my first time


my first timeit was just a normal friday night i was hanging with my friend we were just watching tv playing video games. nothing special. we were good friends had looked at porno mags and vids together before but never touched each other. now i knew he had a big cock from when we played football together in high school. everyone was jealous of it including me. my cock is not bad size but i am more of a grower then a shower. anyway out of the blue i am sitting playing xbox he just reaches down and grabs my balls. and give them a nice squeeze. i jump up and am shocked at what he just did. i ask him why he did that he responds with he is sorry and he didn’t mean to he was reaching for something and did it by mistake. fethiye escort i am not buying it but i just say ok. just as we are done talking about what happened he reaches out and again grabs my balls. now this time i chase after him once i catch him he tries fending me off, but i am determined to squeeze his balls. in my head i cant believe i am thinking that. once i am squeezing him he finds his way back to me and grabs my balls. he we are wrestling each other on the floor playing grab balls. not knowing what is going to happen next i break free and stop we are catching our breath. i feel that my cock is rock hard and i can see the outline of his big penis poking through his shorts. i ask him again why escort fethiye he did it he responds with he wanted to see how i was going to react. as he is staring at my erection. we then proceed to start talking about masterbating and how we do it and how many times we have. after a few minutes i just take my cock out and show him how i do it. he is amazed that i just got naked in front of him so he immediately unleashes his cock to show me how he does it. now both jerking in front on one another he asks me to jerk him. i am so nervous but so turned on. i tell him no that he has to do me first. he hesitates a few seconds but agrees. what a feeling having another guys hand on your hard cock fort he first time. fethiye escort bayan he knows exactly how to touch it. after a few pumps he stops and says your turn. i need both hands for his cock but it feels so right in my hand so soft and warm. while i am stroking him he starts to stroke me. the touch of him stroking me and having his cock in my hand is making me wanna cum. i tell him i am gonna cum he doesn’t even hesitate just starts going faster. i begin to explode having one of my biggest orgasms. i shoot my load all over my chest and stomach. laying there in pure ecstasy i hear him say i am gonna cum now he stands up and shoots his load all over my already cum covered chest. we are both so dazed from what we had just done he is swirling his cock head on my mixing our loads into one big mess. i don’t think either of us ever thought this could happen but little did we know this was the very beginning of many more sexual encounters like this.

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