I was at Corey’s Adult Videos in Oakland on Sunday night, the one on Telegraph Avenue, and I was in a booth completely nude except for a pair of high heels and my hair teased up high with lots of hair spray! I was wearing red lipstick too – Revlon’s Fire and Ice! A really handsome Latino guy came in for a blow job. Sus! He was so buff! He had a shave head and LOTS of tatoos and muscles! He looked like a body builder, uy! I felt all over his muscley body as he sucked on my tits. I kept thinking what would my Filipina wife Dani say if she could see me right now? Then I got down in a sexy squat on my 5-inch high heels and sucked his gnarly cock. The more I sucked him off the hornier he was getting. His cock was so rigid and veiny! Ayaw! Puta ko! He started making noises and pushing my head deeper down on his cock. From the corner of my eye I could see some meyn out in the hallway watching from a wide crack in the wall of the booth. I didn’t even care! It even made me feel hornier to know I was putting on a show for them.

Then my guapo El Salvadoran cupped my bobbing skull and pushed my head all the way down so that my nose was pressed up against his pubic hair and I felt the head of his cock up against the back of my throat. I tried to fight off the gag reflex, but I retched loudly and just then he groaned loudly and flooded my throat with cum. I couldn’t help it, I retched really loudly, and I heard one of the guys watching say: “OH WOW!” I swallowed all of his cum! I felt like such a bayot puta! SUS! Bayota ko, Dai!

Well, I can’t help it – I’m SUCH a sissy! I love prancing around in front of black men in nothing but a skimpy black string bikini, 5-inch high heels, a blonde wig, and some hot red lipstick on. It makes me feel like a really feminine babae! And why shouldn’t I be a babae?

After the sexy Latino left it got quiet for a while. I checked my phone; it was only 3:30 p.m. I got bored so I walked around the arcade, checking out the empty booths. I do this every night, because I find all sorts of stuff in those booths. Mainly I’m looking for video cards that still have money on them. A lot of guys go in there and start watchin a vid, and they jerk off and cum quickly. A lot of them just leave the card on the bench. I pick up every card I see and stick them in my clutch purse. Because I’m so horny and there’s no cock to suck, I also have my eye open for used condoms. I also collect everyone of these I find, because I like to take them back to my booth and suck the cum out of them. Then I line them up on the video machine. Sometimes I even get down and lap cum up off the floor! Anyway, I took my cards and rubbers back to my booth and went through the cards one by one, discarding the empties. I stripped off my bikini and was sitting in the booth watching a porno, when I heard the buzzer that indicates someone has entered the arcade. I had the door to my booth open about a quarter of the way, and I could hear the guy walking around the arcade. So I sat up straight and arched my back and crossed my sexy legs up high – and I waited.

I heard the footsteps approaching, then saw his shadow. Then I saw him, a black guy. He was wearing a wife beater t-shirt and Nike shorts. He looked at me for a second before going away. I was so disappointed as I heard his footsteps growing fainter. Then I heard him go into a booth, and a porno came on. I swallowed my pride; if he won’t come to me, I’ll go to him. There was no one else in the arcade, so I walked naked to his booth. The door was cracked! I opened it a little and looked in. He was sitting on the bench, his wife beater pulled up behind his head, and he was playing with his cock – his BIG cock! He glanced up at me. “Want some company?” I asked.

He looked at me and nodded. I was so excited as I entered the booth, closing the door behind me. “Mmmm, sweet cock, honey!” I gushed. “Can I suck it?”

“Maybe in a while,” he said, stroking it. Oh fuck but I wanted him badly and he knew it!

“Please, baby – just let me get it wet – I’ll treat you right, sweet man,” I begged. He reached up and ran his hands over my bare legs. “You like ’em honey? Are they nice and silky?” I asked him – “Like a womman’s?”

“How ’bout a lap dance?” he said, patting his lap. I eagerly turned and began wiggling my ass, but he said, “No, I want you to face me!”

When I was on his lap, I felt his hands cupping my bare buttocks. My face was very close to his, and I leaned close to kiss him. He had these beautiful thick lips and we kissed. I was sucking on his lips, and I felt his cock jump, and he slid his tongue into my mouth, and as we made out, I ground his cock with my ass. I raised my hips and grabbed his cock, inserting the head into the lips of my anus, and forced it into my fuck hole. He groaned as it sank into me – balls deep. I kicked off my high heels and put my bare feet on the bench and began squat fucking him, and we fucked. Then I heard him grunt loudly, and I felt my bowels flooding with cum. My legs were shaking from the position I was in, and I sank down, his dick buried in my ass, and rested on his chest. “Oh, darling – that was wonderful!” I whispered. “Did you like it?”

“Yeah, it was great, baby, he said, as I raised up off of him, his semi hardon slipping from my cunt. I put my feet on the floor and got down between his hairy legs to suck and nibble his cock. “Like a rat on cheese,” he said!

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