Friend And Brother Help Sister

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Friend And Brother Help Sister

This story dates back to my college days.

My both parents were working but we lived on modest income like typical middle-class family. I had one younger sister. I was in the final year, sister was in a 1st year and our colleges were morning shift. Both of us were home by 12 noon when our parents were already gone. I used to solve difficulties of my sister in her studies. The whole afternoon was left to us bro and sis duo. My name is Sunil. Sister is called Anita. I had a very thick buddy (even now we are very close) whose name is Arun. Anita had a voluptuous body. All boys found her sexy and fuckable. To tell the truth, I also lusted for my sister.
Arun was from a very rich family. He wore excellent clothes, shoes to match and used to come to college on the bike. Sometimes he would bring his dad’s car if he could manage. Our friendship surprised many as we were from so diverse backgrounds. Truth was, I tutored him in his studies also, which he realised all the time.

One thing common to both of us was that both of us were very horny. We discussed girls, sex all the time. In fact, it was an obsession. Nobody was left out from our imagination, be it an aunty in neighborhood, a sexy girl, Bhabhi, cousin. Even your own sister. Anita had a well-developed body who could excite young and old. Though Arun said nothing, but he had hots for Anita and given a half chance, he would get into her pants.

One day, when we were alone in my home, Arun told me that sexy thoughts are driving him crazy and he must have sex now or at least he should at least get a chance to see a girls pussy.
I told him “I can’t show you a pussy but I can give you a chance to sniff a pussy.”

“How” –Arun.
“Just say yes or no” –Me.
“Yes, Yes, Yes. Ok, I am dying to sniff actual pussy.”-Arun.
“Ok. Close your eyes, and wait.” He obeyed. I went to the bathroom where I had carefully hid Anita’s unwashed underwear, fetched it and brought it out. It had a nice damp spot where it stuck to Anita’s pussy. I smelt it. The pussy aroma was intoxicating. What the hell was I doing? I was making my sisters underwear available to my friend to sniff! It made my cock hard. I took the undies near Arun’s nose. “ Now take a long breath.” Arun did just that. In an instant, he recognized the pungent sexy smell of a pussy. He opened the eyes, saw the underwear and smelled it several times, touched it where the pussy might be.
“ Anita’s underwear I bet?”

“Oh. I’m so hard, I need a release. I would have fucked her now even if she is your sister.”
And something struck him. “ Oh Sunil, you too? I mean you also want to fuck her? Anita, your own sister?’

“You are my friend. I will not lie to you. Yes, Arun. I too want to fuck my own sister. Let’s think and do something.” So we planned. A middle-class girl Anita was showered with gifts such as Cadbury, scents, does, toiletries, daily by Arun. We played a game. I passed on a Cadbury to Arun and Anita was supposed to stand in between and catch it mid air. Arun could do everything to prevent her from getting her prized catch. When I passed Cadbury, Arun held her from behind. His hard cock pressed into her ass. When Arun passed it on towards me, it was my turn to grab her from behind and poke my cock in her ass. Sometimes, we brought porn books depicting very high-quality photographs of men and women having sex. It was left at a place where she could see when we were not in the room. We were sure that Anita too wanted sex but how to break the ice was a big question.
And the opportunity came knocking.

One day I and Arun got late at college and reached my home at about 2 pm. Anita opened the door and let us in. She looked in pain.
“Not well Anita?” I asked.
“ No. I’m alright,” said she.

But for next one hour, she was uncomfortable. Three times, she went to the washroom, on the bed also she was squirming, looked uncomfortable.
She then called me “ Dada (she called me dada-big brother), please come to my room.”

I asked Arun to wait in the hall and I went inside. “ Yes Anita, what happened? You are not comfortable. Tell me why?”
Anita said, “I am so ashamed to say to you but I have no option. I need some help from you. And promise me you won’t tell anybody. Especially Mom.”

“Ok dear sister, now shoot. You are taking too long. I will see how best I can help.”

“ The thing is, today I saw that porn magazine. I was excited a lot. So I inserted a long brinjal (egg plant) in there.”
“Where?” Though I had already guessed that she had put it in her pussy all the way.

“Here. Inside my panties. In my private part.”
“ So now what? What is the problem?” I asked.
“The small stem of the brinjal broke while I was playing and the brinjal has stuck inside. It is not paining right now, but if I don’t remove, it will be a big problem. I can’t tell Mom. You are my brother. I am sharing a secret. Please help.” Anita pleaded.

Oh, what a chance! Now all cards were in my hands. I could very shortly see my sisters pussy, play with it, maybe fucking her too!. But externally I continued to be serious.

“ Ok, sis. Lie down on the bed.” I upped her skirt. She had already removed her panties. I was now looking at the sexiest scene I had ever laid my eyes on; my sexy sisters pussy. It was surrounded by pussy hair. Pussy lips were little swollen. I touched her full thighs, caressed inner thighs, lower stomach, groin area and kissed her pussy gently. I then saw up. Anita had closed her eyes. I gently kissed her on lips. Her lips tasted sweetest. She kept lips closed. But opening them a little after a while, allowing me to kiss her open mouthed.
I murmured,” Anita, you are beautiful!. I love you very much.” My cock was so hard now, it made a tent in my pants. I took her hand to my crotch.” See what you have done there to him. Promise me, Anita, you will do as I say, or will allow me to do what I want after I help you.”
“What do I have to do?”

“Oh ! Believe me. Whatever it is, it won’t hurt you. I am your brother. On the contrary, it will be most pleasurable to you. You will enjoy”
“Ok. I believe you. I will do what you say. But don’t tell Arun.”
“ I will not. Unless his help is required.”

I now asked Anita to remove the skirt. She obliged. She spread her thighs again. I looked at her pussy and spread her pussy lips. The object was not visible. Probably has got in a little deep. I dipped my finger in oil and inserted in her cunt. Now the finger barely touched the foreign object lodged in her pussy. Due to fright, her pussy had gone dry. That’s why the brinjal could not come out. I licked her pussy and then I applied some more oil to inside pussy walls. I told her that it is most important to relax her pussy and let pussy juices flow to lubricate it. The only way to do that was to excite her, relax her. I kissed her a lot. I removed her top freeing her boobs. Her boobs were erect, full and lovely. I pressed them and sucked on her nipples.
“Dada, what are you doing? The pain is inside, but you are touching my boobs.”

“ Anita, enjoy the kiss. Enjoy sex. That way your pussy will relax and it will help to take out the piece stuck up inside.” Slowly, Anita started enjoying the kiss and moaned when I sucked her boobs.
Suddenly, I heard Arun calling me from outside.

“Hello Sunil, any problem? I am getting bored. Does Anita need any help yaar?”

I told Anita that I will just calm him down and come back. I came into the hall, carefully closing the bedroom door and briefed Arun about the whole episode. I assured him that given a chance, we both will fuck her today. “Just cooperate,” I told him and went inside.
“Will he come here?” Anita asked.
“No. Take my word. Unless I need him.”

I continued my probe of her pussy. I stretched her pussy lips by two fingers and tried to grab the brinjal. I caught it but thought this was a chance to involve Arun. I told Anita “ I can touch it now, but unless you keep your pussy stretched open, I can’t remove it. Anita tried with her hands but I deliberately told her “ It doesn’t help. You cant see in your pussy, which position I want. There is only one way. I will call Arun. I will take him in confidence.” Having said that, I went outside.

Called Arun. Explained my plan. And took him inside. Arun saw naked Anita and gasped. He had instant hard on. I glanced at him and indicated him to take things as they unfold. He understood.
“ Hi Anita, I am here to help. I will not tell anybody. Let’s solve the problem” Arun assured. This relaxed Anita a lot. Now, I and Arun got on with the job.

“Keep the pussy lips stretched with your fingers,” I told Arun, who gladly followed. I then inserted my oiled fingers in her vagina. A little more inside and I caught hold of the brinjal without the stem. I gripped it and slowly took it out. I triumphantly showed it to Anita. She was hugely relieved.

I told her “I want to kiss and say thank you to the place from where this went in and came out.” So I kissed her pussy. I started lapping her pussy. Arun was not far behind. He kissed her full on lips and said to her “ I wanted this for ages Anita. You are the sexiest girl in the whole town.” He kneaded her boobs. He sucked on her nipples and went back again to kiss her mouth. Arun and I now shed our clothes and were now standing stark naked. Our cocks stood erect.

“Hey, what are you doing? Why are you naked?” said Anita but her eyes never left our erections.

“You promised that you will allow me to do whatever I wished and wanted. That was the deal to help you and not tell Mom. But Anita, we promise, you will like what we do. And certainly, it won’t hurt you.”
I was the first to mount my sister who was lying naked on the bed. I kissed her a lot. I kissed, sucked her breasts, nipples, navel and her pussy mound. I spent a considerable time in licking her pussy, her clit till she relaxed and started moaning. I then slowly inserted my cock in her pussy. The cock surprisingly was going in smoothly probably because of oil applied earlier. It was first fuck, so for Anita’s sake, it was better that there was not much resistance. The pleasure of first fuck was immense, compounded by the fact that I was actually fucking my own sister!.

I continued my strokes, in out in out and also kissed her passionately. Anita was now responding. Her moans increased.

“Oh sweetheart sister, I’m in heaven. You are so lovely. I can’t control now”. Having said that, my cock twitched and I started cumming. It was unplanned fuck, so no condoms. I deposited huge cum in my sisters pussy on every thrust. My cum hitting her pussy walls triggered her orgasm. She came heavily. Her pussy was convulsing and gripping my cock. After a while, both of us calmed down and we laid side by side. It was a sight to watch Anita. She was lying stark naked on her back, satiated by a hard fuck and her brother’s cum oozing from her cunt.

I eased out from the bed. Arun took my place on the bed. His cock was raised sky high. He gently pushed Anita towards him and kissed her. A new body was pressed against her. New warm lips were kissing her. And a new hard cock was nudging at her pussy. My cum was still oozing from her pussy. He now straightened her on her back and was kissing my sister with urgency. His cock was hitting her pubic area and easily found the target. My cum had already lubricated the vagina. Arun’s cock easily slid into Anita’s pussy. He was little thicker and the pussy stretched a bit. In a way, it was good for both fuckers. Anita’s pussy awakened to a new cock fucking her. The kiss was also different. Arun changed position now. He laid on back and Anita was now in a woman in the top position. This gave her control in fucking Arun’s cock. She was going up down on his cock. Anita’s ass was a treat to my eyes. I approached her from the back and separated her ass-cheeks. There it was: the pink tight ass hole of my sister. I licked it.

“Ssssssssss, ouch.” Exclaimed Anita. My licking increased slowly. Now I was licking her behind from her asshole up to the root of Arun’s cock which was a fucking pussy in out in out.

I inserted my tongue in her ass-hole. This was now too much for Anita. Her brother’s tongue in her ass and brothers friend fucking her pussy brought her second orgasm of the day. My tongue could feel her ass-hole contracting. Her orgasm triggered Arun’s orgasm too. He came panting and shot his cum in my sisters no longer virgin pussy.
The three of us now lay exhausted. The bed-sheet was a mess. Two huge doses of cum stained it.

The clock inched towards 5. Arun had to leave. He got up, dressed and left like an innocent friend. Anita locked herself in the bathroom. There was a lot of cleaning to do. I dressed and was looking to fuck filled future.

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