My WIfes first Black experience part 2


My WIfes first Black experience part 2
I quizzed her on the Friday night how many times she was wanting to have these hot 3 sums with our new found black friends and she said she wasnt sure but wanted to see me get more action with them too , she said she wanted to see me get fucked by one of them or both of them , she said it turns her on the thought of me getting black cock too ! i laughed and said i wasn’t going to be getting fucked by a guy !

Saturday morning came and i asked what time were they coming over and she said they were arriving around 2 so she would be spending the morning getting ready ! I said ok i did some jobs around the house and before i knew it they had both arrived at the door and i greeted them and let them in. They had brought a lot of wine and flowers for Julia which i thought was a nice touch. Julia came down stairs wearing a very sexy out fit looking stunning and came and kissed both our guests deep in their mouths and i led them all through to the kitchen.
I fixed some drinks for us all and we made small talk and Oly was asking how she enjoyed her 2 nights of action and Julia said she just wanted to do it all again please !
Oly laughed and Ty said that suits us are we not too much for you then ? Julia said no i can handle you both ! Ty then said thats good because my best friend Simon is coming in to town and i asked him to join us tonight if thats ok ?

Julia said oh right whats this Simon like? Ty said hes like us black but a bit younger hes only 20 !. Julia said oh 20 thats young isnt it Ty laughed dont worry he reckons he knows what hes doing and Jon dont worry he doesnt mind a guy sucking his cock ! I laughed…

Julia went to sit between Oly and Ty and put her hands on either of their legs and Oly wasted no time in kissing her deeply as he did Ty got on the floor and kissed her legs and inner thighs all the way up to her pussy and pulled her thong away and started lapping at her pussy .
Her hands were all over Olys groin and freeing his semi hard cock and wanking it whilst still kissing. She broke the kiss and went down on his cock taking it deep in her mouth as she was Ty had freed him self from his pants and was rubbing his rock hard cock over her slit and gently pushed into her wet pussy. She was in ecstasy once again feeling this thick 11 inch cock deep in her pussy while her mouth is full of meaty black cock.

Ty fucked her good and with purpose and Oly stood up got naked and placed his ass in her face and commanded she rim him which she did .
Ty started cumming in her pussy deep and pulled out and walked over to me and stuck his cock in my mouth to clean which i did , i savored on the white fluids on his cock mixed with the pussy juice on it .
As i was cleaning his cock Oly was banging away at Julia very hard Ty was unfastening my trousers and freed my hard cock and took it in his mouth and sucked me really well as Julia was getting fucked. I watched the sex scene between Julia and Oly then looking back to see Ty lovingly sucking my cock and licking my balls.

Oly unloaded in Julia and pulled out and stuck his cock in my mouth leaving Julia alone , she was sat rubbing her clit enjoying what she had just had as i was getting close to cumming with Olys spent cock in my mouth. I started to cum and Ty took it all in his mouth then went to kiss Julia to feed her my fresh load as he did Oly went down and cleaned my spent cock
. I was then dragged and placed in between Julias legs to clean up her pussy. There was a fair bit of semen dripping out of her and i licked it up and would then deposit it in her mouth to taste and we kissed deeply swapping their cum from our mouths.. Oly was hard again and he stuck his cock in my mouth to suck and Ty stuck his in Julias mouth to suck , it was surreal us both sucking cock in front of each other .

I guided Olys cock into Julias pussy and he started fucking her again as she sucked Ty.

Oly moved Julia around to sit on him and Oly came from behind and worked his cock into her pussy too so both cocks were in her cunt stretching it so much , she orgasmed very loudly as they both filled her more than ever before . They both came up her agaain and when they pulled out i was there to clean them and lick the dripping sperm out her pussy as i did the 3 of them kissed.

Oly suggested Julia fix them all some snacks and Ty told me Simon was in a taxi on his way (a bit presumptuous i thought but no worries)

I fixed some more drinks and the doorbell went and i answered it and this young lad looking around 16 was at the door it was Simon , i invited him in.
He was a tall black guy or k** looking young and i offered him a drink , Julia came to greet him and said you must be Simon and Simon said yeah please may i kiss you and she leaned over to peck him and he opened his mouth and engulfed her kissing her deeply , once they had finished he said i can taste my brothers in your mouth and laughed.

I fixed Simon a drink and we all went though to the lounge , Ty said Jon why dont you put on the Tv all the filming you did the other night , Julia said no it too embarrassing and we all laughed and i put it on .

There was some good action of her getting fucked and spunk ed on and as we watched it and the boys commented about how they enjoyed this part and that part i could see a very noticeable bulge in Simons cargo pants.

Ty said Simon why dont you show the guys whats so special about you , he laughed and said sure thing. Simon stood up and unfastened his pants and let them drop to reveal an amazing site. His cock was all the way down to his knees and was so so thick . Julia was amazed she said wow i never seen anything like it… i agreed … Ty said Julia why dont you make our new guest feel at home and she said Jon maybe you should i laughed..

Oly said why dont you both then ! We both went over to him on our knees and both took hold of it, it was soft but so long . It was a 3 hander i pulled his foreskin back and started licking the tip and then started sucking him as Julia wanked him and did her speciality of likcing his balls and working to his ass hole to rim him , this caused a reaction and he got hard quick . I reckon he was around 14 inches i thought i have to measure it some time. He was now rock hard and as thick as a red bull can.

Oly said come on then Simon lets see you in action this babe needs your big cock in her….. Julia agreed and laid on the floor as i put some cushions down for them and he positioned against her pussy slowly pushing in which was no issue to her until the last 4 inches and that took some doing.
Soon he was balls deep fucking her reaching places never been reached before. She was loving it as he fucked her we all sat together and Oly and Ty were rubbing their hands on my body wanking my cock as this happened.

Simon started to ejaculate deep in her but after he had cum he kept fucking her , oh to be 20 ! he kept fucking her like a machine Oly and Ty went and stuck their cocks in her mouth and she greedily sucked them in turn as she was getting completely opened up by our new donkey cock.

Ty pulled Simon off and stuck his 11 inch cock in and pounded Julia as Simon stood there with a huge hard on and came over to me and put it in my mouth asking for me to finish him off which i did with pleasure.
I sucked him and licked him the best i could and jerked him and he eventually shot in my mouth still a decent load having just cum in my wife 10 minutes earlier.

Oly was working his cock in Julias ass as Ty was pounding her and she was now getting double penetrated and me and Simon sat watching as he rubbed my cock and my balls and i was rock hard.

I went up and stuck my cock in Julias mouth and she sucked me and Ty would soon help her the two of them sucking me as she rode Ty and had Oly fuck her ass from behind.

I started to cum and i came in both their mouths and they kissed each other with it in their mouths and soon Ty exploded in Julia and so did Oly.

She was lifted off the two of them and then i was put in position under her ass and had the lovely job of cleaning her freshly fucked ass and pussy with Simons and Tys load in her pussy and Olys load up her ass.
It was heaven all that cum dribbling into my mouth and i swallowed most of it and she came again with the attention my mouth gave her.

Julia asked for a little break and to go get a shower as looked a bit fucked up at this point and she went to one of the bathrooms.

Me Ty and Oly and Simon grabbed a beer and talked a bit , Simon said he was sure glad he came and liked me as much as he liked Julia ! i said well u not putting that thing in my ass i can tell you that much and Oly laughed and said come on you could take it i know you could lol.

As Julia was up showering Simon stuck his now hard cock in my mouth and i sucked him and as i did Ty was fingering my ass and getting 3 fingers in me. Before i knew it Ty was pushing his huge cock in my ass and there was nothing i could do about it. It hurt but soon felt good as i was bent over the Kitchen sofa getting pounded by this black stud with Simons 14 inch cock in my mouth . Ty eventually came in my ass and Simon went to have a go and i got up and protested and said no way ! Julia entered the kitchen looking all made up again and said what you boys been up to ? Oly said we think you need to rim Jons ass and find out …. She said em whys that Oly said go and see . She buried her face in between my ass cheeks and started tasting Tys load out of me. She licked a bit then pulled away and said ah you fucked Jon and i missed it what a shame can i see it again? Oly explained Simon wants to fuck him and he wouldn’t let him…

Julia said come on honey you can do it if u can take 11 inches you can take 14 and i would so like to see you get it……
So it was agreed i was on my back on the sofa as Ty and Oly lifted my legs and Simon was positioning his monster against my hole and pushing it in me. It felt similar to Ty’s rod when he was half way in and he was fucking me nicely . Julia came over and kissed me as i was getting fucked and saying to me go on baby take it see how good it is…..

Simon was all the way in me fucking me and Oly stuck his cock in my mouth to suck and soon Simon was cumming in my but and pulled out and stuck his monster in Julias mouth to clean up and Oly wasted no time in jumping in his place fucking me which was a relief to have his 10 inches after Simons !

Oly didnt take long to cum and when he pulled out Julia lapped my ass as i had 3 extra loads to eat . The boys all had gone to eat some snacks and drink some beer when me and Julia went to join them.

It was weird having 3 black guys all fit all very hung wandering around naked and the nice thing was they had no attitude all seemed nice guys !

I told the boys as they had all fucked my ass i wanted to see them all give Julia a golden shower at some point and also to all fuck her ass as they did to me in turn! They said yeah thats a good idea.

We all drank a bit more and soon they all needed a piss and Julia was dragged to the shower and all 3 pissed on her streams of golden piss all over her and i filmed it and it was so hot ! She cleaned all their cocks and then had to go get ready again !

We went back to the kitchen as she was cleaning up and all of these 3 studs were rock hard in front of me. I got on my knees and said who wants my mouth ? all 3 came over and i spent 5 minutes taking turns from cock to cock in my mouth this was a really nice part for me …
Julia walks in all jealous now and gets on the floor joining me ..
I stand up and say well boys i think she needs a really good ass fucking from the 3 of you !!! They bent her over the Sofa and Oly got in position and started doing her ass , as he did Ty and Simon waited in line.

Oly eventually came up her ass and Ty quickly filled the void and ploughed her for a good 10 minutes and i was hanging around to see her take Simon ! When Ty had cum and Simon pushed in her she was in awe of it as i was and her ass would never be the same once this thing has done you a bit like it was for me !

When all 3 studs had cum in her ass Julias ass was mine to lick and clean and i licked as much spunk out as i could it was so nice ….

The boys found my den with a pool table and music and were playing pool and Julia was drinking watching and who ever wasnt playing was sat with her fingering her kissing her and getting sucked or fucking her… The whole situation was mad and very fun… It was starting to get late and i wondered who was sleeping where ? It turned out that Julia took one bedroom and i took one and the 3 boys were alternating between my room and her room either fucking her or fucking me . In the morning around 5 am i woke up and surveyed the rooms , Julia was asleep looking worse for wear and Oly was in my bed and Ty and Simon were in hers and Simon was all cuddled up with her looking sweet.

I got a coffee and a smoke and went to see Oly in my room and i went to see if i could bring his cock to life and sucked him and son he was rock hard and wanting my ass and i gave him it and he fucked me real good , as he did Ty joined us and took his turn on me and i got two nice morning loads in my ass to be then dragged to the bathroom and the two of them pissed all over me and then we all got a shower and went and saw Julia… Julia was still asleep and Simon was also asleep next to her.

I suggested we left them and we went down stairs to get coffee and later on Julia came down with Simon and i could tell they had just been fucking and i asked my wife how she was and she said amazing but a bit sore i said so am i !

Soon our guests had to leave and we had to promise we do all this again soon and got eveyones phone number.

When alone me and Julia had an amazing fuck recalling all that had happened to each other and she was taunting me saying how much i liked my ass fucked which is true it was hot !

The next few days were quiet and i didnt quiz her whether or not she was in touch with the guys then on the Wednesday night over dinner she told me she had said it was ok for Simon to stay with us a few days while he gets his own place. I was a put shocked and questioned her more… She explained that he was staying on the settee at Tys place and with our house with 6 bedrooms and loads of space it seems a bit mean especially when hes helping us out sexually too. I agreed and thought why not as virile as he is we could both get some use out of him. She was pleased i had agreed as he was due to arrive at 8 this evening !.

She had made up his own room the one with an en suite and plenty of space i asked her how much time that would be used ? She laughed and said well if hes not fucking me i bet you will be sucking his huge cock ! I laughed

I went through to the snug and got a drink and soon Simon had arrived and came through and cuddled me and thanked me for letting him stay , i said no probs your welcome . Julia made him some dinner and sat at the table flirting with him whilst he ate it , i walked in and said Simon are up for fucking her tonight so she can stop flirting ?? He said sure i not cum in 4 days since our hot session here. Julia said what 4 days poor you i will have to help drain you all night babe !

to be cont..

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