Fine Arts Theatre in Asheville, NC


Fine Arts Theatre in Asheville, NC
When I was young, barely eighteen, a co-worker and I hit some of the bars in Asheville. After we’d had a few drinks and got bored with the bar scene we decided to check out the Fine Arts theatre. It was a seedy porno theatre, the kind of place you didn’t want to be seen walking into by anyone you knew. As we sat there watching low quality porn flicks I started noticing that guys kept walking up and down the aisles way more than usual, especially considering there was no concession stand. I also noticed that some of them seemed to be looking at me and glancing from my eyes to my crotch. I was pretty naive, I had only sucked a couple cocks at that point in my life, but even I knew what these men wanted. I have to admit my cock was throbbing and I was enjoying being the center of attention of all of these older men. My friend was as straight as guys get so I didn’t dare let him catch me checking these guys out but I did manage to sneak peaks at their crotches as they walked by. One man in particular caught my attention. He was a big, burly guy, probably 6’5″, 300 lbs, and the outline of his huge cock was clearly visible through his tight jeans. He walked by several times very slowly and squeezed his bulge while staring at me.I wanted to follow him to the men’s room but that wasn’t an option since my friend was there. These guys were becoming more brazen after they noticed me checking them out and I started worrying that my friend would notice so I suggested we leave, saying the place was starting to creep me out.

I couldn’t wait to get home and jerk off. I fantasized about all of those men leering at me and about dropping to my knees and sucking them all but mostly, I fantasized about the big man with the huge bulge. I couldn’t wait to get back to the Fine Arts theatre alone! As you probably guessed, I didn’t have to wait long. The following Saturday night I found myself paying my admission and nervously taking my seat near the back. Once my eyes adjusted to the dark I could see the constant parade of older men walking up the aisle. They would rub themselves and stare at my cock as they went by. Some of them sat near me when they came back. I’ve never been as desired as I seemed to be that night. I guess they didn’t young, fresh meat there very often. I was disappointed to find that the tall, hung man wasn’t there that evening, though. Oh well, after a while I had to piss and I was anxious to check out the men’s room. It was in the basement down a long flight of stairs (hard to believe in today’s world). The bathroom was busy, everyone was washing their hands or drying their hands, trying to look as normal as possible. My heart was pounding and frankly, I was terrified. I pissed quickly and made my way back to my seat. After I calmed down I started enjoying the movie and rubbing my hard cock through my jeans. Before long I came in my underwear and hurried home after my hard on went away. I felt dirty and gross about the whole thing and swore to myself never to go back there again.

The following Saturday night I found myself paying my admission to the Fine Arts again. I couldn’t get the image of the men’s room and all of those men smiling at me out of my mind. This time as soon as my eyes adjusted I went straight downstairs to the bathroom. It wasn’t crowded like before, there were only a couple other guys there. I went into one of the stalls to giving my hard on a couple strokes but one of the guys asked me if I wanted a blowjob. I said “sure” and he followed me, immediately dropping to his knees and unbuttoning my jeans. His mouth felt so good on my aching cock – he was clearly an expert cock sucker. I wasn’t ready to cum so I asked him if I could suck his cock. He stood up and pulled his out. I dropped to my knees and feverishly started sucking. I was in heaven. In no time I felt the spasms and tasted his cum in my mouth. I was an inexperienced rookie and immediately spit it out. He zipped up and left but as soon as he walked out another man walked in. Without asking he dropped to his knees and sucked me off, swallowing my load. It was one of the most enjoyable blowjobs I’ve had, even to this day. I drove home feeling guilty and swearing never to go back there again.

The next Saturday night I was back. I guess the other men got the word that I was cool, and they quit the hand washing charade. I quickly became one of the regulars and sucked off dozens of cocks in that glorious, smelly bathroom over the next few months. Sadly, I only saw the tall, hung man one other time. He pissed beside me at the urinals and allowed me to massage his monster but he wouldn’t let me suck him. To this day he had the biggest white cock I’ve ever seen or felt in person.

Eventually, I got a steady girlfriend that took all my time and my visits to the Fine Arts stopped. Soon after that I heard that it closed and was being remodeled into a playhouse. Too bad. Some of my fondest memories are of being on my knees in that old musty theatre.

Did anyone else visit there in the 80’s? Tell me your story!


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