Morning Treat


Morning Treat
Mornng Treat

Easter break and Danny was home again from university.With his parents at work and his sister away he enjoyed the lie in each morning and the privacy of not having to share a room with another student. Awakening with his usual early morning erection he had taken to enjoying a slow masturbation and letting the cum spurt out over his stomach before cleaning up and showering.This morning he began to think of some of the girls in his lectures that he didnt know and wondering what it would be like to fuck them .Slowly he coaxed his cock to an erection running his fingers over his balls and up the shaft.He was disturbed from his imaginings as the doorbell rang.Probably the postman with a delivery.If he ignored it he would just go away.Annoyingly that didnt happen, the bell rang again and then again , longe this time. Fuck it, thought Danny I better answer the door ..the ringing was putting him off. His erection still hard and jutting out visibly under his pajamas he trotted downstairs.He didnt care if the postman noticed– maybe it would teach him not to keep ringing doorbells if people didnt want to answer .Danny flung the door open but to his surprise there was Veronica, one of his mums best friends.

“Hi Danny ” she smiled, “your Mum said I might have to ring several times to get you out of bed” .She was holding a large pot plant “I said i would drop this round “.

As Danny smiled back he couldnt help notice that Veronica glanced down quickly taking in the obvious bulge in his pants but saying nothing . “How are you Danny, enjoying uni ?” she asked stepping into the doorway and pausing leaned over and put one arm gently round Danny and kissed his cheek ( as she had done many times when greeting Danny when he was younger ) .Danny smelt the aroma of her perfume and briefly Veronica’s breasts touched against his chest as she pecked his cheek. Danny wasnt sure but in that brief second he thought his cock had also grazed up against Veronica’s thigh or midriff as she kissed him.She seemed oblivious and turned to go forward through the hall to the kitchen .”It just needs a bit of water ” she called back. Danny obediently followed.Some memories came rushing back. Of all his mothers friends Danny thought she was far and away the most sexy .She always seemed to have a low cut top on and was clearly happy to let people catch a glimpse of what she had got. She must have been now in her 40’s but was still immaculte. About 5 feet 4 with those great breasts and lovely legs and shapely arse which he now had a good view of as Veronica walked to the kitchen. He remembered years ago seeing her from the bedroom window at his parents bbq wearing shorts and t shirt and having to lock him self in the bathromm while wanking at the thought of her breasts . Today she was wearing a cream v neck blouse and kneelenght casual skirt. He wondered if she was wearing knickers, he couldnt see any pantie lines under the skirt which clung to her shapely bottom.

Veronica put the plant down by the sink. “Do you have a jug i can use to water this ” she asked. Danny reached up to the cupboard and perhaps too late realised that stretching upward pulled his pajamas tighter making his erection which by now he wanted to control more pronounced. Turning back to Veronica and trying to be cool , he handed her the jug, he noticed Veronica again glancing down at his midriff but she didnt say anything . She just smiled as he handed her the jug .

“Veronica” said Danny , ” I think some of the soil from the plant has got on your blouse “.Indeed it had, a quite large dark smear of soil had ground its way into the top of her blouse on the lapel “Shit” uttered Veronica “its a new blouse and i am out for lunch later you have any vanish or stain remover ”

“Over there ” said Danny motioning to the cupboard. Veronica retrieved some Vanish from the cupboard and then to Dannys surprise but pleasure she quick;y undid her blouse, slipped it off and sprayed the cleaning fluid on it . As she worked the fluid into the stain Danny watched transfixed as her breasts jiggled under her bra .She must be a 38c thought Danny which on her small frame looked amazing.

“I think it needs about 20 minutes to dry” said Danny ” would you like a coffee ” he asked hoping Veronica wouldnt ask for something to wear cover up herself.

“sit down a minute Danny then we can have coffee , i just want to ask you something” said Veronica and motioed for Danny to seat on the sofa in the breakfast room. Taking Danny by the hand she led him to the seat and while Danny sat in the cushions Veronica perched on the edge of the sofa and smiling at Danny asked ” when I came to the door I thought how attractive a young man you have become and I remembered when you were younger how you always used to look at me,but you must be what , 2o you still look at me that way “, she ruffled his hair .”You can tell me, its a secret between grown ups , your not a schoolboy anymore”

Danny didnt know what to say, all he knew was she looked gorgeous sat on the sofa .Her magnificient breasts barely enclosed in her tight bra and as hse spoke she slowly moved her hand over her thigh pushing up the skirt revealing the top of her thigh and just the merest curve of her buttocks. “I did, i mean I do said Danny”

“Did you play with yourself thinking about me ?” asked Veronica, sliding off the arm of the sofa and now seating close to Danny, her knees drawn up touching Dannys thigh.She reached over and gently took his hand ” I would see it as a compliment” she said and placing his hand on her thigh began to guide it rubbing it against her thigh her fingers playing with his .Then she leant back slightly , her full breasts straining against her bra leaving Danny to continue to stroke her thigh gently. After a second or two she picked up his hand and slowly guided it between her legs , opening them and putting one leg over Dannys knee. Danny needed no encouragement and quickly located her pussy.As he touched it she let out a low moan and thrust forward, his finger suddenly sticky with her juices.My now his cock was fully erect straining at his pants.

Veronica quickly unhooked her bra and now leaning forward kissed Danny her tongue quickly pushing into his mouth and darting around.With his free hand he took hold of Veronicas left breast rubbing it and toying with the nipple .”fuck me Danny” she pleaded groping for his cock she pushed inside his pants grabbing his cock and beginning to masturbate him.Danny stood up, unpeeled his pants , Veronica lay back opening her legs to him.

“I want to taste you ” blurted out Danny.”Be my guest ” Veronica replied opening her legs wider.Danny dropped to his knees and gently holding her dragged her closer to him.For the first time he could really see Veronicas marvellous pussy close up.She was shaved totally and he could see her perfect labia lips , slightly open and glistening.At the top of her pussy stood her clit erect and waiting his tongue.He slowly ran his tongue around her outer lips and then licked her juices probing deep with his tongue. “oh my God Danny , don’t stop” she pleaded

Now he concentrated on her clit, twirling it with his tongue and then taking it into his mouth .Glancing up he saw Veronica eyes closed smiling and playing with her nipples a hand on each breast, encouraged he licked deeply into her pussy then runninghis tongue up to meet her clit.Each time he did so she gave a little moan of pleasure .Veronica started to flex her pelvis pushing forward to meet his tongue and her breathing fast and deep as she approached orgasm.Danny felt his tongue being covered with her juicess and suddenly Veronica shuddered uncontrollably as her orgasm rippled through her body. ….

Leaning back Danny saw Veronicas pussy lips splayed wide open , inviting his cock to enter and her clit, already prominent was now huge .He ran his tongue back over it “Oh fuck ” moaned Veronica , “oh Danny , don’t stop”…she began to sigh and moan again pressing her clit onto his tongue.He worked furiously covering her clit with little licks and nibbles and then taking it in his mouth and realeasing it again.

“oh fuck oh fuck yes Danny”… Veronica spasmed again . her whole body shaking and this time Danny felt her juices squirt out as she came even more powerfully than before.

“Danny , that was amazing ..your girlfriends at college taught you well”

Danny stood up.His cock huge and engorged with his precum dripping slowly off the head.

“Fuck me Danny ” Veronica ordered. “Mrs Mason “..he asked ” No, its Veronica” she quickly corrected him ” I always wanted to cum on your breasts ”

” i know you always liked them, i used to see you watching me ..did you go to your room at night and masturbate thinking of them ”

Before he could answer Veronica had hold off his cock.Quickly wiping between her legs she coated his cock in her juices and began with slow precise strokes to wank him to orgasm. Danny closed his eyes, this must be heaven he thought.He couldnt hold on and knew he was coming quickly.Opening his eyes he thrust forward watching as his cum spurted out covering Veronicas ample breasts .Veronicas rubbed his cum over her breasts and licking her fingers smiled at him.

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