to her. She turned her head and looked; then gave her approval to his shape and size, thickness and length. She said too that she thought the couple on the other side of us had also appreciated our work. The couple got up and headed for the water, took an energetic and playful swim together while we soaked up the sun, talked, and watched their performance.

It was now Rebecca told me that she was not a virgin, that she had some experience with sex, and wanted more experiences to take home with her. While I was being very considerate to her she felt that part of me was being overly cautious, that I was keeping myself at arms length from her. I reluctantly agreed that this was so, because of our social situation and the significant age difference between us. She acknowledged all this, but believed that we both should make an effort to make our relationship mutually rewarding. She could see I was unwillingly to take advantage of her but she wanted me to know, in no uncertain terms, she was mature enough to know what she wanted and with whom. She asked me to please share my experience with her before she soon returned to her hometown; that we should work to make our chance meeting a happy experience. We shook hands on our new pact, the fresh start in our relationship. This serious discussion finished we took more notice of the others on the beach, sharing appropriate comment on their attributes.

The couple was having a lovely time in the sea. While they played they had sessions of intimacy, held each other close, kissed and embraced.

The guy nearby was now on his back, watching the couple, keeping an eye on us. His cock remained hard, stretched along his lower belly. I made sure Rebecca was aware of him too, and she watched him occasionally stroke himself, maintaining his level of excitement. She loved the openness of this beach, the overt sexuality on display.

The couple laughingly, lovingly, hand in hand, walked from the sea onto the beach. His erection was large, thick and long, the knob swollen and dark red. It swayed as he walked with his lover. She touched it with a hand. Neither of them took any notice of anyone else. They were lost to each other.

Rebecca, and 1, enjoyed our uninterrupted view. The woman lay back on her towel and her hands reached up in invitation. He knelt between her bent open thighs. Briefly he maneuvered himself inside her. They embraced each other. Her legs went high around his back. His backside rocked as he fucked her.

Wow exclaimed Rebecca. Wow indeed I agreed. I rolled onto my side against Rebecca and watched this beautiful show across her body. Rebecca was fascinated by their exhibition. As I looked at the couple I noticed Rebecca’s natural physical response to their activity. Her tiny nipples hardened. Her hand brushed over her vulva.

I heard a movement behind us and looked over my shoulder. The guy nearby was now standing in the shade of a tree, a little closer to us than before. He overtly watched the couple, and stroked the erection that stood up in front of his belly. I mentioned him to Rebecca and she too stole a quick look. She was impressed.

The copulating couple captivated Rebecca. I quietly suggested she should masturbate. In response she asked me to touch her there. She moved, bent her legs at the knees, thighs suggestively parted. I dipped a fingertip into her open oiled slit. I stroked my finger gently through her petals of flesh, and finally settled on the hard bud of her clitoris, which I softly massaged. A big sigh escaped her lips, her body relaxed, enjoyment of my touch and the view of the couple swept her along the first steps on the path to pleasure. My cock responded.

As the couple’s intensity built likewise Rebecca’s body began to move; the muscles of her belly rippled, her mound lifted against my hand. My fingertip swirled a little more firmly over her clitoris. The couple vocally and physically peaked, their intertwined bodies heaved and humped against each other. As they climaxed and tightly embraced I steadily increased the pace of my finger swirls on Rebecca’s lovely little clit. She lost control. Her body pulsed up at my fingers. Mewing sounds came from her mouth. Just as she orgasmed I slid a finger deeply into her cunt. She orgasmed violently, with considerable verbal and physical pleasure. It was excellent to watch and hear. I slowed my hand in the gentle return to reality. Wow she sighed.

We’d forgotten about the voyeur behind us. When we looked around he had moved on. We continued our sun tanning in a relaxed happy mood, even enjoyed the long stroll back along the beach to the car park. A visit to the hospital that evening confirmed that Jill was going to be there for a few more days, and that her daughter was in good hands!

Bedtime saw all pretense of separate bedrooms for sleeping disappear. When I locked up the unit Rebecca was already in my double bed, nude. She made herself comfortable in the crook of my arm; both of us stretched out on our backs. It did not take long for the conversation to turn to the events on the beach. She was very enthusiastic about the sights she had witnessed, particularly the couple’s unashamed and public display of their sexuality. I confessed I too was impressed. Rebecca commented on her enjoyment of my fingers in her pussy. The memory made my cock stir. She asked me to do it again, now.

I suggested she relax and try something a little different. When I peeled back the sheet I got one hell of a pleasant surprise. All her pubic hair was gone. Her pussy was now smooth. Rebecca wore a wry smile. She admitted she’d done it that evening in her own unit, encouraged by all the shaved genitalia she’d seen at the beach. Asked what I thought of her appearance of course I was enraptured, and told her so. It was action time and she agreed to let me lead in our activities. Mister nice guy had disappeared at last.

I placed a pillow under her head and another under her bottom. I bent her legs at the knees, feet flat on the bed. As I knelt between her spread thighs I admired the smooth white skin of her mound, the long slit hinting pink at the edges. I bent my head forward, stroked my tongue from the top of her slit through the cleft of her arse to its puckered rosebud. Back and forth my tongue slithered. Slowly the petals of her pussy puffed out and her pink flesh parted, opened. My tongue dipped into the aperture of her snatch, teased the tiny bud of her clitoris. Rebecca slowly but surely responded to my attentive insistent constant but gentle touch. Her nipples hardened. Her body heat increased. Wetness from her pussy reached my mouth. My tongue strokes gradually concentrated on her clitoris. Through my mouth I felt her body begin its inexorable climb to pleasure. She came quickly and frenetically. But I gave her no rest. I sucked her clitoris, stimulated it with my lips and teeth. Her second orgasm came fiercely, much quicker than the first. Moisture seeped out of her.

I lifted Rebecca’s legs. My arms under the crook of her knees held each bent leg up along the flanks of her body. Her backside and slit swiveled upwards. With straight arms I supported myself on either side of her body, looked down at her hard pointed nipples and flushed excited face. I let my cock lay in the open gash of her upturned cunt; soaked in her heat and moisture. Slowly I began to slide my cock along the length of her slit, gently massaging the upright nub of her clit with the underside of my knob. The response from Rebecca was spontaneous and quick. Again she began the climb to another climax. I matched my stimulation with increased speed and pressure. Her mouth sucked air into her lungs. She groaned and wailed. Her face flushed, perspiration beaded on her skin. She thrust her pelvis up at me. Her body heaved. She came.

Rebecca’s orgasm had just begun to subside when I eased my cock inside her vagina. Her eyes flicked up at me. With a slight roll of my hips my shaft slipped further into her. A few gentle rocks of my backside allowed total penetration. My cock was completely engulfed by her cunt. I paused briefly to ensure she was okay, to contemplate the sensations of the tightness and wetness of her hot muscular glove of flesh. Don’t get me pregnant she pleaded. Can’t be done by me I advised her, I had a vasectomy years ago. Wonderful, let’s do it she encouraged.

My rhythm was slow, gentle, caring but firm, steady and stimulating. On each withdrawal I left just the tip of my knob inside her vaginal passage. On each inward stroke I ensured maximum penetration. I continued my straight armed pose so I could better observe, and enjoy, her physical response. Again her climax was not long in coming. This time she was more frenzied and ferocious than before. Again I let her body dictate my tempo and power. I worked hard but caringly as she peaked. My power enthralled me as she writhed and humped her body under me, lost as she was in the throes of enormous orgasmic pleasure. I backed off in her recovery stage, just moving enough to maintain the rage in her body.

We repeated our performance twice more, each time now the excitement building in my own body. I felt I had one more time for Rebecca left in me before she would become too much for me, before I thought I’d lose control; something I really anticipated enjoying with her. This time I embraced her closely. I moved my arms from the crook of her knees and suggested she hook her ankles behind my backside. I now held her face in my hands, kissed her tenderly as I thrust harder and faster. Our tongues intertwined. While our intimacy was lustful, we nevertheless displayed care and gentleness with each other. As Rebecca orgasmed, fucked her body up at mine, dug her nails into my back I plunged my cock into her tight hot cunt. Her orgasm went on and on. Oh yes, oh yes, oh fuck me, fuck me, she wailed. Oh god, oh god she groaned.

When she came off her cloud I spoke quietly to her. I’m going to cum, feel my cock throbbing inside you, make love to me while I cum. My words had a dramatic effect on her. She held me tenderly, kissed me passionately, and fucked my body with hers, clenched at my cock with her vaginal muscles. Yes she said, fuck me, let me feel you shoot your cum inside me, I need you to do it now, cum in me, cum in me now, cum. Her words were a chant in my ear. The ache rocketed through my lower belly. The spunk roared through the center of my being, my cock throbbed and spasmed. Indescribable pleasure took over my being as I made love to this young woman in my arms, as the cum pulsed out of me into her depths.

In my return to reality I found Rebecca gently kissing my lips, stroking my hair, my cock still deeply inside her, her legs wrapped around my body. Slowly the sexual tension drained away. I rolled on the bed so that now she was on top of me. Gradually we relaxed. Fantastic and fabulous I told her. That blew me away she said. There were many first there for me she added. What do you mean I asked? First time in a bed, first time I’ve had a man inside me without a condom on, first time I’ve felt a man cum inside me, first time I’ve cum from a mouth or a cock, first time I’ve cum more than once, in fact first time I’ve had a multiple orgasm; pretty impressive list of first don’t you think, she said. I drew some comfort from all of this. She’d wanted us to share some of life’s experiences; it sounded like we were on track. It took us a long time to go to sleep. There was too much talking for Rebecca to do, too much celebration of life. And we’d only really just begun!

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