First time with a girl


First time with a girlDo you remember your first? I do. I knew my stepsister was on birth control. I had heard the conversations between parents and saw the pill container in the bathroom. She had been going out every Friday and Saturday night and most of the time would sit out in her date’s car at the end of our driveway for a while until about 2 seconds before her curfew. Try as I might I could never see into the car with my binoculars, but not from lack of trying. Debbie, or Deb as we all called her was in her prime. Her hair was long, ten miles high (it was the 80’s), and usually styled perfectly. She had sexy long natural nails that she cared for constantly. Her breasts were full and large for her size and build. It was all I could do to keep my friends away from her. I once walked into the bathroom to my buddy jacking off into a pair of her panties! She had been dating often and was about to give my father a heart attack. We had been growing closer and she had given me my second blow job (first by a woman) just a couple days earlier. Two days earlier – We were home alone and she caught me rubbing her silky thong underwear while I was folding the laundry. She thought it was funny and started teasing me. She walked by and grabbed my shorts and pulled them down to my knees in one quick motion and ran down the hall giggling. Well, I was aroused and the elastic waistband caught on my erection and I thought my dick was broken off. I dropped to my knees grabbing myself and curled up into the fetal position. She came back in with tears in her eyes from laughing. She tried to console me, but I was too busy covering my cock with my hands while my shorts were around my ankles. “You’re excited aren’t you” she said still giggling. I was angry and told her to go away. “Awwww” she said and moved my hands and grabbed my cock. “Let me see” she said as she ran her nails lightly down its length. I’m not sure how I didn’t shoot right there and then but my shrinking erection suddenly sprang back to life. She gripped my cock and ever so slowly began stroking it. “Lay back” she said and I didn’t waste a second moving flat onto my back. She took my cock into her mouth and slowly started sucking me off. “You’re bigger than I thought” she said while switching from sucking to stroking. I reached over and fondled her breasts. Her nipples were erect and her tits hung straight down in her tshirt for me to enjoy. As she continued to suck me off I moved from her tits down to her crotch. She spread her legs a little wider so that I could get my fingers in to explore. Her pussy was soaked and my first finger slid right in. “MMMMMmm “she moaned. “More fingers” she said, and I obliged by slipping two more fingers into her hot snatch. I was amazed at how hot and wet it was. I must have been very amazed because right after that I began to orgasm. izmir escort She took the first pulse into her mouth and then lifted her head for the rest, letting my cum land on her lips and onto my belly. She coughed a little then started to laugh “Ahhahaha” she giggled. I lay there while my cock continued to spasm a little. Deb reached over and grabbed a tshirt from the laundry. She moved up and kissed my lips, then slipped her tongue into my mouth. I could taste my cum and feel it smeared onto my lips. She pulled away and began to wipe her face clean. “Do you feel better now”? She asked. “Does it still hurt?”. I just laid there afraid to answer. “Did you like it?” she asked again. “Yea” I managed to stutter. I had never experienced such an intense orgasm while masturbating. I was in shock. You better get up and dressed before dad gets home she said. She stood up, wiped her hands with the t shirt and dropped it onto my face. I took the cum soaked shirt and cleaned off my face and cock. Deb went to the bathroom, cleaned up and continued throughout the day as usual. I didn’t know what to think!Two days later at about 11:30 Deb’s date’s car pulled into our long driveway. I had been watching and waiting for her to return. After our encounter two days before I was somewhat confused but hoping for a repeat performance. I sat on my bed slowly rubbing my cock to an old issue of Hustler that I had “borrowed” from my dad’s closet, all the while watching the brake lights of the car at the end of the driveway. I recognized the car as Jimmy’s. Jimmy was one of Deb’s more frequent dates and I knew that they were having sex. After what seemed like eternity the car started moving and pulled up to the house. Mom and dad were asleep downstairs and I watched Deb walk around to the driver’s door of Jimmy’s car and give him long passionate kiss. I threw the magazine under my bed and tried my best to hide my erection in my pajamas. I heard Deb close the door behind her. Take off her shoes and jacket and come up stairs. She was heading for the bathroom when she spied me sitting watching TV. “You’re still up huh?” she asked. “Yea, why” I replied. She stepped into my room. She was wearing a faded denim skirt that my father would never have approved of, stockings with heals, and a lace top that showed her shoulders. “I dunno, just figured you would be asleep by now” she said while sitting on the bed beside me. She leaned over and pressed her lips against mine and we began to kiss. The bulge in my pants grew and Deb reached down and began rubbing it through my pajamas. Her breath smelled like beer and cigarettes. “Have you been drinking?” I pulled away and asked. “And sucking and fucking and smoking too!” she fired back with a wicked smile. Deb then pulled off her shirt and undid her bra. Her perfect tits fell out of the cups and into my full escort izmir view. To this day they are the best set of tits I can ever remember touching. I stood there almost afraid of what to do next. Deb leaned down and began giving me another blow job. She cupped my balls with her hand and squeezed a little. I could hardly contain myself. Her perfectly manicured fingernail reached back and touched my ass hole. I pulled back and out of her mouth, again she giggled. I did not like the control that she had over me, but at the same time I LOVED it. “Have you ever went down on a girl” she asked me. “Uh….um….” I stuttered and was afraid to answer the question. She knew the answer, I hadn’t. In fact the only other encounters that I had up to that point was with my cousin Dan and once me and my buddy watching each other jack off. Deb pulled her skirt around and unzipped it. It fell to the floor and she was wearing a black garter belt with black stocking. She laid back on the bed and bent her finger, motioning me to come closer. I did and she gently placed her hand on the back of my head and pulled it into her pussy. Her pussy had a strong musty aroma and was soaking wet. The insides of her legs were somewhat sticky. She placed her other hand on the back of my head and started coaching me. “lick it up and down nice and slow” she instructed. I used my tongue and ran it up and down her soaked pussy. She removed one hand from my head and spread her swollen pussy lips with her fingers. “Right there” she said as I focused on her clit. “Back and forth, up and down” she said. I had only ever watched someone eating pussy in a porn vid, but I was quickly learning how she liked her pussy eaten. “That’s how it’s done” she whispered. “I need to have you show Jimmy how to do it” she said. I was happy to be between her legs, but couldn’t help but taste what I thought was semen. I had tasted my own before and recognized the flavor between her legs. As I was beginning to wonder if I was enjoying Jimmy’s cum from Deb’s pussy she confirmed my suspicions. “Can you taste Jimmy down there” she asked? “Uh what” I asked, but already knew the answer. “Jimmy cums inside me when we fuck” she said between deep breaths. I knew, and the thought made it that much more exciting for me. “Don’t you make him wear a rubber?” I sheepishly asked already knowing the answer. “No, he won’t and I’m on the pill so it’s OK” she replied as I continued to lick the area that was getting her off. I was enjoying her pussy and Jimmy’s cream pie as Deb arched her back and began grinding her pussy into my face and then suddenly stopped. “Lay down” she said pulling away from my face. I laid back onto the bed and she straddled my face. She rode my face like a cowgirl. Both of her hands were pulling my hair as she ground her cunt harder into my mouth. At some points I was izmir escort bayan gasping for air, but refused to stop licking. Deb stopped and laid down on top of me. She kissed my pussy soaked lips and ran her tongue along the outline of my lips cleaning her (and Jimmy’s) juices off of my face. She wiggled down and without even grabbing it with her hands worked my hard cock inside her pussy. She immediately went into overdrive and pumped me hard and fast. Her pussy was soaked but very tight. I remember feeling concerned that she may dislocate my dick from it’s socket as she pulled up and off on each long stroke. She grabbed my chest and dug her beautiful long nails into my flesh. At the time I didn’t feel a thing. The only thing that I felt was her pussy wrapped tight around my shaft. She sped up and dug her nails tighter into me. Her amazing breasts were violently getting whipped up and down to their fullest extension. Just as I was about to explode she tightened up. Her head flew back and she about ripped the skin off of my chest as she orgasmed. I was afraid that she would wake our parents and gave her a “shush” but she just smiled and didn’t seem to care. She collapsed, rolled off, and laid beside me. “Oh my fucking god” she said while trying to catch her breath. “I’ve never had my pussy eaten like that before!” she said. She faced me while laying on her side and rubbed my cock. It was still very wet and sticky. “I can’t believe you ate my pussy after Jimmy came in it” she whispered into my ear. “Umm me neither” I said while lying there wondering what to do next. “Do you want to fuck me” she asked as she tightened her grip on my cock. “Do you want to cum in my pussy too”? She said before I could even answer her first question. “Cum in my pussy and you can clean that one out too” she followed up almost immediately. It was clear to me that this was turning her on BIGTIME. I got up and she laid back on the bed. I wish I could brag about how long I lasted, but considering the situation I lasted all of about a minute until I started cumming deep into her pussy. With every spasm I thrust as deep as I could into her hot pussy until I was finished. I slowly pulled out and lay beside Deb on the bed. She reached down and played with her pussy a little, sliding her fingers in and out to stir it up a little. “Open up” she said as she moved her cum covered fingers to my mouth. I opened my mouth, closed my eyes and sucked her fingers clean. I opened my eyes and Deb was staring at me with that dirty evil little smile. She moved back, and spread her legs. “Wanna clean it up?” she asked. I buried my head between her legs again and finished my job. It was nothing like going down on her before. She laid there calmly as I lapped up and down her pussy with my tongue, but I guess this was a little more about me and not about her at that point. After a few minutes Deb pulled back, kissed me and went into the bathroom and started the shower. I played cleanup crew a few times after that, maybe I’ll get around to writing about it, but you never forget your first.

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