My Homecoming 2.

My Homecoming 2.
After we rested, my lovely wife touched me again, my cock started growing again just thinking about my wife and what’s ahead. She reached out and then grabbed my cock and pulls me to her. Our legs become intertwined as we kiss passionately. Our tongues flicking in and out of each others mouths, our bodies rubbing together. I teased her nipples with my tongue, licking around them, sucking on them. I work my way down her legs and spread them apart, I reached down and touch her pussy, she moaned. My cock wants to feel her pussy again, my cum wants to be released again.

I want our lovemaking to last longer. I want to be able to satisfy my wife well, I want to feel her orgasm again. We went back to kissing each other passionately. We both missed each other and cannot get enough of each other. Our bodies are rubbing together, legs are intertwined. I start to nimble on my woman’s ears and move down to kiss her neck, this drives her wild. She reaches down to find my cock and starts to stoke it, my cock gets even harder and balls start to tighten. I start to work my way down her body, stopping to lick and suck on her breasts. I then move down and lick the insides of my wife legs. She spreads her legs further apart, her pussy is opening up more. I start to lick the outer lips of her pussy. She moves around so she can take my cock in her mouth. She starts to move her hips trying to get my tongue in her pussy. Her clit is erect and I gently lick it with my tongue, the juices start to run from her pussy. She starts to massage my balls and the area between my balls and anus, my balls pull up inside me, my cock lengthens and is straining for a release. I’m eating my wife’s pussy, she is sucking my cock, we are both on the verge of an orgasm. I continued to move down to her feet and begin to suck on her toes. When I sucked her big toe, she goes wild and has a huge orgasm. She then started to beg me to put my cock in her pussy. I move around, so we can kiss. Our tongues are in and out of each others mouth. We can taste and smell our sex. I move and position my cock at her pussy. My woman’s pussy lips are open, the juices are running down her butt, her pussy is ready. She is pleading for me to fuck her. I tease her for a few seconds by just sliding the large mushroom tip of my cock in and out of the opening of her pussy. She starts to rock her hips trying to get my cock deeper into her pussy. She is begging me to put my cock deeper in her pussy. With one thrust, I buried my entire cock, all the way to my balls, into her pussy. Her pussy is hot and tight, yet it is slippery from her cum. As my cock goes deep into her pussy, my woman had another intense orgasm. Her pussy feels so good especially since I haven’t filled it up for a long time. It took all my willpower to hold back from releasing my huge cum load into her. I begin to move in and out with slow strokes withdrawing my cock nearly out of her pussy, pausing and then sliding it deep inside again. My wife begs me to go faster. I start to increase my speed. I begin to feel the cum moving from my balls, through my cock. I’m past the point of no return and ferociously plunge my cock deep into her pussy. As I hit bottom, my balls tighten and the cum erupts from my cock, shooting deep into her pussy. My lady feeling my cock swell even larger and the cum hitting deep in her pussy has another intense orgasm.

We’ve become a couple of a****ls, locked together, both having intense orgasms, grunting and moaning, eyes rolled back in our heads, thrashing around. I’m instinctively moving my cock in and out of her pussy, spurt after spurt of cum is erupting from my cock. My wife legs are locked around mine, her hips are moving, taking me deep with each thrust. Then she grabs my butt and holds me deep inside her. My cock continues to spurt cum into her pussy, pulse after pulse. With each shot, her pussy contracts around my cock, milking the cum from it. Her pussy finally drains my balls, we lay there together, my cock still rock hard and deep inside her. I can still feel her pussy contracting around my cock as she continues to have small aftershock orgasms. I can feel our juices seeping out of her pussy, running past my balls. When her pussy contractions subside, I pull my still hard cock out of her pussy, more of my cum and her pussy juice runs out, adding to the big wet spot on the sheets. My cock and balls are covered with our secretions as is her pussy. For now, we are both exhausted, and cuddle up in the spoon position. My hard cock is lying in the crack of her butt, my arm around her with a hand resting on a breast. We go to sleep together naked, exhausted, relaxed and very satisfied. What a sweet homecoming.

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