How My Physics Teacher Tasted Me – Part I

How My Physics Teacher Tasted Me – Part I

24 years of age. This happened 5 years back when I was in school. My figure is 36-30-38. I am tall thin and fair with medium length straight hair and cat eyes. I used to get quite a few proposals from guys. My parents had a transfer and so I had to shift my school and had to join in a new school for my 11th standard. And this was the reason why I was above 18 and still doing schooling. I was in science group. And I was also an average student. My new school was nice good campus with good friends and also teachers who were all nice to me except my physics teacher. From the very first day he always kept starring at me during Class and also whenever I came across him elsewhere. And when I asked my friends about him they told me he is a nice person and also a good teacher and nothing to complain about him. He was in his early forties who was married with two k**s but he was quite fit for his age with a good physique tall and also a little dark with a French beard.

So this starring went on for a couple of days after which I got used to after a few days. After about 3 months we had our quarterly exam and also our lab exam so we all had to submit our records. But I was sick for a few days and could not finish my work on time. By the time I finished it; all my friends had submitted and the deadline was over. So; I was very scared and upset thinking how I’m going to get it signed but then my friends told me to go meet my sir alone and explain the situation to him. I was a little scared to do that but in the end had to because I didn’t have a choice. So I went to the gent’s staff room that day during our lunch break to meet sir. But he was having lunch and told me to come in the evening after school and not to the staff room but to the physics lab. I said ok and left.

In the evening I went to the lab after school. At first nobody was there and I waited for around 10 to 15mins. As I thought to leave my sir came and asked the assistant to go to the library and get a few books for reference. So now it was only me and my sir in the whole lab. He then sat down and asked me also to sit and asked me what my problem is. I explained to him what my problem is. The whole time he was starring at my boobs. Our school uniform was a salwar because it was a conservative school. But I use to wear my salwar in a tight fitting way like Hansika in Singham 2 and even on that day I had worn it the same way. It was a white top with blue shawl and pant with white bra and panties. And after hearing everything he was silent for some time and then said that if he doesn’t mind helping me as I am a good and obedient student. But if I want his help I must do something for him in return. I was confused and dint know what to say or react. Finally he got up from his chair and came near me and put his hand on my shoulders and asked if I still can’t understand. I said no and then he came close to my face and lifted my face and planted a kiss on my cheek. I was too shocked to react he took advantage of this situation and kissed me on the lips. I immediately pushed him away and got angry and started screaming at him using words etc. But he very calmly said ” Nisha darling there is no use in shouting at me I just want to enjoy your body. Give that to me and I will do everything for you till you leave this school. Instead if you try to complain or anything then it’s your wish because I have more respect in this school; also among other teachers and also the principal so no one will believe you and I will say that you were trying to misbehave to get your work done with me.” He said that and started laughing. I had tears in my eyes and didn’t know what to do. He came near me and hugged me I didn’t move and kissed me again but this time it was more deeper and passionate. I did not respond he got angry again and said “don’t you want to leave this school with a good name and grade?? ”

I shook my head and then he said” give me your tongue.” I gave him my tongue and he kissed me for the next 10 minutes. Then broke the kiss and went and closed the lab door. Our lab is located in such a way that no one can see from outside and also if someone comes we can hear before they come.then he came close to me and lifted me and carried me and placed me on the desk. He said” I was waiting for this day and I wanted to have you from the first day I saw you.” I dint say anything so he again started kissing me and this time was Pressing and fondling with my boobs on top. Then all of a sudden he caught the hem of my salwar top and lifted it up without any warning. He also lifted it above my head and threw it down on the floor and then my huge boobs came into view. He was surprised and shocked and happy seeing it and said wow and the next minute I became very shy and covered my boobs with my hands.

My boobs were very huge compared to the rest of my body and even the bra I was wearing was a size or two smaller than my actual size. So most of my boobs were popping out covering only my nipples. He took my hand out and kind of laughed saying ” baby your bra is too small looks like it will burst open any minute; so buy a bigger size.” I dint say anything and just looked away in embarrassment. And I again covered my boobs with my hands across my chest. He again took my hand away and this time lifted it above my head. I did not shave my armpits cause I was never still used to it he saw that and went wild saying I love your armpits and also it was drenched with my own sweat and he Said it will look better shaved and I said I am still not used to it and he said” I will help you cause I want it shaved when I taste you” and he started to sniff it. And I said please stop it stinks and he said this smell is divine and one of god’s gift for a male is a female’s natural body scent.

He kept sniffing it for some time and then licking it and ten suddenly we heard some noise like somebody was coming. He quickly told me to get up and wear my top and I did it and correctly we were pretending to discuss something when the assistant entered with the book. Sir came close to me casually like he is explaining something and asked me did you shave your pussy or not. I was very shy and shook my head saying no and have said that he wants a gift from me before going home. He told me he will take the assistant out for 5 mins and show him something and in the meantime he wanted me to go near some old racks in the lab and take out my panties and give it to him. I was shocked and said no and he asked why. Again I said no; and this time he got a little angry and asked why. Then I said already due to all your activities my panties have become fully wet; and if I remove that also then the wetness will show on my pant right. So what if someone notices or sees. He laughed at this and that’s y he wants my precious panty to smell my taste my wetness. He said not to worry and that he will give me some filter paper from the lab. So I can keep that between my pant and pussy so that it will absorb all the wetness. I then had no other go and said ok. He then went took the paper and tore little and gave me. Then assistant and went outside. Then I went behind those old racks and removed my pant and also my panties. My panties had become transparent due to my wetness and it was almost soaked. I removed that and kept the paper folded and put back my pant. He came to the front and after 2 mins he entered with the assistant he then sent him to another corner to get something for him.

He immediately grabbed the wet panties from my hand and took one quick sniff and put it inside his pocket. And said thank you darling and asked whether I have hair on my pussy. To which I said yes; he then said then its ok no problem. He added we will have to get rid of that also he said you don’t worry and just relax and I will do everything for you. I just smiled and didn’t say anything for that. Then he said now you can leave but b ready tomorrow as I am sending the assistant on duty to another school and so we will have the whole evening after school to ourselves. I smiled back at him and left home. . . . !!!


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