More public fun


More public fun
I’ve discovered over the last few years the chance of getting caught being naughty is quite the turn-on, obviously. The thrill is incredible! Well, another new thing I’ve discovered is that if I take a standard girl’s hair tie, I can wrap it around my clitty and balls twice and make quite the effective cock ring; it’s tight enough to take a serious effect on just how hard and big my clitty gets and doesn’t hurt, so yay!

I went out and bought a bunch of different kinds to play with, and found I like two more than the rest: the regular stringy ones and the really froo-froo clothy ones. The clothy ones are the type where they have waves of cloth around the string and look really cute – I don’t see too many of this style on many women, but they always look awesome. Well, I decided to wear a hot pink one under my boy clothes and no underwear at all and go shopping. The best effect of doing this is my clitty and balls get pushed way out in front, so any arousal is quite noticeable, even with my size. And I had the perfect opportunity to do so.

I was supposed to meet up with some friends at a local bar on a weekend, and that bar shared a parking lot with a Walmart. I wanted to get something new and cute to wear, and I wanted to cum publicly. Being out late ate night gave me ample opportunity to to do both! So I decided to go out with them and pretended to get pretty drunk. When we all parted ways, this gave me an excuse to walk the parking lot to a Walmart instead of going straight home (we text each other when we get home in case anyone has issues). I went to my car and quickly changed out of my jeans into some thinner pants, so as to make my package really pop if I found something that caught my eye (I’ve come to find humiliation is such a turnon!) I walked into the store and went straight to the women’s section. I was torn between swimwear and lingerie – both make me feel so sexy and feminine! I didn’t see any lingerie that immediately caught my eye, so I went to the swimwear. There was a younger black couple shopping around there and they rounded the corner just as I’d picked up a hot pink one piece that said “nobody likes a shady beach” on it. it was cute, smooth, and cut in all the right spots! I was nearly rock hard and they saw me. The girl shrugged me off, and the guy kinda snickered… That sold it! I carried it up front with no basket or cart and bought it. Nobody further talked to me, sadly. I went back to my car and saw how quiet the parking lot was. I was kind of near lights, but not really, so I stayed outside of my car and changed. I did so quickly since it was still really cold. I put my shoes and jacket back on and decided to drive around nice and hard. I drove for a while, and happened upon a Meijer. At this point I was leaking like I’d cum twice and horny as I can ever remember being. I parked towards the back end of the lot, pulled on my thinner pants, zipped my jacket up most of the ways, and walked in (you could still see the top of the chest and the pink straps of my swimsuit, and even tucking myself into it on the bottom there was quite a bulge – I was hoping for some attention!)

I again went straight to women’s and looked around. The store was empty. Not slow, but empty. I still looked and found a super cute black lace teddy in my size. I bought it and again met nobody. I was seemingly alone that night. As I was walking to my car in the lot, and , I heard a female voice behind me say, “excuse me.” I turned around and saw two cute girls (not insanely hot, but two cute girls is two cute girls!) now in front of me. My hands were full of the bag trying to take the teddy of its hanger and take the tags off, and when the girl that talked reached out I had no time to react. She unzipped my jacket and my swimsuit was clearly shown in all it’s glory (except for my pants) and both started screaming and laughing. One yelled, “see! I told you he was wearing girls’ clothes!” The first one saw the bulge in my pants and asked me if I was hard while trying not to fall over laughing. I muttered that I wasn’t quite hard yet, and she deftly undid my pants before I could react. They fell to the ground, and my swimsuit was revealed in all it’s glory, and despite my care in tucking my package into it, the hair tie could clearly be seen on both sides of the crotch. She looked kinda grossed out and kinda curious and asked me, “What the fuck is that thing?” I said it was my cock. She scoffed and replied, “well duh! I mean that shit sticking out on the sides!” I said it was a hair tie. She asked why I would have that on my cock and I told her, and she looked me dead in the eye and said, “you’d have to be small as hell to wear one like that!” I said nothing. She looked me dead in the eye and told me to show her. Not asked, not demanded, not pleaded. Told me. Told me like she owned me. I felt compelled to obey her and slid my swimsuit to the side and revealed my now fully rock hard five inches. The hair tie pushed my balls forward and arced my clitty upwards and it throbbed with each heartbeat. They both stared at it blankly for a moment then burst out laughing. The second one called me a fag and the first one snatched the teddy, which was now mostly out of its bag, out of my hand. She asked me if this was for me too, and I said yes. She held it up to her body and said it would look nice on her, and I agreed. Her friend was still laughing and not talking. I felt I could explode any moment when the first girl asked me if I like girls at all. I said I did. I just like looking like one too. She then got a weird expression on her face and asked me if I’d cum for her if she showed me her bra. I nodded like an idiot. She looked at her friend and they both pulled up their coats and shirts and the second girl had huge tits (I guess at least DD, easily) covered in a bright blue bedazzled bra. The first girl had much smaller boobs (but still big, like a C cup) in a black satin looking bra. She told me to cum. I touched my clitty and stroked a couple times and she walked over and put her hand on my clitty. She hadn’t even stroked it and I came. I came hard with four solid spurts and sighed, about to pass out from it all. Then they pulled their shirts down, and walked away laughing. I stood there for several moments in shock, clitty out, women’s swimsuit out and exposed for anyone to see, panting hard.

Needless to say, I’ve cum hard many times since that night thinking of those two.

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