My yet dream


My yet dream
My Wet Dream…….so I just finish having the most intimate, intense wet sex with my man, I have already orgasmed three times, totally soaking him down and driving him to a major eruption of cum, watching him spurt his load all over my chest, just makes me so hot and ready to start over…. but I’ve totally worn him out, I have rode his rock hard cock for over an hour and I’ve made him fight his orgasm for so long, now he’s exhausted and ready to crash out. As he holds me in his arms he starts to fall asleep, and just the touch of his body next to me, makes me very horny…with my body still shaking from my orgasms I start to daydream as I’m trying to fall asleep also. So I finally fall asleep and my dream went like this….. My man and I were sitting at a table with two other couples playing cards and goofing and
chatting a little ornery stuff and the one woman friend says…”i give the best blow jobs” and I say oh yah… prove it, she grabs her husband by the arm and i stop her and say of course he would agree with you. I want you to prove it on my man. I know he will enjoy it and will also be honest. she said ok. so he unbuckles his jeans, scoots near the edge of his chair she lowers to her knees, gently grabs his cock, strokes it a few times and slowly rubs her tongue across the very tip and slowly moving further and further down his hard cock. As I am watching him receiving such pleasure from another woman is severly turning me on. I love the facial expressions he is making, and I can’t help but to start rubbing my moistening clit. I notice her husband is also very turned on, his hard cock in hand and ready to stroke. she has been sucking his cock for a good ten minutes and I know whats in her mind, she’s so turned on also and all she can think about is getting that
perfectly curved cock inside her. I can tell she wants it, but I know she’s afraid to ask for it, so i walk a little closer to them and quietly tell him..”She’s dying to feel your cock in her baby, give the woman what she wants. I want to watch you please her as much as you do for me. As I watch him gently slide his cock inside her moist ever so ready pussy, I can’t stand it, I need to touch myself, I am getting so wet, horny and my full bladder is making it very intense…I really think I could come just watching and playing. I also love to hear man’s voice so i start talking to him… I ask him to tell me how her pussy feels, how wet she is, is she full etc. He answers my questions and it makes me even more hornier, and about to burst. I know exactly what that cock feels like, and i want it too…I now ask her to tell me how good his cock feels inside her, and she can hardly speak she’s so ready to orgasm and my insides start to quiver, i say aloud….I need a hard cock, my pussys ready and I need to cum hard now… She looks at her husband and tells him to give me what i need so badly. he lies down on his back so I can climb on, I love the top, my bladder being so full, its just intense and wild.. also i can watch my man drive my friend to orgasm. I lower myself onto my man’s friends cock and just the excitement of this whole thing happening, i lose control within seconds totally soaking his friend, hearing my moans and seeing me lose control sends both my man and his friend over the edge..both of them shoot their cum on our stomachs…needless to say, I woke up a little wet. hmmm… this was a real dream….. maybe i should follow my dreams? lol

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