Luckly Me PT2 Gay


Luckly Me PT2 Gay
It had been three weeks since I had been forcibly fucked by the two bikers in an alley. After they left me, I had gotten dressed and walked back to my off campus apartment. I was still sore from the rough fucking that my mouth and asshole had received. I took a shower and went to bed. I had briefly considered reporting the assault, but I had disregarded it. I knew I would have to tell the story again and again, and that was not something I was prepared to do. Over the next few weeks, my life had returned to normal. I wasn’t looking over my shoulder anymore and the sound of a motorcycle no longer made me panic.

I was now walking home to my apartment, after a late night studying at the campus library. I didn’t live in a bad part of town, and my apartment complex was very safe and secure. I wasn’t really paying attention to my surroundings, when I heard the sound of motorcycles driving down the road behind me. I didn’t give them much thought, as I continued to walk the last block home. I heard the bikes as they drove past me, and briefly saw both riders turn to look at me as they passed. A sense of dread began to rise, as I saw both bikers then nod at each other and then one bike pull to the side of the road about ten feet in front of me. The other bike kept going and turned around the block.

I had came to a top and was looking at the biker who had stopped in front of me. I felt my breathing pick up, as I slowly recognized him as one of my attackers from three weeks before. I guess my face showed my fear, because the biker laughed as he said, “Yep. I knew I recognized that ass. I gotta say, you handled our cocks very well, boy. Care for an encore performance?”

I could barely speak I was so terrified. I was able to stutter out, “I haven’t told anyone. I just want to go home.”

The biker laughed again as he dismounted his bike and took a step towards me. I was frozen in fear, as he said, “Now is that anyway to greet someone? I thought you would be grateful. You never came back to the bar. Dan and I have been wondering if we would run into you again. What’s a cute piece of ass, like you, doing going home alone? You could be having a lot of fun. How about we show you?”

I had finally unlocked my feet and turned to run away, as I shouted, “No!”

I got one step away from him, before I ran smack into his buddy. I looked up into his smiling face and recognized him as my other attacker. Dan had apparently looped around the block to cut off my line of escape. He immediately grabbed me around the waist and placed a hand over my mouth. I muffled out a scream, as I felt his buddy grab me from behind, to help secure me. Dan was still smiling when he said, “Hey cutie. I guess you do remember us. Where you think you’re running off to? What do you think, Ben? He wasn’t meaning to be rude was he? He was just overwhelmed.”

I was now being held securely between them both. I felt Ben’s leather encased hard cock pressed against my ass. My eyes were now wide in fear, as I guessed there reason for grabbing me again. I tried to struggle, but they had a tight hold on me. I felt my body slump as I realized, that I wasn’t going anywhere. My head drooped slightly. Ben then whispered into my ear, “You live in those apartment’s, don’t you boy?”

I nodded slightly. Dan then asked, “You live alone?”

I again nodded in answer. I didn’t want to get beaten up, and I knew they had me overpowered. I had no chance of getting away from them now. Ben then stepped away and got back on his bike. He drove towards us, and smirked as he patted the seat behind him, saying, “Come on. We’ll escort you home. No telling who you might run into this late at night. Climb on, you can ride bitch.”

Dan then walked me to Ben’s bike and pushed me to sit down. Ben then said, “Now don’t get any funny ideas. It would be a shame to bruise that face of yours.”

I again nodded. Ben then nodded to Dan, as Dan turned and walked back to his bike. Ben then began to drive towards my apartment complex. The fast acceleration, forced me to grab onto Ben for stability. I hear Ben laugh as I did this. I knew what was likely to come from this, and I was wracking my brain looking for a way out. Ben turned into the complex and asked which building was mine. I briefly considered lying, but knew that was only prolonging this and would probably lead to them getting mad and possibly hitting me.

I pointed out my building. Ben and Dan pulled their bikes into a parking spot, and we all dismounted the bikes. Dan then grabbed me and said, “Now just take us in, nice and cool and casual like. Don’t make a fuss. You don’t want to make us mad, boy.”

I nodded and led them into the building ahead. I used my key card to get us in. The front desk was closed after hours, so we were alone as we walked to the elevator. I again used my key card to activate the elevator, as we rode up the ten stories to my apartment. Ben was roughly groping my ass cheeks in the elevator and kept remarking, “Damn, I missed this ass.”

I kept my head down the whole ride up. I then exited at my floor and led the way to my apartment. It was dark inside as I let us all in. I was not surprised that we didn’t run into anyone else on our way here. I usually was the only one getting home this late. This apartment complex was mostly housed with families and older single people. It was a little too costly for college k**s. I had been lucky to be able to pay my way in. I had a full scholarship to the college from the swim team. So I could use my money to live in a better accommodation, than a dorm room.

All my lights were out, as we entered my apartment. I quickly turned on the lights in the living room area. I was unsure what to do, and just stood there waiting. Ben then smacked my ass and said, “Well, looks like we got ourselves a rich boy. You come from money, boy?”

I stuttered out, “No. I’m in college on a swimming scholarship. The apartment was a gift from my parents, because of my grades and all that.”

Ben put a leather gloved hand on my shoulder and held me still, as Dan walked around the apartment, looking at my furniture and got the feel of the place. I guess he was looking for any weapons or roommates, that I may have lied about. He seemed to satisfy himself. He then walk back to the living room and looked at me up and down. Dan then asked, “You know what comes next, don’t you boy?”

I stuttered again saying, “I don’t have any money. My folks aren’t wealthy. I don’t even have a car. I just walk everywhere and eat at the campus on a meal plan.”

I was rambling now. I knew what they wanted, but I didn’t want to say anything. Ben and Dan both laughed at this. Ben stepped forward and grabbed his cock through his leather pants, saying, “Oh, we don’t want your money, boy. Strip!”

I know my face showed shock, because Dan then said, “Don’t look so surprised. We fucked your asshole and mouth once. Did you really think we wouldn’t do it again? Now Strip!”

I backed up a pace, my mind racing, as I begged, “No. Don’t do this again. Please.”

My outburst seemed to make them happy. They both laughed as Ben sat down on my couch, saying, “Now, now. We can do this the easy way and have you strip, or we can do this the hard way and have us strip you. Your choice, boy.”

I looked from Ben to Dan with wide eyes and fear. Seeing no other option, I hung my head and began to strip. I kicked off my shoes, then took off my shirt. I then undid my pants and slid them and my underwear off. I stood before them naked, as they smiled and watched. Dan then walked behind me and smacked my ass, as he laughed saying, “Oh yeah. There’s the ass I remember.”

Dan then walked over and sat beside Ben on the couch and said, “Get on your knees and crawl over here.”

I sank to my knees and crawled to them as ordered. Ben then grabbed my head and forced it into his crotch, saying, “Now lick my cock through my pants, boy.”

I began to lick his crotch. All I could taste was leather, so I was not too put out. Ben held my head there as he moaned. I was surprised he even felt me through the thick leather. Or maybe he just liked to watch me. I continued using my tongue in a up and down licking motion of where I could see his hard cock bulging in his pants. Dan then pulled my head to him and had me do the same. I began licking his crotch, as I had Ben. Dan also moaned as he watched me.

Dan then said, “Ok, boy. Now take my cock out. I want to see you suck my hard man cock.”

I reached up and unbuttoned his pants then pulled the zipper down. He was not wearing any underwear, so his hard cock popped right out in my face. I didn’t get a good look the last time, but now I could see his cock was very long and fat. He then pulled my face to his cock. I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around his hard cock. I began to bob my head up and down as I sucked his cock.. Dan moaned loudly, as he gripped my head. I used my tongue to lick his shaft and cock head, as I continued to suck. I felt my mouth being stretched around his wide cock.

Ben then pulled my head back to his crotch, saying, “Mine now.”

I unbuttoned his pants and pulled his zipper down, to reveal his hard cock. Ben was just as big as Dan, but his cock head was twice as big. Ben forced my head to his monster cock. I again felt my mouth stretching to accommodate this large hard cock. Ben forced me to bob my head faster on his cock with his hand on the back of my head, as he moaned. I felt Dan stand up off of the couch. I briefly feared he would shove his cock up my asshole, like before. Ben then pulled my head off of his cock and pointed back to Dan.

Dan was looking down at me as he and said, “This should make it easier for you. Now get back to where you belong, boy.”

I again took his cock in my mouth and began to suck up and down his shaft. Dan then grabbed my head and said, “Here, let me teach you how a boy should suck a man’s cock.”

He then forced his cock all the way into my throat. My mouth was stretched painfully as his cock head was now buried in my throat. My nose was jammed into his pubic hair and I felt his balls on my chin. Dan then ordered, “Now swallow my cock boy.”

I swallowed and felt my throat muscles as they moved over his cock head. Dan moaned louder, now. He kept me like that, his cock buried in my throat as I continued to work his cock head with my throat. With his monster cock in my throat, I was unable to breathe and began to panic, but then he pulled my head back until only the cock head was in my mouth. I gasped and sucked in as much air as I could. Ben then said, “Now suck his cock head, boy. Use your tongue and really work that man cock.”

I did as ordered. I sucked Dan’s cock head and used my tongue to lick all around. I then licked up his piss slit, and tasted some precum. Dan moaned even louder. He then began to pull my head back and forth, making me suck his cock shaft. I put a lot of effort into sucking his cock, thinking that if I just sucked them off, then they wouldn’t need to fuck my ass again. I figured sucking their monster cocks and having them shoot their loads down my throat, was better than them ravaging my asshole again.

Dan was really moaning now. He had both hands on my head as he guided my head to the pace and depth that he liked. I felt his cock twitch in my mouth, as I felt his already enlarged cock head grow slightly. Dan then rammed his cock back down my throat, as the first shot of his hot cum erupted down my throat. I was unable to move as Dan held my head completely still. I just concentrated on swallowing as fast a s I could. Dan shot load after load of his cum straight into my stomach, as I continued to swallow. My swallowing around his cock head was massaging him very well and milking all of his cum into my throat.

Dan removed his cock head from my throat and shot his last load into my mouth, saying, “Have a taste, boy. Wouldn’t want you to miss out.”

I felt his hot cum shoot into my mouth, I quickly swallowed. Dan jerked his cock with his hand, working out any excess cum into my mouth. I felt the last of his com flow onto my tongue and tasted the salty man seed, before I swallowed it. Dan pumped his softened cock a few times in and out of my mouth. I was expecting him to go completely soft after he came, but his cock stayed semi hard. I felt his hand stroking my head, and looked up as I continued to suck his softened cock. Dan was smirking at me again, as he watched me sucking his cock.

Ben then said from the couch, “Ok, boy. Now it’s my turn. Come work this cock.”

I felt Ben pull me off Dan’s cock by my arm, until I was kneeling in front of him. He was relaxed on my couch. His monster cock was aimed right at my face. He smirked as he guided my mouth onto his hard cock. I opened my mouth, as his enormous cock head was forced between my lips. I felt a moment of panic, as he suddenly thrust in all the way into my throat. His cock head was so big, that taking in into my throat actually hurt. I swallowed involuntarily, making Ben moan loudly.

I then began working Ben’s hard cock as I had Dan’s. I withdrew his cock head from my throat and began sucking and licking across it with my tongue. Ben moaned loudly as I ran my tongue over his piss slit. Apparently they both loved it when I did this. I accepted that I was going to have to suck him off as well. I still figured it would be better, than taking either of them up my ass again. I realized that Dan must have been the one who fucked my asshole last time. I didn’t think I would have been able to walk, if I took Ben’s monster cock up my ass.

I then began to bob my head as I sucked up and down Ben’s cock shaft. I used my tongue to lick up and down his cock, as I continued to suck him. Ben moaned again, as he placed his hand on my head and guided my head to move faster up and down his cock shaft. Ben moaned out, “Use your hand to jerk my cock in your mouth, boy. Any play with my balls too.”

I complied and began to use one hand to stroke his cock and jerk him off, as my head continued to bob up and down sucking his hard cock. I used my free hand to massage and stroke his balls. Neither of these guys shaved or trimmed their pubic hair, so my nose and chin were being tickled my the course hairs. I was thankful that both of them at least bathed or showered regularly. The only thing I could smell or taste was the usual sweat and leather, that must come from wearing leather pants. Ben was moaning loudly now.

I felt the couch dip slightly next to Ben. I looked over and saw that Dan was sitting next to him, stoking his semi hard cock as he watched my sucking cock. Dan was smirking at me as he said, “That’s right, boy. Work that hard cock. Show us you know how to suck a man’s cock.”

I continued to bob my head up and down, as sucked the massive cock in my mouth. Ben continued to push my head down, as he made me suck him faster and faster. Every now and then, Ben would thrust his hips upwards, burying his cock head in my throat. I was grateful that I never gagged, because he seemed to like to do this. I figured they would not me happy if I gagged a lot, as they enjoyed burying their cock heads in my throat. My own cock was semi hard. I was not turned on, just accepting that I had no choice in this.

Ben was now thrusting his hips up into my mouth faster and faster, as he continued to force my head up and down on his cock. He began to moan louder and louder. I knew he would soon cum. I felt his balls draw up closer to his cock, as I felt his cock twitch and his cock head grow slightly. Then Ben shoved his cock head right into my throat and held my head steady. My eyes now went wide, as I felt his cock head jammed into my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could, as I attempted to relieve the pressure.

Ben then moaned loudly, as I felt the first shot of hot cum erupt from his cock head and flow down my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could trying to work Ben’s cock, as he continued to shoot spurt after spurt of his hot cum down my throat. With his giant cock head buried in my throat, I was unable to breathe. I began to panic, as I felt Ben continue to hold my head down on his hard cock. Ben was still pumping his cock in and out of my throat, as he milked his cock of all of his cum. His hard cock was so long, that he was able to keep his cock head buried in my throat, as he pumped his cock in and out of my mouth.

I tried to push off of his cock, but Ben held me still. I felt tears run down my face as I was still unable to draw breath. Finally Ben let me draw my head back onto his cock shaft. I sucked in a large gasp of breath, from my nose. Ben looked down at me and said, “Keep sucking, boy. Suck out all my cum, or I’ll shove it back down your throat.”

I bobbed my head up and down as I sucked his hard cock, as hard as I could. I continued to jerk his cock into my mouth and massage his balls. Ben had his head leaned back, as he enjoyed my mouth working his cock. I tasted the last bit of Ben’s hot cum, as I worked his cock clean of his man seed. Ben was now slowly stroking my head, as I continued to suck his softening cock. His cock was much easier to suck, now that he was not fully hard. I sucked and jerked his cock, as Ben’s moaned loudly.

I then saw Dan stand up. He walked behind me and said, “Now, let’s have some fun in this cute ass.”

I released Ben’s cock from my mouth and turned my head to see Ben holding his now fully hard and big cock in his hand. I stuttered out, “But you came. I sucked you both off. I did. Last time, you only came once.”

Dan laughed as he began to strip off the remainder of his clothes, saying, “Last time we fucked you in an alley. We had to be quick, so no good Samaritans would come by and try to save you. Now, we have all the time we want.”

I was panicking again as I begged, “Please don’t fuck me. You’re both too big. Please. I’ll suck you off again. I’ll do a good job. I’ll swallow again too. Just not that.”

Ben then grabbed my head and forced me to back at him, as he said, “Trust me, boy. It’ll be much better if he fucks you before I shove my monster cock up your cute ass. He’ll get you nice and loosened up, then I’ll have my go with you.”

I was still begging and pleading, as Dan knelt down and positioned his hard cock head against my puckered asshole. Ben took a hold of my arms and head, and held my still. I was attempting to struggle, but Ben held me still. I felt Dan begin to massage and work my asshole with a wet finger. I tried to clinch my asshole to keep him out, but he forced his finger up my ass and tried to loosen me up. I then felt him remove his wet finger, as I felt his hard cock head press against my asshole. I whimpered as I felt him begin to push into my tight asshole.

I felt my asshole being stretched again, as Dan forced his cock head into my ass. I felt a “pop” as his hard cock head finally worked it’s was past my asshole and into my ass. He let his cock head rest for a second, just inside my ass to allow me to get used to the feeling. I whimpered, as I felt him begin to push inch after painful inch of his rock hard cock into my ass. Dan kept a steady but slow pressure as he finally came to a stop with his whole hard cock buried in my ass. I felt his pubic hair tickle my ass cheeks and his balls com to rest against my own.

I had tried to relax my breathing and will myself to relax all of my muscles. I thought if I relaxed, then I would be able to accept his hard cock up my ass, without at much pain. I felt my asshole stretched tight around his cock shaft, as he repositioned himself behind me. He then grabbed my hips and began to pull his cock out of my ass. I was still trying to relax my breathing, as I felt his cock come to rest with just his cock head inside my ass. Dan then gripped my hips tighter as he pushed his hard cock back into my ass. My asshole felt like it was being stretched to the limit.

Dan then moaned loudly as his hard cock came to rest all the way inside my ass. It felt like my ass was completely full of cock, as I let out a deep breath. Dan laughed as he said, “Just relax and take it. Once I’m done with this asshole, it will feel like a tree trunk is in your ass when Ben get a hold of you. The memory of my cock fucking your tight asshole, will seem like a dream come true when you feel his monster.”

I whimpered again, as Ben continued to hold me still. Dan then withdrew his hard cock again, until only the head was inside me. I sucked in a deep breath, as I felt my self relax a little. Then Dan grunted and shoved the entire length of his hard cock right up my ass. I gasped loudly as I felt the deep intrusion. Dan laughed as he then set a fast, deep, and hard pace of fucking my ass. I felt my body being pushed against Ben, as Dan deeply fucked my ass. I would suck in a breath as Dan’s cock was removed from my ass, then fell it forced out of my lungs as his hard cock buried itself into my ass.

Dan set a gruelingly fast and deep pace, as he continued to pound my ass. I heard my breaths coming out as deep guttural moans, as each breath was forced out of my lungs. Dan had a tight grip on my hips, as his cock rampaged in and out of my ass. Dan was grunting loudly and really slamming his hard cock as hard and deep as he could into me. I felt his cock bury itself in the depths of my ass and right at the beginning of my intestines. My body was being wracked by his thrusts, as I felt his balls slapping against my own. I knew it would only get worse as Dan worked himself up to orgasm. After Dan was done with me, I knew Ben would not be any gentler as he fucked my asshole.

I knew Dan had been right. When I felt Ben shove his cock up my ass, I would probably be split in half. I felt Ben’s cock begin to harden again, as my upper body was held tightly against his lap. I was leaned over Ben’s lap and being held still, as Dan fucked my ass roughly from behind. I looked at Ben’s now rock hard cock with dread, as I tried to think of a way out of having that monster shoved up my asshole. I then submissively began to lick his cock head.. I then took his cock in my mouth and began to suck as fast and hard as I could.

Ben moaned loudly, saying, “Ah, this boy misses having a hard cock in his mouth. Look, I didn’t even have to tell him. He must really like the feeling of sucking a hard cock.”

Dan laughed at Ben’s logic and said, “I don’t doubt he likes to suck cock, but I think he just wants to get you off before you rip his ass apart with that monster. Sucking you off was probably the only thing he could think of to keep you out of his ass. Smart thinking, k**.”

Ben then grabbed my hair roughly and pulled my mouth off of his cock with an audible slurping sound. He then forced my head up so I was looking up at him, as he scowled down at me, saying, “Boy, I admire your fast thinking, but this hard cock IS going up your asshole. You might as well accept that fact.”

I whimpered, as my body was still being wracked by the force of Dan’s hard thrusting cock in my ass. I begged, “Please, let me suck you off again. You’re too big for my ass. You’ll split me in half. I’ll do a really good job. You liked it last time.”

Ben then smirked at me, and said, “Sorry boy, but you are going to have this monster fuck your asshole until I fill you with cum. Don’t worry, it won’t end there. Dan and I have nowhere else to be tonight. We can stay here and fuck you all night. When we leave, you’ll have all of our hot man seed pumped into your asshole and mouth. But if you really want to suck on something, here suck my balls.”

Ben then forced my head down onto his balls and shoved them into my mouth. I whimpered again. His balls were very big and hairy. But Ben held me there, as Dan continued to slam into my ass, until I began to suck and lick his balls. I finally came to grips with the fact that these to leather clad bikers would do with me whatever they wanted. I lowered my eyes in shame, as I continued to suck his ball. I felt my whole body continuing to be slammed forward as Dan fucked my ass as hard as he could. All I could hear from Dan, was his grunts of exertion and the sound of his crotch slapping against my ass cheeks, as he continued to fuck my ass.

I was busy sucking Ben’s balls and Dan was having a field day fucking my ass, as a disturbing thought finally hit me. They both now knew where I lived and that I lived alone. They could come back whenever they wanted. I would be a constant source of pleasure for them, anytime they decided they wanted to use and abuse me. I wondered how fast I could move out. I thought about the excuses I could tell my parents about why I needed to leave one of the best apartment complexes they could find. I did not want to become these two rough bikers’ personal fuck toy, but I couldn’t tell my parents the truth.

My inner dialogue was cut off, as Ben suddenly pulled his balls out of my mouth and stood up. I was slightly confused. I knew that Dan was still fucking me hard, with no sign of slowing down or cumming so soon. Ben then smirked at me as he took off the rest of his clothes, turned around and knelt on the couch in front of me. His hairy ass cheeks were now right in my face. I was slightly confused, but Dan suddenly thrust his cock so hard and deep into my ass, that my face was forced right up against Ben’s ass crack.

Ben brought a hand back to my head and said, “Go on, boy. You want to keep licking something? How about you lick my asshole.”

He then forced my face between his ass cheeks and held me there. Dan was still pounding my ass as hard as he could, grunted out, “You heard the man, boy. Lick his ass. I want to see you bury your tongue up his ass. I licked your sweet asshole, before I fucked you last time. Now you can return the favor. Get started!”

Every time Dan had been speaking he had roughly thrust his cock deeper and deeper into my ass, making my face rub up against Ben’s asshole. I sighed and Ben moaned as felt my warm breath on his asshole. I was again thankfully for the cleanliness of my attackers. All I could smell was leather and sweat. I stuck my tongue out and have his puckered asshole a testing lick. Ben moaned again feeling my wet tongue teasing his asshole. My tongue was then forced right into his ass, as Ben pushed back into me and Dan shoved his cock deep and hard into my ass.

I began to lick in an up and down motion, as I got used to the act I was being forced to do. Ben moaned again, as he enjoyed the feeling of my tongue inside me. I then began to work my tongue left and right, causing more moans from Ben. I continued to rim his asshole, as Dan continued his rough anal pounding of my ass. I then began to work my tongue in and out in a thrusting motion, tongue fucking Ben’s asshole. I felt his asshole clinch around my tongue, as I did this. His moans had groan in volume now.

Dan was furiously slamming his long hard cock in and out of my ass. I could feel his deepest thrusts force his cock head into my intestines. I let out a deep guttural grunt every time I felt his cock head enter my insides. I then changed back to an up and down motion with my tonguing of Ben’s asshole. I began to hit his prostate. Ben now moaned loud and deep every time I swept my tongue over his swollen prostate. Ben’s moaning was mixed with my guttural grunts and Dan’s deep grunts, as I was still forced to lick Ben’s asshole while Dan fucked me hard and deep.

Dan then began to pick up more speed. I guessed he would soon cum. My licking of Ben’s asshole was becoming difficult, as I was so roughly fucked from behind. Ben laughed and turned around, saying, “Don’t worry, boy. It won’t be long now. Just think, pretty soon Dan is going to fill your ass with his hot man seed. Then I get to have my turn up that cute ass. Are you looking forward to taking my monster cock up your asshole.”

I moaned out, “No. You’re too big for me. I can’t handle you up my ass.”

Ben laughed as he said, “Oh don’t you worry. I will have plenty of Dan’s hut cum to use a lube, when I slide my cock up your boy hole. And I think from now on, you should call us both “Sir.” That has a nice ring to it. Its always best for a boy to be respectful of real men. What’s Dan doing to you, boy?”

I grunted out, “He’s fucking me, Sir.”

Ben smirked at my answer, saying, “Where is he fucking you, boy?”

I again grunted out, “He’s fucking me up my ass, Sir.”

Ben had sat back on the couch , now. He then placed my head in his lap, as he told me, “I want details, boy. I want you to describe what he is doing to you. I want you to tell me exactly how it feels when a man fills your insides with his hot cum.”

I hung my head, as I realized they wanted me to describe my degradation. I grunted out, “My asshole is burning, Sir. It feels like he is stretching my asshole tight.”

Dan answered me saying, “Oh, I am stretching your asshole tight around my hard cock, boy. Keep talking, while I fuck you.”

I gasped out, “I can feel him pounding my insides. He’s so deep, too deep. I feel like he is punching my guts, every time he pushes inside me.”

Dan smirked as he enjoyed my description, knowing that Ben’s cock would be even bigger than his own. Dan felt his balls begin to pull up and his cock head become super sensitive. He knew he would soon fill this little boy’s ass with his hot cum. Dan and Ben had done this often. There was nothing better to them, than roughly tag teaming a boy. Dan’s grunts and moans had grown steadily louder, as his cock was driven deeper and faster into my ass.

I felt Dan’s cock being forced into my intestines, as he inched closer to cumming. Finally Dan gripped my hips with all his might and jammed his cock all the way past my ass and right into my intestines, as I felt his cock twitch. I was held in place as I felt the first spurt of cum shoot right into my insides. I imagined my intestines being filled with his hot cum. It felt like he was doing just that. I felt Dan’s cock erupt into my bowels with a flood of his cum. His cock jerked every time it let out another spurt of man seed.

Dan had stopped moaning now, and was letting his cock fill my insides with his cum. With a final moan, he began to slowly pull his cock out. I felt him thrust his softening cock a few more times in and out of my ass, as he milked his cum out. I felt a few more spurts of his cum fly into my ass, before it stopped. I hoped that his cum, would offer some relief and lubrication when Ben started to fuck me. I was breathing slower now, with my head still in Ben’s lap as he continued to stroke my head.

Ben was looking down at me as he said, “Tell me what you feel, boy.”

I moaned out, “It’s not as bad now, Sir. But I can feel all of his cum inside me.”

Ben laughed as he said, “Tell me what it felt like when he came inside your ass, boy.”

I breathed out, “I felt it every time he came, Sir. It felt like a flood of cum inside me. I don’t think there is a lot of cum in my ass, Sir. I think he pumped it too deep.”

Ben laughed as he said, “Oh, boy. There’s no such thing as “too deep,” inside a boy’s ass. I bet you like the feeling of that man seed inside you, boy. I bet it’s soothing, to your sore asshole. And now you’re nice and loosened up. Plus a little cum for lube, and you’re ready to take my cock.”

Ben then stood up, as I flopped my chest down on the couch. Dan was still slowly pumping his softened cock in and out of my ass. Dan moaned out, “You’re in for a treat, dude. This ass is nice. I could fuck him for hours. I bet I could keep pumping this asshole, until I got hard again and just keep going.”

Ben laughed, as he walked behind me. Ben said, “Oh, I’m sure you’ll get that opportunity. You should come over here some night and fuck him. That way you can have him all to yourself. I know I plan to make it a regular thing to fuck this boy.”

Dan finally let his cock slide out of my asshole, as he gave his place to Ben. I felt my asshole close shut, as it was now empty. I was beyond exhausted, as I felt Ben’s monster cock head touch my asshole. I could barely move now, so trying to struggle was out of the question. Ben smirked as he looked at Dan, saying, “Why don’t you grab a hold of this boy? He may have some trouble dealing with my hard cock.”

Dan nodded and sat down on the couch in front of me. He took hold of my arms and shoulders as he placed my head on his lap. I laid limply across him. Ben nodded as he began to force his massive cock head into my asshole. I winced and whimpered as I felt his giant cock head pressing into my ass. I felt my body tense up, as it felt like his cock head would rip my asshole apart. Ben kept a steady pressure pushing his cock into me. Dan was now holding me still, as I felt Ben’s cock head beginning to pass past my asshole.

I let out a deep breath as Ben’s monster cock head finally passed my asshole and came to rest inside my ass with a satisfying “pop.” I sighed in relief. Ben kept pushing his hard cock deeper and deeper into my ass. I kept waiting for him to bottom out, but it seemed like his cock just kept going. I felt a deep pressure inside my ass, as Ben’s long and thick cock filled my ass completely. My body tensed again as I felt his oversized cock head enter my intestines. I let out a deep grunt as I felt his cock head pushing into my insides. He finally came to rest deep within my bowels.

I felt his thighs resting against my ass cheeks and knew he was now all the way inside me. My asshole was stretched even wider than before. Dan had not been this deep when he started fucking my ass. I knew that Ben would be able to drive his cock even deeper when he began to fuck me hard. I was hopeful that maybe Ben would just fuck me in slow strokes, but I figured it was a forgone conclusion that I was in for a rough and deep anal drilling. Ben moaned as he enjoyed my tight asshole wrapped around his thick hard cock.

I was still trying to will myself to relax and loosen up. Ben, thankfully, allowed me to relax for a bit before he started to slowly pull his cock out of my ass. He was slow for now, but I knew he would soon be fucking me hard. These two seemed to have a passion for fucking young boys deep and hard. I felt Ben’s big cock head come to rest just inside my asshole, as he had pulled the rest of his cock out of my ass. Sighed in relief, but it was short lived. Ben then began to push his hard cock back into my ass.

I whimpered and winced again, as I felt Ben’s cock once again come to fill my ass. His cock head pushed back into my intestines, as he pushed the remainder of his massively hard and long cock deep into me. Dan was still holding me still, as Ben began to pull out again. He once again came to rest with just his massive cock head inside my ass. I then felt Ban grip my hips tightly and position himself for better access to my ass. I took in a deep breath, and then felt it being forced from my body as Ben’s hard cock was forced deep into my ass with one quick hard thrust of his hips.

Ben smirked as he said to me, “Ok, boy. Time for me to fuck you.”

Ben then began a steady pace as he drove his hard cock in and out of my ass. I began to take a breath every time he withdrew his cock from my ass, then exhale as he drove it back into me. Ben began to pick up his pace, as he fucked me deeper and faster. I felt my own breaths coming out as deep moans, when I exhaled at the force of Ben’s hard thrusts into my asshole. Dan said to me, “Tell me what you feel, boy. Describe how it feels to have that monster cock inside you.”

I could barely breathe properly, but I moaned out, “It hurts, Sir. He’s too big. I can’t take this much cock.”

Ben laughed as he continued to fuck me, saying, “Oh, then this should really make you scream.”

Ben then began to thrust his hard cock deep into my bowels as hard and fast as he could. I felt his cock head plunging into my intestines every time he drove into me. My guttural moans had grown in volume, as I felt like he was driving his cock towards my stomach. My body was once again being wracked forward with each deep thrust from Ben. My upper body was being pushed onto Dan’s lap, as Ben fucked me hard. Ben was now lost in his own pleasure as he was deeply fucking my boy hole. He was moaning and grunting, as he drove his hard cock fast and hard deeper and deeper into my insides.

I felt his cock head being forced deeper than ever, as Ben picked up the speed of his thrusts. My deep grunts had grown faster, as I felt myself being taken forcefully by this monster cock. My body was being shook at every hard thrust. My own cock was semi hard and swinging freely, as the force of Ben’s thrusts caused it to slap my stomach as it swung beneath me. I was gripping Dan around the waist involuntarily, as I sought to steady myself. I felt Ben’s balls slap my balls every time he would plunge his enormous cock into my ass.

His cock head over filled the width of my ass. His cock shaft was hard as a rock. I heard his grunts and moans grow louder, as he picked up the pace of fucking my ass again. My grunts came faster as I felt each thrust drive the breath from my lungs. The sounds of my grunts, Ben’s moans, and the slapping sound of Ben’s thighs hitting my ass cheeks filled my apartment. I feared that this would become a regular situation for me. Considering what they had told me and what they had been saying to each other about fucking me on a constant basis, I felt my fears were justified. I hoped that them “tag team” fucking me would happen rarely. I was not sure how many multiple ass fucks I could take from them. I felt myself hoping to entertain Dan more than Ben, as I could handle his hard cock easier. Thinking this made me realize that Dan had been right, I was thinking back to his fucking me and preferring it.

I knew that they would do with me what they wanted, but I was hoping that their fucking me would be just a once every few weeks occurrence. I was, however, hopeful that I could convince my parents to let me move somewhere else. But I was also slightly consoled by the fact that I had to let them into the building, and if I was more careful of my surrounding, maybe I could avoid a “next time.” Ben was now really pounding my ass. He had increased the speed and depth of his thrusts, so that now I could barely breathe properly as I felt his enlarged cock head plunging so deep within me that I would swear his cum would shoot right into my stomach.

My breathing was approaching hyperventilation, as Ben’s cock was pummeling me ass. I tried to control my breathing, and relax somewhat. I briefly thought that it I hyperventilated to the point of actually passing out, then maybe it would be better for me. The thought of being u*********s and completely helpless to these to l r****t bikers had me terrified of what could occur. Not that I could stop them anyway, but being able to voice my opinion and protests at least had me force myself to stay conscious.

Dan began to taunt me again by having me describe my degradation, saying, “Keep talking, boy. I want to hear you describe what you feel.”

I sobbed out my pleas, “He’s too deep. It hurts too much. Please, slow down, Sir. Please.”

My begging seemed to have the opposite effect on Ben. He then grunted out, “Oh, I love it when a boy begs. They always think I’ll have mercy on them. Tell me boy, did we have mercy on you in the alley when we bent you over and ****d your holes? Do you really think this will be different?”

I sobbed out, “No, Sir. But, it hurts so much.”

Ben laughed at my answer as he said, “Don’t worry. Pretty soon I’ll pump your insides full of my cum. You should be nice and loosened up when Dan fucks you again.”

I gasped in horror, as I looked up at Dan and saw his smirking face looking down at me. Dan chuckled as he said, “That’s right, boy. I’m going to have my cock up your ass again tonight, just as soon as Ben is done with you.”

Dan then reached down and grabbed his, once again, hard cock and smacked me in the face with it. I felt a drop of precum hit my face, as I realized that he really intended to fuck me again. Dan was still smiling at me, as he said, “Your asshole should take my hard cock nice and easy, after Ben’s monster has been inside you. I bet you even like it. I may even let you jerk your cock, as I pound that cute ass again. You can cum with my hard cock in your ass. Doesn’t that sound nice, boy?”

I stuttered out, “No, I…I can’t take this again. I won’t be able to cum with either of you inside me, Sir.”

Dan shrugged saying, “Suit yourself, boy. But I am going to fuck you again. Better that you accept that fact. Don’t worry, by the time Ben and I get done with you, you will long for us to fill your ass with our hard cocks. I bet you even look forward to us fucking you. In fact, I bet you are looking forward to me fucking you right now. Don’t worry, I will, boy. I think I’ll come over here any time that I want to fuck your cute ass.”

“I’ll have you missing my cock in your ass, in no time. Just imagine how nice it will be when we have you nice a trained to love our hard cocks plunging into your ass.”

I denied this, saying, “But I don’t like being fucked in the ass, Sir. It hurts. Why would I want to do this again?”

Ben grunted from behind me, as he continued to thoroughly slam my ass, saying, “Oh, boy, you will be a nice and docile little fuck boy, when we get you trained properly. I know you don’t like it when we take you, right now. But you will learn to love it when we have our way with your ass. All our boys over the years have learned to be good little boys when we shove our cocks up their tight asses.”

I was terrified of what they intended for me. I couldn’t fathom actually loving being ass ****d by these two bikers. How could I grow to love this? It felt like I was being ripped apart. Ben stopped taunting me now and resumed his attention to fucking me ass. I felt every plunge of his cock head as it buried itself in my bowels. I knew what they said was probably true. At least the part of them fucking countless other boys over the years. I also was certain that they intended to fuck my ass as much as possible.

I wondered how often I would be subjected to such degradation of having them fuck my boy hole at their leisure. My only true was moving and having them loose interest in tracking me down again. I wondered if them finding me tonight was bad luck on my part or if they had actually searched me out just to fuck me again. I dropped my head onto Dan’s lap in despair, as I realized that they had probably tracked me down. Could I be any safer somewhere else? Would they punish me worse if I tried to hide from them? I was lost to my inner thoughts as Ben continued to enjoy my ass.

Ben could now feel his orgasm drawing nearer. He smirked, as he began to grip my hips tighter and pull my asshole back and onto his cock, driving his massively hard monster deeper and deeper into my ass. I felt myself go limp over Dan’s lap as I accepted that I was completely helpless. My asshole had been stretched so much, that it was no longer hurting to the extent as when they started. My body was still being pushed forward forcefully by Ben’s hard thrusts, then pulled back into him once again. I felt my body moving forward and back with increasing speed, as Ben approached his orgasm.

Ben’s balls began to pull up and his cock head’s sensitivity increased. He was plunging his cock as deeply as he was able to now and he knew that soon he would flood my insides with his hot man seed. He smirked as he thought about how much fun he and Dan would have with me over the coming weeks and months. He knew that Dan would make fucking me ass a regular thing, probably several times a week. Ben preferred to use a boy once or maybe twice a week. That way the boy could recover from one hard ass fuck to the next.

Ben knew that if he fucked me as much as Dan would, then my asshole would soon be so stretched that the fun would be gone for them. Dan, on the other hand, could pound my ass as much as often as he wanted, with no long lasting effects, other than turning the me into a submissive little fuck boy, of course. Ben knew that Dan’s sexual proclivities and over developed sex drive, caused him to fuck like a bunny. A leather clad, over sexed, boy r****g, biker bunny.

Dan was already fantasizing about all the fun he would have with me. He was making plans for the next time, and numerous times after that. I was still limply laying bent over Dan’s lap as Ben fucked my ass hard as he neared orgasm. I felt Ben’s thrusts pick up speed, as he worked himself up to cumming. My moans had grown quieter, as I had been fucked to beyond exhaustion. Ben was really working my hole with determination. Ben knew that his second orgasm in so short of a time, was always powerful. I was in for a surprise at the power of it.

Ben felt his cock twitch, as his cock head grew even bigger. He then slammed his cock as deeply as he could and he half moaned half screamed. I was startled by the force of the plunge of Ben’s cock, and screamed in surprise. I felt his cock head plunged far deeper than ever. I then felt a huge eruption deep inside me intestines, as Ben unloaded his massive amount of cum. I felt every spurt, as Ben spilled himself into my insides even deeper than Dan had. My face was contorted in pain and discomfort, as I felt Ben’s huge cock head buried deeply in my bowels.

I felt Ben spray load after load deep inside me. He never stopped cumming. I began thinking that he was actually peeing inside me, judging my the amount of fluid being pumped into me. But I knew it was just his massive amount of man seed, that I was feeling. I finally sighed in relief, as I felt Ben’s softening cock being withdrawn from my ass. Dan seemed to misinterpret my moan, saying, “Yeah, you like when we fill you with our man seed, don’t you boy? You feel better now that you have hot cum pumped up your ass. That’s the way a boy should feel. Always happy to have a man pump them full of hot cum. Makes you feel loved, doesn’t it? Makes you feel whole.”

I couldn’t speak, which was probably a good thing. I doubt they wanted to hear, how much I really heated all of this. I felt relief that, at least for now, this assaulting of my ass was over. I simply whimpered, as I lay there exhausted. Ben pumped his softened cock a few more times in and out of my ass, to work out all of his excess cum. He then moaned as he let his cock slide out of my asshole. My asshole was slowly trying to close, but I felt I had been stretched too far. Now my asshole was gaping slightly as it attempted to shrink back to normal.

Ben flopped back onto the couch, as he caught his breath. I was breathing hard still, as I tried to fully relax. I tried to clinch my asshole shut, put only managed to tighten up a bit. My asshole was still gaping open. I hope that after tonight was over, that I would be able to get my asshole back to normal. I made a mental note to search the internet for ways to help me along. I was sure that male and female porn stars, hookers, and sluts probably had this same issue. I just hoped I could find a good source of useful information.

My thoughts were interrupted as Dan smacked my face with his hard cock. I looked up and immediately opened my mouth, thinking he wanted me to suck his cock. Instead Dan simply shook his head, saying, “Nope. Climb on up here, boy. I want you to ride this hard cock.”

I hung my head, but began to rise up to my feet, as I whimpered out, “Yes, Sir.”

I then climbed up on top of Dan, and guided my asshole down onto his rock hard cock. I am ashamed to admit that I moaned, as I felt my asshole easily accept his long hard cock. I guess anything felt better now that Ben’s monstrously hard cock was out of me. I slid my asshole all the way down his cock and came to rest sitting on Dan’s lap. I took a second to position myself properly and get used to this new setting. I hardly realized it, but without instruction I began to rock my hips back and forth working his hard cock in and out of my ass.

Dan and Ben both laughed at my immediate action, but said nothing as I continued to fuck myself on Dan’s cock. My eyes were closed and my arms were around Dan’s neck for added stability. I felt Dan grab my ass cheeks and help guide me to picking up the pace. Knew what was expected of me, so I simply complied and began to rock forward and back faster. My breathing was calmer now, as I was able to take this hard cock mush easier. I didn’t realize it until I moaned loudly, but Ben had bent his head over and engulfed my cock.

I was shocked that I was moaning and groaning at the pleasure of his mouth on my now hardening cock. I continued to work my ass up and down Dan’s hard cock. My moans and movement increased, as I learned that by moving my hips faster I could work not only my ass up and down Dan’s cock faster, but also my cock in and out of Ben’s mouth faster. I moaned at the pleasure of having my cock sucked. I began to work my hips as fast as I could, desperate for my own release.

Dan’s hard cock in my ass was all but forgotten as I continued to work my cock in and out of Ben’s mouth, as he sucked my cock greedily. This was the first time either of them had offered me any pleasure of my own, and I grasped it. Dan smirked as I rode his hard cock. He knew how much Ben loved to suck a boy’s hard cock. Dan had never stooped to giving any pleasure to a boy, besides his own hard cock in a boy ass or mouth. Ben however had a taste for boy cock. Dan didn’t understand that. In his mind, a boy was used for giving pleasure. Dan took what he wanted and gave only his cum. What did he care if the boy was happy, as long as he did what he was told?

Dan grunted as he felt his balls begin to tighten. He knew he would soon cum up my ass again. He was content to allow me to work his cock. I was in my own world. After taking Ben’s monster cock up my ass, Dan’s cock was a happy reprieve. I also felt a great pleasure coming from my prostate. Riding Dan’s hard cock in this position caused his cock to stimulate my prostate with every thrust of my hips. I began to work my ass up and down faster, as my cock was also worked in and our of Ben’s sucking mouth.

I felt my balls tighten and my asshole clinch, as I neared my orgasm. I hadn’t cum for over a week. I had been so busy, that personal time had not been possible. This build up was now growing. The thought of warning Ben of my approaching orgasm crossed my mind, but I was worried he would stop. I was not about to risk him stopping, as he continued to suck me off. My hips had now reached a fevered pace of movement. I was moaning loudly as I neared my goal.

I threw my head back and moaned loudly as I felt my cock explode in a burst of cum. All of my muscles clinched. Dan was sent over the edge by my asshole clinching around his cock. He moaned loudly as he too began to cum. I felt the, now customary, feeling of Dan’s hard cock filling my insides with his hard cum. I was a little surprised. I had completely forgotten about his cock in my ass, as I had worked towards my own orgasm. Ben was still moaning, as he sucked the last of my cum from my softening cock.

Ben was definitely an expert in sucking cock. I now collapsed against Dan’s chest, as I came down from my post orgasm high. My breaths were coming in fast shallow gasps, as I attempted to calm myself. I concentrated on deep breaths to get myself under control. Ben had removed his mouth from my cock, and was now slowly stroking his massive hard cock. I felt Dan slowly lift me up and deposit me back on the floor on my knees, with my upper body laying across my couch.

I barely heard Dan, as he said to Ben, “He’s all your’s now, dude. I bet you can fuck him deep and hard now, and not hear a whimper out of him. Too bad. I love it when they beg and plead. Always makes me hard when a boy begs me not to fuck him.”

Ben smirked as he stood up, and took up position behind me. He then sank to his knees and positioned his giant cock head at my gaping asshole. I was completely lost in my own world, as I felt Ben begin to push his cock into my ass. I was glad for all of the previous stretching of my asshole, because now I was able to take Ben’s huge cock head without even wincing. Ben didn’t start out slow this time. He simply shoved his cock in balls deep and fucked my ass deep and hard. I simply lay there, half way on the couch as Ben plunged his hard cock into my ass deeper and deeper. I felt the force of Ben’s thrusts moving my upper body forward and back across the couch.

I just took it without complaint. I was beyond attempting to plead for mercy or struggle. Ben was moaning as he battered my stretched ass. Ben knew that my asshole would soon contract again, once I was no longer being stretched my such massive cocks. He smirked as he imagined the next time he would fuck me. He knew I would be nice and tight again. Ben also knew that Dan would be fucking my ass, as often as he could. Ben briefly wondered if they should come to an arrangement on who got to fuck me when. But that was a conversation for later.

Ben had a grip on my hips and was pulling my ass back to meet his hard thrusts, as he plunged his hard cock deep into my intestines. I was amazed and aghast that I had gotten used to being forcibly taken by these two leather clad biker r****ts. I knew that this would probably not be the last time that they would pay me a visit. I felt my head droop as I realized that I had no choice in the matter. My parents would never pay for a new apartment unless I told them the truth, which I was too ashamed to do. I knew that I couldn’t get a job and pay for a new apartment, I was too busy with school and the swim team. All of this was moot, because I doubted I could hide from these two anyways, they had already shown me that they could track me down.

I lay there in silence as I felt Ben continue to fuck my ass as hard and deep as he wanted to, knowing that until they got tired of me, I was going to have to relive this as often as they pleased. I felt a tear fall down my face as I came to the understanding that they enjoyed forcing me to submit to them far too much to let me go. I knew they intended for this to last an long as possible. Ben was oblivious to my inner ramblings, as he had now worked his cock into a good rhythm and was closing in on his next orgasm.

Dan had gotten dressed and was now rummaging around with my clothes for some reason, which I wouldn’t find out until later. I was consoled with the fact that at least tonight was almost over. Ben was now really working my ass, as he thrust his hard cock as deep as he could. I heard his grunts and groans increase in volume as I guessed he was nearing his next orgasm. I quietly sighed, as I continued to lay there and take it up the ass.

Ben was working his cock so deep, hard, and fast. He wanted to really work my ass. He knew that this was his last orgasm before they left, and he wanted to fuck me as hard as he could. My eyes had started to glaze over, after my recent realizations about my situation. I heard a deep guttural grunt come from my throat every time Ben would slam his cock deep into me. I was surprised when I realized absentmindedly that the sound was actually coming from me. It wasn’t a moan of pleasure or pain, but every time I felt that huge cock shoved being shoved deep into my insides my exhale came out as a loud grunt.

Ben was completely focused now, as he felt a familiar tighten of his balls. He then slammed his cock head into my ass as deeply as he could. I let out a loud grunt, as I felt his cock plunge into my bowels. I felt the now customary flood of hot cum erupting into my insides, as Ben drowned my intestines. I was still lying there limply, as Ben continued to pump his cock in and out of my ass desperate to milk all of his man seed into me. I continued to lay across my couch and take what Ben gave me.

With a final grunt of satisfaction, Ben let his softened cock slide out of my asshole. I felt a relief, as I was now completely free of that massive cock. Ben began to stand up and get dressed. I fell exhausted onto my floor in a heap, as I panted and got myself back together. I watched as Ben dressed himself, like nothing had even happened. Ben looked pointedly at Dan, and Dan seemed to answer an unspoken question with a brief nod. They then looked at me and smirked, as Dan said, “Well, boy, It’s been loads of fun, but now we gotta go.”

Ben and Dan then walked to the door and started to leave, when Ben turned to me said, “Don’t worry, boy. We’ll let ourselves out. See you soon.”

They then left and shut the door behind them. I continued to lay on the floor, as I tried to grasp what I was to do next. I finally got up and went to my bathroom. I took a hot shower, and sighed as I felt the hot water flowing over me. I kept waiting fearfully for them to return, but they seemed to actually be gone. I got out of the shower and dried off. I put on a pair of boxers and collapsed into my bed. I was asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow. I woke several times throughout the remainder of the night and nervously looked around my bed room, still expecting to find at least one of my attackers had returned.

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