Mary meets Zeke at 2pm

Mary meets Zeke at 2pm
It was 3 days until Tuesday and Mary was anxious for her 2 PM appointment. We had been to a few adult theaters, and had enjoyed watching other folks enjoy themselves. But to be invited by an almost stranger, not knowing what he had planned was too much for her. Zeke had been part of a rainy evening fuck feast we had innocently stumbled into. He and Lester had enjoyed my wife Mary in quite a few ways at that roadside tavern. Upon leaving Zeke had given Mary a note which simply read, Tuesday 2PM Magic Lantern Theater if you want more. Sunday evening I had walked in on Mary moaning, she had her 12 inch long, 5 inches around dildo buried deep in her pussy, while sliding a buzzing curved vibrator in and out of her ass. She was pinching one of her nipples so hard her thumb and finger were snow white. I went for her clit above the dildo and lavished it with all the affection I could muster. I gripped the dildo had matched the rhythm she was setting with the vibrator. In seconds she was bucking and trembling into a massive climax which entirely soaked my face.

On Monday she was trying on outfits to get just the right thing to wear. She asked if I had any suggestions? Well I told her, all I can tell you is what a man would like. She ended up with a short red leather skirt. black garter belt with black nylons, no panties, A sheer black sleeveless blouse and of course – no bra.

Tuesday she called out of work, and I left at noon. Getting into the car we were both trembling with excitement. As we approached the Magic Lantern we were disappointed as only 1 car was parked near the place. We entered and soon realized the only theater were the booths out back. In the front was sexy attire, adult toys, magazines, and movies. We decided to watch a few clips outback and wait for Zeke. The lady at the register gave us a knowing smile as we purchased some tokens and headed back. We were checking out the viewing pleasure options when Zeke surprised us from behind cupping Marys ass in his palm. Nice of you to show up, I have a room reserved and 3 friends that’ll be here soon.

We looked at the room. Mirrors on the walls and ceiling. Candles giving a low light glow. Zeke told Mary to get a feel for the room and tugged ant my arm and lead me out of the room. Danny, hope you won’t mind, but some of my boys are a little shy about husbands. I took his cue and started looking at some items in the store. Soon three young black dudes entered the store. Yo Zeke, where’s the hot married bitch at? Follow me, we all gonna fuck her good.

They had been gone about 10 minutes, I was pacing the floor nervously, wondering what was happening with Mary and her Four guest. The cashier went to the door pulled the blind and locked the door. I know you want to see, most husbands like watching their wife get used. I followed her and soon realized the mirrors were all two way types. I took a seat in a big easy chair and to my surprise the curvy, little Asian lady started massaging my shoulders. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy seeing your wife get fucked.

Mary was sitting on the edge of the bed, her blouse gone. Zeke’s cock was in her mouth, One guy was elbow deep under her skirt. My massage stopped and she walked in front of the mirror and flipped a switch, you want to hear too?
Mary’s moaning now filled the area I was in, Zeke removed her skirt and told David to eat her good. The guy who’s arm was under her skirt moved to replace Zeke at her mouth, she eagerly took him into her throat. David was devouring my wife’s pussy. I had yet to spot the fourth guy, but these three were getting Mary worked up. Zeke pulled pushed away as Zeke stuffed his cock into Mary’s cunt with one shove. Mary groaned and said YEESSSssssss Fuck it, fuck me, oh Yessss. Ramon, suck some tit, I want this bitch out of her mind. So Ramon applied his talents to her boobs, David offer his cock and Mary swallowed it quickly. Zeke stiffened, his ass tightening as her dumped the first load of the day into my wife. Zeke rolled away and David was in her before she knew Zeke was out. My hand worked my dick free and I started stroking, but my hand was pushed away and the lady started licking my tight balls. I went back to watching and David didn’t last long, Ramon was more than ready to take his place. The 4th guy, totally naked and with a fire hose where his dick should be stepped in front of Mary’s mouth. Hey Teach, tudor my cock with that sweet mouth. Marys eyes flew open and she looked up at first the largest cock she had probably ever seen, then into his face, Marvin, Oh my God, I’m not sure…. he silenced her with his massive cock and she started trying to get as much of it as she could into her mouth.
Ramon blew his nut, and Marvin smiled as he assumed the position of honor, inching about a third of it in. Hey Teach, you ever had a student fill this cunt before? She just shook her head no, Then said never a student, never such a large, thick cock. As I watched that huge cock disappear into my wife’s snatch, I filled the young lady’s throat will as much cum as I ever remember releasing.

Marvin rolled onto his back with Mary facing him. Zeke now rubbed some lotion onto his stiff cock and eased it into her ass. They were soon double pumping black cock into my wife. David stood over Marvins head and dragged his cock across Marys lips, her mouth popped open and his cock disappeared. Even after I came, this little Asian bitch kept her tongue moving and her lips slurping. Seeing my wife with 3 holes filled, writhing with pleasure, as Ramon splattered cum all over her back, sent a second load of cum down this little honeys throat.

A back door opened and a voice said Rose, there better be a reason for the front door locked. Two guys came around a curtain. Well,well, got a live show goin on. Look at the slut buck with 3 guys givin it to her. Zeke always makes closing up worthwhile. Your wife feller? She sure does like that black cock huh? As the 4 of them, left cum in her mouth, pussy, ass and all over her body. These two new guys got into what was happening. Damn, I’d like some of that wild whore for myself the probable owner said as his sperm splattered against the glass.

Ramon was under Mary and Marvin was about to have his 1st shot at teachers ass. I was wondering if she could take that log of a cock completely into her. As he worked it in slowly, I felt my cock sliding into a strange pussy. She had removed her clothes and positioned herself so she could encase my cock and still allow me to view the use of my wife.

Holy fuck, the second guy said. Is that elephant cock going to fit in her ass? Marvin was soon slapping his balls against her ass as all was buried deep inside her as well as Ramons tool in her pussy. Watcher number 2 put his cock in Rose’s mouth seconds before her came. She swallowed him as I shot off inside her. Mary voice was audible with continued moans, groans and FUCK Me’s. Soon the 4 gave a thumbs up at the mirror. Rose get in there and clean her up. Tell her if she’ll take on two horny white guys, I’ll give her $500.

Rose was in there quickly and I was expecting towels and wash cloths. Rose licked mary’s body clean of all deposits, Licked her ass clean, then buried her face into Mary’s quim. She gripped the sheets, rolled her eyes back in her head and shook to an amazing orgasm, as I deposited my 4th load of the day on the back side of this 2 way mirror. Rose said something to Mary, she paused, shrugged her shoulders and shook her head yes.

The boss entered and quickly shoved his cock in Mary, He was calling her a white slut, you love black cock don’t you bitch? Can you even feel my little white dick? Don’t matter you’re paid for and I’m gonna fuck you till I cum in your well used pussy. He stiffened, shoved himself deep and bucked a couple of times. His buddy at least kissed my wife before putting his meat into her. He road for awhile then whispered something in her ear. She got on all fours and he entered her from the back, in about six strokes he filled her pussy with his load.

We left, and on the drive home Mary said ” That was wild, six guys and a woman pleasured, and took pleasure of this body. and one of those was a student. I have been a bad girl. When can we do this again?” As soon as we get home a 7th man is going to enjoy your well fucked body.

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