More Pleasures on Washington Street: Getting Some


More Pleasures on Washington Street: Getting Some
I got to the Pleasures on Washington St. just before noon; an encouraging number of cars were parked in the lot. This is one of my favorite ABS sites with lots of ample sized glory holes—large enough for the giver to stick a hand underneath the dick he is sucking to get in some balls and ass play. Plus there are also three larger booths with wide benches; wide enough for 69 or even fucking. That’s all happened to me here before, and you can read about a lot of it in my blog.

Today was curious as almost all of the 8 or 10 men milling around the arcade were Hispanic. I was figuring that the wives and offspring had headed off to church while the man of the house went out for some man-sex. I did a quick tour to assess the action and then went into the first booth by the arcade entrance. It had a folding chair in it, which I like, and it is one of the booths with the big glory holes.

Soon after I got in my booth, the next door booth got an occupant and I pushed the front of my jeans against the hole. My partner rubbed me, pulled down my zipper and reached in for my cock. I’ve got just a hair short of eight inches, so there was plenty to play with on the other side. I could feel my cock getting lubed, so I wondered if it was going to end up in this guy’s ass soon—not what I was looking for right off the bat. So I pulled back half way and could see a mustache in the vicinity of my shaft, so I presumed I was getting head.

I invited this guy over to my booth in order to watch him in action on my dick, and to allow others to enter the second booth to watch or join in as they desired. It took him longer than the 3 seconds necessary to enter my side, but he got there. Once there, I discovered that I was just getting hand action from him, but he did have a really nice touch. He played a lot with my balls and my crotch generally, so I was hoping that I might get some ass stimulation out of this, but no. Eager for more, I excused myself and parted ways.

Returning to the big booth area, I sat on a bench in the shadows right in the middle of the large booths. A younger, husky-sized Latino walked by and reached down to give a squeeze to my dick which was obvious as it strained down the right leg of my jeans. I moved his hand over to my zipper to make it clear to him that it was open and ready for him to explore. He reached in and pulled out my hard cock, and I asked him to join me in a nearby big booth that was empty.

Once inside, I adjusted the movie playing to some hot twink action. When I turned around, he was stroking an average-sized, but rock hard cock. I moved over to next to him to allow him to go back to stroking my still exposed meat. He accepted one furtive kiss, but not much more than that, so I bent over and took his dick in my mouth. It was already oozing tasty pre-cum.

When I backed off, my partner went down for a taste of my dick in turn. After a minute of two, I stepped back to take off all of my clothes and lay down on the wide bench. With my legs dangling off the long end, he got between to play with me and then start sucking again. I raised my legs to see if I could get him interested in my freshly washed hole, but there was no response. Lying back on the bench, I asked him to come down so that I could suck him.

I really went to work on his solid meat, pushing my lips all the way up against his pelvic bone as his whole tool went to the back of my throat. After some face fucking, I pulled off his dick to pay attention to his balls. As I sucked them into my mouth, he spread his legs which allowed me to reach between them and begin to fondle his ass. I asked him to turn around so I could get in some rimming action. He turned, bent over and pulled apart his cheeks. He must have been planning on this as his hole was nice and fresh tasting. I licked him enough to get him wet, then stuck my left index finger as far as it could go.

By this time I was getting close with my free right hand pounding my own dick. I told him I was cumming and he turned around to see me spray all over everywhere, but mainly on my belly. He got the idea and immediately shot out a thick, rich, creamy load right on top of mine. It was great, and I thanked him for getting me off. He agreed with his thanks, but I guess he wanted more because he was still hanging out in the dark hallway as I left.

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