In the beginning…


In the beginning…If you have read my profile you will know what this is all about…it is my sexual development from age 17, which is for me when it all began with my first proper boyfriend.We had been going out together for about two months. He had a car and after we had been out in the town to pubs or clubs, he would drive me home. The routes he took were getting longer and as he was older, I knew the direction he wanted to go in. My first feel of his cock was in a lay by on a deserted road outside town. He was eager and within a couple of days I was wanking his cock in his car almost every time we went out. I would usually be topless with my breasts out. He would feel them, I would wank his cock and he would come, usually within a few minutes. I liked it. Once I got over the eee-www factor of having this new substance called spunk on my hands, I got into it. I would sometimes go home and finger myself off. Masturbating was new to me as well. Remember, back in 1986, good girls didn’t touch themselves. I lost my virginity just before my 18th birthday, missionary style, on the back seat of his car in the dark early one morning. I didn’t cum, but it didn’t hurt (because karşıyaka escort I was soaking) and it was alright, even if it was unspectacular. Within a few weeks, the relationship ended. I was disappointed but not heartbroken.Soon after that I began to date the man I would eventually marry. He was around my age and about as experienced sexually as I was. We got engaged at 19’and by the time we married when I was about 20 & a 1/2, we had already had intercourse and experimented with oral. I didn’t like receiving oral, he liked to give me oral. I didn’t mind giving him oral, he liked it a lot. I would bring him off with my hand and never let him cum in my mouth. I knew by now that I didn’t like that either.By the time I was 21 we had moved to the other end of the country, had our own flat, both worked and we’re starting to enjoy life together. He worked shifts, I worked office hours. We entered a period where his shift work made us ships in the night. We managed it though, still connected. I would often go swimming at a nearby sports centre when he was working. It got boring in the flat, especially as winter set in, I walked there karşıyaka escort bayan and back to the pool as hubby had to take the car to and from work. I got chatting to regular faces at the pool, as you do, got friendlier with some and in particular, a man called Mark. He was 38 and married. His wife didn’t keep well and sometimes they were at the pool as a couple but mostly he was alone. We were often in the pool at the same time. I was a creature of habit and he just seemed to be there when I was. I thought it was nice. I was new to the town, feeling a bit lonely, making friends was important. Gradually, we started to spend time in the cafe after swimming, then he started giving me a lift home, then picking me up from home as well. It all seemed innocent enough.One afternoon after a swim, he was taking me home when he asked if I had been up to the hills above the town to see the views. I said no. He asked if I had time to go there with him now and I said that would be great. I genuinely thought nothing more of his request. Looking back I was very naive. After a short drive we were indeed looking across a lovely view of escort karşıyaka my new home town and we started to talk. The conversation got more and more personal and he started to compliment me: you know you look sexy in the pool; I can’t take my eyes off you sometimes; do you ever look at me in the pool and what do you think? Now, part of me felt very uncomfortable at this, but the other part felt excited that this guy was interested in me. He focused all his attention on me. He made it very obvious as we sat in the car that he was looking at my body. He eventually put his hand on my thigh and said that next time we were swimming, he would ask if I wanted to go for a drive afterwards and that if I said yes, we could explore each other a little. I was so nervous by now, and asked him to take me home, reminding him that we were both married and this was not good – and I didn’t like him that way at all. While he was driving me home he asked me how many cocks I had seen? I didn’t answer and he said that I must have only seen my husband’s. I said that wasn’t true and he talked me into saying that I had only seen two (my husband’s and my first proper boyfriend’s).As he pulled up to drop me off at home, he said that if I wanted to, I could look at cock number three after my next swim. I just laughed it off and said he was funny for joking like that. When I got into my flat, I was shaking with nerves, relief, anticipation, curiosity and arousal. I wanted to see cock number three.

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