My Sex Life – Eve Of The Marriage


My Sex Life – Eve Of The Marriage

Myself Priyanka from Odisha I am 26 years old and I am working in a well reputed software company in Chennai, South India. two months back I got married with Raveendar. I am going to tell my sex experience in the eve of my marriage here.

As our marriage is on the morning time i couldn’t able to get a proper sleep in the eve of the marriage. it is because I have to prepare myself with applying mehanthi, there is a young guy came to my home to apply mehanthi and his name is Sukhanth he is in the middle of 20, looks handsome in jeans and t shirt. Actually on my marriage day there are so many marriages are arranged, so it is very difficult for us to get the girl to apply mehenthi, so we arranged the boy.

The boy arrived at around 8 pm on the eve of the marriage day, as i was busy in doing some dress selection and all, i am not able to start the mehanthi at that time. so i received him and arranged the dinner for him and i directed him to my room and i requested him to wait, i will join within 30 min and i started doing other works. when i complete my dinner it was 10 Pm and everyone went to sleep to wake up in the early morning to have the big day. actually i forgot that, sukanth is in my room and when i entered in my room i got real surprised and shocked.

He is standing near to my bed with his pant and inner near to his knees and my photo which was in the wall lying in the bed, my used bra which i kept in the laundry bag is in his left hand and he is trying to get the smell of it. his right hand is holding his hard cock and my panty is lying near to my photo in bed. i got a atmost angry and thought of shouting, suddenly i remember , how much we struggled to get the guy to do mehenthi. so i kept quiet and left the room. i went to hall and sit for 10 mins. then i went to my room and everything is normal and in place there. he is sitting in the chair in my room and asked madam, shall we start. i replied just wait, let me refresh and come.

I went to wareboard and picked a ¾ tight legging and a loose t shirt and i went to toilet. once i closed the toilet door, i seen a shadow moving near the bathroom door , i understood that it is shukanth, he is trying to sneak in the door, i decided to play with him. i sit on the toilet seat and pissed with force. so that he can hear the piss sound. then i fresh up and changed the dress and came out. now i am in tight ¾ legging and loose t shirt without any inners. i sit in the chair and he sit in the floor to start the work.

First he massages my feet and leg till the uncovered portion of my left leg and he told, madam , you have a nice feet and leg. then he kept my left feet in his lap and started applying mehenthi on it. while applying , he moved my leg here and there and it started touched his cock and his cock got hard. i now understand his intention and then i started touching his cock with my feet. and frequently he is looking into my face and my inner thigh area suddenly i realise that, my pussy projection is visible in the tight legging, which i can see in the ware board mirror. now he come forward little and starting design in my leg, now my leg is just lying in his hard cock and i felt that, he is not wearing any inner inside his pant. this was continue till both legs completed.

Now he stand up and his cock is so hard and it made a big projection in his pant. but he didn’t bother to hide or anything. he told me madam, we will start in the hand, you please sit in the bed and keep your legs in the chair, so that it can be under fan and it will dry quickly. i agreed and i sat in the bed and kept my leg in the chair. he started doing mehenthi in my hand and started asking about me, what i am working and all. i too asked about him. he is having a lot of experience in doing for brides. suddenly he told “ madam, your husband is going to be a lucky man”, i seen surprisingly and asked why you are saying that, without any hesitation he told you have a very nice soft and sexy body madam , so whoever is getting this , he is very lucky to have your assets. i really got surprised and naughty to hear that open comment on my body. i told “ you may seen lot of brides in your career, how i am different from others and how u r saying i am sexy and soft”.

He told “ i smelled your bra and panties, they are smell wonderful. and when you see me half naked with your photo and your used inners, you didn’t scold me, it means that, you also enjoy some part of that. and you let me hear your piss sound and played with my cocn with your feet, that makes you are very naughty and when i touch your feet and hands i came to know that, your are so soft.” he said all these and completed applying mehanthi in my left hand. i really horny and wet to hear all this. then he asked me “ madam shall we go for another hand or you have any special requirement?, because normally the right hand will be done at last. i asked what is that mean special requirement, i don’t want any special requirement , but he told me, “some brides want to surprise her husband, so they will ask some special requirement, like that any you have madam” i again asked him “ what does it means as special requirement”.

He took out his phone and opened some pictures and showed me. i got shocked seeing those pics, some pics are semi nude and in the breast it is written “ suck me” in some pics it is written “ for you only” . in one pic in the stomach area it is written “ look down for horny” in one pic “ way to honey pot “ in one pic just above the pussy area “ work here”, in another “ lick here”, in another mentioned honey pot with a arrow downside. i surprised to see those pics in his mobile and got horny too and i never imagined that, this is happen. then i asked him, really peoples are doing this or you are just making some photoshop work . he replied no madam, this all are real photos and all done by me only. if you want to surprise, you can otherwise leave that, but nowadays almost all are doing this.

He stood up and stretched his legs and body and get relaxed. but still i can see the projection in his pant. then i asked him” you give me a suggestion, which one will suit for me” he sometimes keep quiet and chose a picture and showed me. in that photo it is written just above the pussy hairs “ Horney overflowing” . i asked him why you chosen this. he told “i chose this because your horney is overflowing which is making wet patches in your leggings”, suddenly i felt guilty and closed my legs he said, its ok madam. shall i start the special service to you.. i agreed and laid on the bed.

He told widen your legs and i did, he came in between the legs and lifted my t shirt and touched my belly area and moved down the leggings now he can able to see the small pussy hairs. now he started massage in the opened area. i felt soo horny and my pussy is getting wet again and i want to insert something there, while doing the same he used his other hand and touched my pussy and seen my face, as i was is horny mood i am not opposed his action. he got encouraged and inserting his finger furthermore in my wet pussy. i got moan from my mouth automatically. while moaning i asked him, what you doing , he replied don’t worry madam, i am just massaging it like i did for your feet and leg. if not massaged, the mehanthi cannot be apply properly., i thought of asking” for that you don’t have to finger my pussy” but as my pussy really want to enjoy i kept quiet and started enjoying his fingers and start moaning. after few minutes he removed the fingers and he just licked his fingers, now understood that, what he is going to do next. he move the leggings further down and start licking my pussy. he is a very good licker and i was in heaven.. i enjoyed his licking action and cummed lot of times.

After 10 mins licking he moved his head from my pussy and he just opened his pant zip and took his massive cock out. it is very huge and look like negro cock i seen in BFs. he told, “ i am going to massage you with my tool madam, as you have a nice and cute pussy you may feel pain, so just ready for it”. once i heard this, i suddenly got up and told ‘“ no i won’t allow you to fuck in my pussy, first i want to get fucked by my husband only. so i won’t allow you to do”, once i told he looks so sad and told what madam, after this much work, you are telling not to do.. i told him again, first fuck i want to get from my husband only. so i won’t allow.

He stand few min silently, then asked me can you make me cum madam. i unwillingly said yes . he came near to me and showed his cock near to my face.i took it in my hands and started shaking as i seen in BFs. he said not madam, not with your hands, please use your mouth. your mouth is look like a cunt for me. i never thought to have his tool in my mouth. but now it happened, i did that and suddenly he hold my head with his both hand and starting fucking in mouth. i was not able to even breath, so i pushed him away from my head and had some breathing, this is continued some more time. after some time, his cock pumped a load of cum in my mouth, it was so disgusting and i don’t like the cum at all.

I went to bathroom and split all the cum and brushed my mouth and came back to my room. now he looks very happy and satisfied. and he starting applying mehanthi on my right hand. i told him i don’t want my husband to have any surprise. now he completed the mehanthi design and about to leave.

I asked how much is the cost for this mehanthi design, he looked at me and told, you already paid my by giving your cunt horny and your mouth so,i dont want any money. and when i get a chance i will tear your sweet pussy, that is for sure.. he said that and left. i was so tired and went to sleep dreaming about the marriage.

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