Jane on the bus

Jane on the bus
Jane on the bus……………. Part one.

Jane stood at the bus stop waiting for the bus to work.
She was off to a meeting, and rather than drive she decided to take the bus along the coast and enjoy the view. The bus arrived on time and stepping on she approached the driver and giving him a big smile she ask for a return. The driver was a youngish guy and looked very tanned and fit. He smiled back and gave her a ticket and change and as Jane walked off down the bus she could feel his eyes following her. She was feeling very cheeky and gave him a little wiggle with her bottom, smiling to herself and made her way to the back of the bus and sat down next to the window in the rear seats. She glanced up and caught the driver watching her in his mirror, before looking away and setting off into the traffic. Jane sat back looking out of the window, the sun was shining through the window warming her up and making her feel relaxed and happy. She looked up a few times and caught the drivers eye in the mirror, as he glanced back at her. She smiled and thought mmm it’s nice to be noticed.
The bus continued along the coast with people getting on or off the bus. Eventually the bus stopped and Jane looked up to see a young guy making his way up the half empty bus. She didn’t take any notice till he sat down right next to her. Jane looked over at him but he was just looking ahead. That’s odd she thought the bus is nearly empty and he sits there. She tried to ignore the fact that he was there but he was shuffling about with his leg pressed up tight against hers, Jane couldn’t move over any more and was about to say something to him when he settled down and opened his newspaper. She turned away and returned to enjoying the view from her window. The guy continued reading his paper occasionally rustling the pages. Jane was contentedly enjoying the warm sun on her face and she sat with her eyes closed. She was disturbed by a more constant rustling of his newspaper and looking round she noticed that his hand was moving about in his lap underneath the paper. As she watched the paper slipped from his lap and fell to the floor and Jane was utterly shocked to see that this guy had his penis out and was slowly wanking his hand up and down his hardening length. His eyes were open and he was glancing over at her. His cock looked very hard and stiff now and rather fat and decidedly long!!! His hand continued to stroke up and down, rolling his foreskin up and over his fat cock head.
Jane thought about moving 2 another seat, but she was trapped in the corner and the stranger had his leg pushed up against hers. Nobody on the bus was aware of what was occurring a few feet away from them, they gazed out of the window while Jane gazed at his hand sliding up his hard thick cock. Jane was so mesmerised by this horny display that she just sat there watching, she wasn’t a bit surprised when the guy reached over and taking her unresisting hand, wrapped her fingers around his firm fat cock… It throbbed and her pussy twitched. The guy held his hand over Jane’s and guided her hand up and down his length, when he was happy with her technique he let go and left Jane to carry on stroking him. He sat back with his eyes closed and sighed. Jane watched his cock intently, it was a good length she thought and nice and fat and it throbbed nicely in her hand. His cock head was thick and Shiny and oozed precum every time her hand slid down. She reached over with her other hand and began to feel his balls as they hung heavily beneath his hard cock. The more she worked his cock up and down the more precum began to seep out until it was puddling in-between her fingers. She leant down and slurped it up noisily enjoying the taste before swallowing it down and licking her lips. The guy took this as a good sign and putting his hand on the back of Jane’s head guided her down towards his cock. Jane smiled to herself and thought oh well here we go again, and sticking out her tongue she began to lap greedily up and down his member and sliding her tongue down towards his balls. She sucked each in turn into her mouth before sliding her Tongue up his long shaft and plunging the tip of her tongue into his cock eye causing more precum to dribble out into her mouth. Jane moaned in pleasure as she opened her mouth and slid his thick cock head inside and sucking heavily to draw even more into her mouth. The guy groaned and pushed her head down hard, his cock filling her whole mouth now.
Jane pulled back almost slipping his helmet out but then thrust down again sucking hard on him. The guy had his eyes closed and moaned softly, his head thrown back, as Jane used her mouth and tongue to face fuck his shaft, her head bobbing up and down in his lap. The other passengers on the bus were oblivious to what was happening in the back seats, and Jane and the stranger were lost in their own world, she was intent on taking as much of the guys dick into her mouth and he was intent on the pressure and feeling building up in his cock and balls. Jane continued thrusting up and down faster now her mouth locked around his helmet which was throbbing continuously, the guy was breathing loudly now and trying to push even more of his cock down her throat. Jane hung on tightly as he continued to thrust into her, his precum thick in her mouth.
She could tell that the guy was near to cumming his breathing was quickening as was his thrusting she felt him give another huge thrust and as she tried to pull away to finish him off with her hand the guy grabbed her head and held tight as he gasped loudly and shot a thick wad of hot cum straight into her mouth, followed by another and yet another. Jane was amazed at the amount he managed to shoot into her open mouth and she had to work hard to swallow it all. The guy eventually relaxed as his cum dribbled to an end and his huge cock started to wilt. She continued to suck him until all his cum had disappeared down her throat. Then sitting back up in her seat she caught a glimpse of the driver watching intently. The Guy sat very still his heavy breathing slowing as his cock went limp. He opened his eyes and smiled,mumbling a quavering thank you as he slipped his dick away and zipped up his trousers. As the bus slowed he said I think this is my stop and jumping up he swayed down the aisle on wobbling legs to the exit.

Jane felt both nervous and elated at the same time because of her very sticky encounter with the young guy, and also because of the obvious interest being shown by the driver. Her heart was thumping in her chest but she felt good and in control. She smiled to herself and felt her cheeks redden slightly when she realised that her pussy felt rather warm and wet.
She kept glancing up and catching the drivers eye, but she decided that he couldn’t see her tucked away in the back corner, so she slid across the seat until she was in the middle and facing straight down the central aisle. This gave her a better view of the driver, with the added bonus of giving the driver an uninterrupted view of her legs. She realised that in sliding over her skirt had ridden up above her knees but she purposely chose not to do anything about it. The driver was glued to his mirror and she could almost feel his gaze working over her body and down to her legs.
Jane felt very devilish when she slowly parted her knees enough to give him a glimpse of her stocking tops and the bare strip of flesh above them. The driver took the opportunity of a straight road to actually turn and stare straight at her for a moment. A cheeky grin crossed his face. Meanwhile the last few passengers on the bus were oblivious to what was going on around them and sat either reading or looking out of the windows. Jane checked that none of the passengers were looking in her direction and slowly moved her knees even further apart until the driver had a full view of her inner thighs and her small tight red pants. She felt so naughty openly displaying herself in this way to a stranger, but now felt so wet and horny that she didn’t care and would see where things led.
The driver looked back and nearly fell off his seat at the sight before him, he was approaching the last stop on this journey and was hoping that everyone except the mystery woman would get off. His cock was aching and straining at his trousers, and a plan was building in his mind of where to go if she did decide to stay on. He had a two hour stop over here and knew of a place that would suit his needs.
As the bus stopped the driver watched desperately to see who was leaving and felt his cock twitch when he saw that all the passengers except her had left. He turned and smiled toothily at her and she grinned back at him her tongue protruding sexily between her lips. He turned and closed the doors and with a satisfied sigh drove away.
Jane sat in the back excited but also a little anxious. She wasn’t sure what was going to happen now and wondered where they were going. The bus had headed quickly out of town and then turned up onto a quiet country road. The driver continued for about a mile and then turned up a small path and eventually into what appeared to be part of an old farm with an open area and an old barn, surrounded by trees. The driver pulled up behind the barn and switched the engine off.
Jane sat very still and watched the grinning driver as he slowly walked up the bus towards her. he was tall with a good build and looked fairly well muscled in his tight fitting uniform shirt and trousers. As he got close to her she could also make out the unmistakeable shape of his hard cock in his trousers. Jane’s heart thumped and she felt her pussy ooze more Precum into her pants. He stopped in front of her, just looking down at her, and Jane watched him with her tongue licking gently at her nervous dry lips. She gazed down at his groin and saw his cock close up now straining at the cloth. She leaned forward and slowly unzipped his flies and then pushing her hand inside she gripped his thick cock and eased it out of his trousers. Her heart did a quick somersault as she gazed longingly at his fat throbbing man meat and then raising her eyes till they met his, she sighed deeply and leaning forward she slid his cock head into her open eager mouth.

The driver just couldn’t believe his luck, as he looked down at this gorgeous stranger who was sucking away on his cock. Well he thought I intend to make the most of the next two hours. He reached down and placing his hand on the back of her head, pulled her face down gently on to his cock whilst slowly thrusting forward into her mouth. Ah this is so good!! He thought and smiled lustily to himself.
Jane still couldn’t believe that this was happening, here she was with first one and now two strangers thrusting their hard cocks into her mouth in the same afternoon. Not that she was complaining, this was far more interesting than any stuffy meeting. The guys cock tasted good and smelled slightly of soap, and while she continued to lick and suck his heavy helmet, she reached up and fumbling his trousers undone she managed to free his balls which swung heavily into view.
Jane stopped sucking for a moment to admire them, they looked big and full and she lifted her hand to weigh and fondle them. She returned her attention to the drivers cock head and was rewarded with some sweet tasting pre-cum that bubbled from the end. She tasted it’s slickness before letting it slide down her throat. Then, licking her lips, she turned her attention to his balls, sucking them gently into her mouth one at a time. She alternated between sucking his balls and helmet, until the driver started to moan loudly and thrust more urgently into her mouth. Jane was really having fun now, and slipping her hand underneath his balls, she began to rub her finger tip around the drivers puckered asshole. He nearly exploded there and then and he thrust deeply into Jane’s mouth.
The driver gasped and blurted out “Oh my god!, wow you are one hot woman, why don’t we slow things down a bit now, I think it’s my turn now” With that he slipped his cock out of Jane’s mouth and knelt down in front of her. Now leaning forward he kissed her on the mouth, pushing his tongue inside and tasting his own wetness on her tongue. He took the opportunity to feel her breasts and found that her nipples were hard to his touch.
He quickly unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off then sliding his hands around her back he expertly removed her bra, and gazed admiringly at her taut, nipple tipped breasts. His hands reached out and fondled first one then both of her heaving breasts, he pulled and squeezed her hard nipples making Jane moan, and then leaning forward he began to suck each nipple, gently at first but then harder, making them long, hard and aching. Jane was feeling so horny now and had given herself up completely to this guy, she even pushed her breasts up towards him offering her taut teats for his attention.
The driver was now sliding his hands up the outside of her thighs, reaching for her pants. Jane slid her ass forward to help him and then grasping them he began to slide them down her thighs. She lifted her ass up and he pulled them down to her knees in one swift movement. Jane couldn’t help but give a little giggle when the guy lifted her feet straight up in the Air, exposing her bare ass and whipped her pants off over her feet.
The driver was amazed by how wet her pants were, they were soaking with her pre-cum, and his cock twitched and surged at the thought of that wet sticky slit, he held them up to his face and inhaled her sweet pussy scent, then rather than discard them, he slipped them into his pocket… a
memento of this hot woman. They would make him hard every time he touched them.
He now slid his hands back up her thighs, but Jane had already guessed his intentions and pushing her ass forward to the end of the seat she slowly opened her legs, exposing the stocking tops her firm soft upper thighs and her gleaming wet shaven pussy.
He was mesmerised by the view, she was fresh shaved, her outer lips swollen with her passion. Her softer inner lips were peeled back, like the petals of a flower. Her inner depths gleaming with wetness. The driver sighed at this heavenly view; his cock was rock hard and twitching to get inside her, but first………..
He leant forward and ran his tongue slowly up the inside of her thigh until he was only inches from her pussy and inhaled deeply. He sighed again, and then leaning forward he slipped his Tongue inside her open hole. Jane groaned in pleasure and pulled his head tightly in to her aching pussy. She sighed deeply and her eyes rolled up and closed tightly as his tongue found her hardening clitoris …

Jane lay back in the seat, her eyes tightly closed breathing heavily. Her ass was pushed forward and her legs wide open as the driver Lay in between, while his lips and tongue working feverishly on her wet swollen pussy. He would drive his tongue deep inside her, and then suck gently on her lips, before flicking the tip of his tongue over her erect and aching clitoris. His technique was very good and he was quickly exciting her, his tongue was everywhere dipping into her moist honeypot, sliding up and down her engorged lips and clit and tickling her perineum and ass. Jane could feel herself getting close to cumming, and was now rubbing and thrusting her self at his face. She started to grind her cunny hard into his mouth and he responded by lifting her legs up and over his shoulders, which had the effect of opening her wet hole even further. Jane was panting now with utter passion, she could feel her inner muscles clenching and unclenching and then when the guy thrust two fingers into her slit and began teasing her g spot, her body could take no more and she came loudly, her muscles clamped tightly around his fingers and she thrust down hard against him. Her breath came out in a heavy gasp as she moaned out loud. Her back arched, and she grabbed her lover by the hair and shoved her spasming pussy roughly in his face. She held him there tightly until her orgasm started to subside. When she finally released her hold on the driver, he sat back looking down at her, Jane’s eyes were still closed and her breathing coming in ragged gasps. Her cheeks were red with her exertions, and looking down at her pussy, he saw it was swollen, wet and open. The driver grinned to himself and positioning himself in front of her, he grasped his rock hard cock and in one swift motion slid it deep inside her open hole. Jane’s eyes open in surprise and she gasped again. His cock felt so big and hard and seemed to fill her completely. She felt his cock throb and twitch heavily, arousing her again, and then he started to move inside her in gentle deep thrusts…

The driver was a very happy man, his cock was now deep inside her, and he was enjoying the sensations as he slowly fucked her tight wet pussy. He was holding on to her hips and using them to pull her towards him as he slowly thrust his rock hard cock in and out of her. Her inner muscles caressed his thick shaft, squeezing him tightly so she could feel every vein and ridge as it ground into her soft yielding depths. Jane lifted her legs and wrapped then around his waist and then used her ankles to pull him in hard as he thrust up into her. The guy pulled his shirt up over his head and threw it on the next seat, his chest and arms were well defined muscle that flexed as he moved. Jane placed her hands on his hard pecs and suddenly dug her nails into his skin and raked them down his chest, the driver grunted and rewarded her with a hard pelvic thrust, which hit her cervix and made her groan in pleasure. He started to fuck her harder now, each thrust quicker and with more passion, rocking her back into the seat with the force. They were both breathing heavily now, sweat beading on their bodies. The guy leant forward and grasping her breasts hard began to pull at her hard nipples, Jane opened her mouth groaning and he thrust his tongue inside. They kissed with utter lust and passion as they humped and fucked together. Jane was holding on around his neck, and when the driver broke off the impassioned kiss Jane latched on to his neck licking and sucking hard, and ran her sharp nails down his back.
He suddenly stopped fucking her and said ” hey your turn on top babe” and pulling her up, he sat down in her seat. His cock stood up from his groin, looking long hard and angry. The fat helmet twitching madly, wanting to be back inside her velvety clinging depths. Jane climbed on top facing him, her open aching pussy straddling his cock. She leant down and grasped his shaft and then positioning herself, she slowly slid it inside her and she sank down to engulf him completely in her pussy. His cock felt even bigger in this position, and she let out a purr of delight as she felt herself stretched like never before.
His thick cock head was pressed firmly against her cervix, her pussy muscles spasmed and holding on to his shoulders she began to ride his up and down his length, her turn to fuck him this time. The driver was squeezing her breasts and sucking hard on her taut nipples, rolling them between his lips before sucking them hard into his mouth. He felt her pussy muscles clamp down hard on his cock each time he sucked her nipple and redoubled his efforts. Her nipples were now aching and so hard that they stood out proudly as the driver teased them.
She rode him harder now, raising herself up and then pushing down hard into his groin, his cock buried completely inside her, and her ass slapping against his heavy ball sac. The driver reached around her hips and grasped her ass cheeks and began puling her down onto his thick meaty cock, stretching her open with every thrust of his hips. He suddenly slapped her ass playfully and this made Jane gasp loudly. She gave his hair a tug and he responded by thrusting harder into her and slapping her ass more sharply. They continued fucking each other harder and harder, both now perspiring with the effort, they were oblivious to their surroundings. Both lost in this highly charged moment. Their passions enflamed, their bodies entwined. hot, sweating and engulfed by their desires

Jane was riding him hard now, sliding up his cock before pushing down again into his groin. He was so hard and thick, her pussy was stretched around his length, her muscles gripping him tightly. The driver was also thrusting up to meet her as she pushed down. They were both wet now, their fucking was intense, making loud squelching noises as they ground into each other. Their mouths were open and their tongues entwined. Sucking and licking each other in their passion.
The driver paused for a moment, sliding his arms under her legs and then pushing himself up; he managed to stand up, lifting her bodily with him, till he stood upright in the aisle, With Jane held tightly in his arms and his cock still embedded deeply inside her wet opening. Jane gasped at his show of strength, and putting her arms out either side of her, gripped the edge of the overhead luggage rack to help steady herself. Then using his arms he began lifting her up and down so her pussy rode up and down his hard cock as he thrust his hips forward to help impale her on his thick tool. She was amazed at his show of strength and wondered how long he could keep this up, he was now hammering into her and Jane’s breathing was ragged as he built up the rhythm.
He continued fucking her hard, fast and deeply, she held on tightly, her eyes closed again, the sensations rippling through her body. They carried on like this for some time, both gasping for air with their exertions, Jane could feel herself building up to another orgasm, her pussy starting to twitch and spasm on his thick cock. The driver stopped thrusting and then still holding her tightly he turned round and lowered her down onto the long back seat, still keeping his length inside her and then began to fuck her in long deep thrusts. Jane had her arms around his neck and her mouth on his.
She managed to wrap her legs around his back, opening her pussy for his throbbing manhood. She pulled away from his passion fuelled kissing to gasp for air, they were both breathing hard now, she could feel herself very close now, she was pushing up at him as he drove her back down with his heavy thrusts.
He was obviously very near to cumming as well, as his cock slammed into her aching hole, suddenly Jane’s orgasm hit her like an express train, her back arched and she shouted out loudly as it tore through her body, making her pussy twitch and spasm around his cock. She dug her nails into his back and raked them down to his ass. Leaving red marks and making him moan loudly. The driver suddenly started to hammer into her madly and then with a deep groan and one final heavy thrust, he came deep inside her pussy. Jane could feel his cock throb time and time again as he spurted his thick cum deep inside her, filling her with his seed. She could feel it inside her, hot and wet. He seemed to cum for ever, his cock deep inside her, throbbing wildly as his cum began to slow. His eyes closed, his backed arched in ecstasy, before collapsing down on top of Jane, his mouth again finding hers, as they kissed and held each other tightly

They both lay collapsed on the back seat, still breathing hard after their joint exertions, they both grinned in embarrassment at each other. Jane noticed that his cock had deflated somewhat but was still looking rather thick. She felt hot and flushed from their mad love making, and could feel his cum oozing from her pussy, so picking up her pants used them to clean up. The driver still grinning said “would you like me to help with that?”Jane smiled and found herself much to her surprise saying ok, and just lay there brazenly with her open pussy on display while the guy slid over closer to her, and began to wipe his cum from her glistening lips with her pants, which were already wet from before and far too small to be of much use. The driver gave up using them and moving closer to her he began to lick at her slit, tasting their combined wetness. Jane sighed loudly as his tongue slid up between her puffy lips and fastened onto her clitoris.
She sighed heavily, her eyes tightly closed as a smile crossed her face. She thought to herself “I need to get out more, it’s so much more fun than working. Especially if you take the bus!”

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