Episode 88: Copenhagen Conference


Episode 88: Copenhagen Conference
Author’s Note
This story is part of a mini-series that started with a little girl called Grace going shopping with her Dad for a new black bikini in Episode 83.

No characters in this episode are real except for Alia (sorry babe – only a brief mention) and Lola G-spot (who might be able to read it if she ever gets her PC working properly).

All events are purely the result of my warped imagination.

At the time of writing, I believe that no SexBots are quite as advanced as Suchi – we wait in hope.

Session One
“Good Morning delegates – I hope you have all recovered from last night’s pre-conference party, I know I enjoyed it”.

The Sex Therapy conference session in Copenhagen was underway, led by Professor Lola G-spot.

The conference organisers had listened to complaints from last year that the room layout of straight rows of chairs with a podium out front had been much too formal. This year Lola perched on the edge of a huge white leather bed on a raised stage surrounded on all sides by the delegates sprawled, mostly half-dressed, on sofas or bean bags. A vast screen sat behind the bed displaying scenes of beautiful couples having sex on the beach or just relaxing in each other’s arms. Soft, erotic music played whilst Lola waited for everyone to settle.

“I hope you are all wearing your CtoA masturbators, I want you to keep your thighs tightly closed. I know that’s going to be hard for some of you, but it’s important to stop them vibrating for now”.

Legs were crossed and the buzz of conversation gradually died away.

“Now this first session is all about Chastity, which might seem an odd place to start a conference on Sex Therapy, but bear with me. I’d like to introduce my lovely assistant Mandy – some of you may remember her from last night – I’m hoping everyone will get the chance to get intimate over the next 3 days. Mandy come up here and show us your chastity belt”.

Mandy walked up to the front, swaying her bare hips from side to side, showing off the tightly locked metal belt that held her genitals completely inaccessible from front and back. She sat down next to Lola; the nipple clamp chains rustling gently as her gorgeous breasts rose and fell. They kissed – the audience smiled and several hands disappeared beneath skirts or inside tops.

“Stand Up babe”, then to the delegates “what many people don’t realise is that this device is descended from medieval times and is designed to cause pain as well as enforce chastity”.

Mandy removed the small shiny key from the choke chain around her neck and unlocked the belt, laying the chromed metal waist band behind her. Few delegates were prepared for the length and girth of the bumpy metal dildo Mandy extracted from her vagina attached to the shiny cuntal strap. It came out slowly, coated in her natural juices, which Lola licked clean.

“Now that, ladies and gentleman, is a traditional chastity belt modelled by my friend Mandy, but now we are going to show you another way.”

The screen behind the bed flickered into a live Skype session, showing the bare top half of a well tanned blonde teenager sitting up in bed:

“Hi Mom – can you see us OK” called Sam, waving enthusiastically.

“Hello baby girl”, then to the delegates “this is my daughter Samantha and she is going to talk us through the results from the Exeter research group into the masturbators you’re all wearing”.

Sam: “So – our task was to experiment with the Cunt-to-Ass devices you should all have buzzing away inside you and find out why they interact with each other”.

Sam stopped talking for a moment, looking down the bed to the blonde head between her legs “could you stop that for a moment – it’s putting me off. How can I concentrate on talking to the Professor when you’re sucking my cunt”?

The HD camera panned down to show Sam’s long legs wrapped around Mary’s face, clearly eating her out: “Hi Lola” called Mary “hope you don’t mind, but your daughter has the tastiest pussy lips”.

Sam: “she’s good, but not as good as you Mom – you make me cum so hard”.

Lola: “Uh baby – we shouldn’t really be talking about the ‘I’ word here – some delegates might not approve”

“What I-N-C-E-S-T Mommy? You never said that’s what we were doing; I thought it needed penetration – like when we use that fat double-ended dildo”.

Lola, laughing nervously: “Baby just tell us about the experimental results – why makes the CtoA slow down – Mandy here needs to know”.

Sam: “OK – so here’s the video we made earlier – I’ll talk you through it. There’s Dale – the black stud and Matt – the IT geek with the amazing fat cock, both wearing the male version of the masturbator.

The ‘A’ probe obviously goes up the ass as normal, but the ‘C’ probe for the ladies model has been replaced by a cock ring, joined together by the heat pipe. There’s no batteries or remote controls to go wrong – they just vibrate when your internal temperature is higher than external. So they just run all the time your legs are apart. The blokes report excellent hard-ons that can last for hours, even when me and the girls aren’t sucking them. Here you can see Alia and her Mom Mary, who you’ve just met, in matching micro-skirts”.

In the video they both bent over revealing the masturbators pulsing away between their smooth buttocks. “Oh and there’s me, without any clothes on – sorry Mom. So the first thing we did was to measure our resting arousal levels, just sitting quietly, legs apart, watching each other. Then a bit of light petting, some kissing and sucking, then full-on sex; mostly M-F, F-F and even some M-M”.

Dale and Matt looked a bit embarrassed when Mary jacked both their cocks in one hand, explaining it was all in the name of science.

Lola was carefully monitoring the delegates’ reactions – the women clearly loved the Frottage – nipples visibly hardening, the men a bit less sure.

Sam continued: “we tried standing together in twos face-to-face, tits rubbing, and then found the greatest effect when standing behind someone. Again we tried F-F, M-F and M-M – it didn’t seem to matter if the cock was pressed into ass or the other way round – the result was an instant reduction in speed and power. The masturbators almost stopped – cocks drooped and pussies dried up – look you can see the arousal levels on this graph”.

“What do think was causing it”? asked Mandy, rather concerned.

Now Matt was talking on the video: “it turns out that the ceramic motors generate a strong magnetic field that interferes with other CtoA devices in the area. So we experimented by dropping a magnet into our underwear while watching some hot lesbian porn. The effect was dramatic – our arousal levels dropped to zero, but it also suppressed any physical attempts at revival. We seem to have created a modern uni-sex Chastity Belt without any of the pain or inconvenience of locks, cock cages or urethral pipes. The magnet near the CtoA just turns off all desires for the opposite sex (or same sex). The effect is only temporary – as you can see from the graphs – normal service was resumed within 5-10 minutes, except for Sam who was gagging for it within seconds of removing the magnet. That’s her approaching orgasm after only 3 minutes of vigorous DP with me and Dale– the filthy slut – sorry Professor”.

“Thanks Matt – I suppose that means Mary and Alia are at it again – I did check Wikipedia for mother/daughter ch1ld sexual abuse, but it is not mentioned under I-N-C-E-S-T, so I guess they can carry on doing whatever they are doing. Bye all – hope you enjoyed the research”.

Lola cut the connection and turned back to the applause of the delegates: “So I hope that helps to explain our new toy. Now what I’d like you to do is all open your legs wide to turn on the masturbators, and place the magnet from your delegate pack close to your CtoA – it seems to work best on the pubic mound or just between the buttocks. I took the liberty of wiring up all your chairs before we started the session to continuously measure your arousal levels”.

At first the screen displayed a confusing jumble of coloured lines across time, but slowly resolved into co-ordinated peaks and troughs, but at quite different levels.

“So would the lady in the pink top in the second row – yes you – please put away that phone and concentrate on us. I guess that email must have been pretty hot – you nearly came when no one else did. The couple on that red sofa were obviously fucking like rabbits during the video – you very nearly peaked together. If you all look at these common peaks, they show your reactions to some target words – which can be a boon during Sex Therapy. Perhaps we’ll do a session on the reason you find some words or phrases arousing tomorrow.

Now, here on the graph is when you deployed the magnets – arousal drops to zero, even if you frig your clit hard or jack those lovely cocks – there is no reaction. I give you the modern Chastity Belt”.

Session Two
Lola, unusually fully dressed in a one-piece jump-suit, sitting on the presentation bed, speaking slowly and deliberately: “Welcome back – I hope you all had a good lunch – and a chance to get acquainted with some of our SexBots”. Silence. “They were the ones in blue shorts handing out the drinks – you must have noticed their very friendly attitude … and stunning bare breasts. They were the ones that didn’t slap you Mr Jones, when you fondled their asses. You didn’t realise they were robots – don’t make me laugh Ms Taylor – you were having sex with one in the toilets”.

Most delegates laughed nervously, looking around at their human colleagues for the tell-tale signs of too-perfect skin, fixed smiles and extra-perky breasts.

“So this session is called ‘Should SexBots be Blue’; we will examine their role in society and how they may affect our jobs in Sex Therapy. But first I’d like to introduce you to my friend Suchi – come up here baby – don’t be shy”.

Suchi was dressed in just the same tight blue shorts as the other SexBots, long dark hair tied back in a pony tail, succulent nipples hardening for Lola and a cheeky grin as she held both hands in front of her crotch. It soon became clear; when she pulled her hands away to kiss Lola that she was hiding a monster male erection threatening to escape from her shorts. The video of Lola and Suchi making love last night was playing on the large screen behind them as

Lola took a firm grip on that lovely cock as Suchi sat down beside her.

“Delegates – you will notice that Suchi is a true hermaphrodite – slip your shorts off baby”.

Suchi’s rampant cock sprang to attention revealing a succulent wet pussy nestling between her balls.

“Words are a problem in our business – the government and the press regularly confusing trans-sexual with trans-gender. It’s simple really – sex is between your legs, gender is between your ears. Now true bi-sexuals are quite rare in nature and we have hijacked the term to mean people who enjoy intercourse with both sexes, often at the same time. So I prefer the term hermaphrodite for this gorgeous creature who can bring so much pleasure to all sexes and genders”.

Suchi unzipped Lola’s crotch and buried her face in eager cunt; only the delegates in the front row observed their skin colour matched perfectly – Lola’s all over tan and hairless smooth pussy lips looking particularly artificial.

“Notice how I slowly ease my ass down onto her erection, leaving both our cunts free for foreplay. She loves to play hard to get, keeping her legs together – but we know her ticklish spots – just here”.

Sushi opened up displaying the fat anal plug buried in her cunt; Lola pulled it out, replaced by her fist, without missing a beat of ass-fucking.

On the screen above the two coupling friends the real Lola appeared: “I suppose you thought that was me on the bed being fucked by a SexBot. Mandy would you mind”.

Mandy pressed the cancel button under Lola’s chin and carried her lifeless latex body away. I walked around the bed, half-naked, a bit sweaty and far less composed than my SexBot, to take her place fucking Suchi.

Panting slightly as I rode her permanent latex erection: “So if we professionals can’t tell the difference … how can we expect Joe Public to know … who or what he is having sex with”?

Mandy left her clothes in a neat pile on the bed and joined in, offering her pretty ass up to my face for a good licking, then addressed the delegates for the first time: “Hi all … Lola is a bit tied up right now …. so she’s asked me to tell you about our colouring proposal. We think SexBots of all ages and genders should be coloured blue …. to easily distinguish them from human flesh. Perhaps darker shades of blue for the ‘adults’ and ‘teenagers’ with paler colours for the ‘younger’ models, like those adorable ch1ldren at the party last night”.

Two very pale blue ch1ld SexBots walked amongst the delegates – one boy one girl – holding hands – both stark naked. The colour deepened slightly inside their mouths and between their cute buttocks, like they had been playing.

The little boys prick stood permanently to attention, only softening slightly when the girl grabbed it to drag him away from the couple still making love on the red sofa.

“OK, I think that completes Session 2 – dinner is served at 8PM in the main restaurant- they seem to have a dress code that doesn’t permit total nudity – they say it upsets the other guests – you’ll just have to see what we can get away with. I’ve been advised that the dungeon is open now, if anyone would like to join me there for some pre-dinner action that would be most welcome. The first session tomorrow morning is an examination of a fam(i)ly therapy Case Study, which I hope you can all contribute to. We will be starting at 10AM, giving you time for a full breakfast or go for a run or try out the nude gym and swimming pool – Mandy and I hope to see you there.

Session Three – the following morning
“Good morning delegates, I hope you are all well-fed, randy and ready for some more Sex Therapy. I should like to introduce my partner Sue- a ther(a)pist from London, who is going to talk us through a recent unusual case of abandoned submission. Sue”

This morning the on-stage bed had been replaced by a semi-circle of leather chairs and a table covered in whips, paddles, bondage gear and sex toys for decoration or use.

Sue arrived on stage and sat fully dressed in a dark business suit next to the half-naked Lola: “Thank you love for that hot introduction. Today I’m going to describe a case that didn’t go quite to plan. It all started with the referral of a young girl – let’s call her Janet – wanting to know how long it was safe to leave her Dad’s cock caged up. Come up here Janet – you can take your school blazer off”.

Wearing just a white school blouse, long socks and short pleated skirt, Janet looked a lot younger than her 16 years as she sat between Sue and Lola on stage. The delegates applauded appreciatively.

“Now Janet – please tell us in your own words what happened when you discovered you were now responsible for disciplining your father”.

Lola: “take your time, baby girl – start from the beginning – nobody here is going to judge you”.

Janet: “OK, hi folks – this all started about two months ago. I got home from school as usual, Mum was still at work, Dad was in the back room tied up – I never went in there. Mum had left a note on the kitchen table again – usually it just said ‘I’ll be home late – get your own tea’. She often stayed out all night with her girlfriends, so I wasn’t particularly worried until I spotted the bunch of keys. One had the label ‘cock cage’, another one was just marked ‘padlocks’ and the third tagged ‘toy cupboard’. I’d heard about Mum’s collection of sex toys, but never been allowed to play – now I had the key”.

Lola: “what did you do baby? Which ones did you use?”

Sue leant over and slapped Lola’s tit: “shut up Professor and let the poor innocent girl speak”.
Janet: “well not exactly innocent – not any more. So after ordering a pizza, I sneaked into their bedroom and opened the magic cupboard. Wow – I just had to try on the black leather ‘harness bra’ and matching open thong. They must have been too small for Mum, because they fitted me a treat. I paraded around their room, watching my tits and arse in the mirror outlined in black, but completely exposed”.

Sue: “I bet you’re wearing them now baby – can we have a look”?

Janet slowly undid the buttons on her school blouse, exposing her rock hard nipples, then stood up to pull off the black skirt, leaving just the erotic underwear and stay-up stockings.

Lola: “beautiful baby – your pussy lips look so sweet, I could kiss you – perhaps later – right now carry on with your story”.

Janet: “the doorbell rang, so I grabbed a large towel to hide in and opened the door to the pizza delivery boy – except of course it was a girl. The towel fell off, exposing everything to her gaze – I was so embarrassed I just grabbed the pizza, gave her the money and shut the door. Of course she just rang again and this time she was already half out of her uniform – tits spilling into my hands. We French kissed on the doorstep, before I dragged her inside – she was all over me – perhaps she’d never had a schoolgirl in bondage gear”.

I remember the Pizza girl said: “We need to be quick – I’ve only got ten minutes to the next delivery – have you got the dildo to strap onto that belt”?

I pushed her into the bedroom, ripping off the last of her clothes and raided the toy cupboard for the longest fattest dildo. She screamed when I took her from behind on all fours, then I heard the scratching sounds from the back room and Dad’s face appeared in the doorway. He was shocked at the sight of his innocent daughter fucking an older woman on her knees and I was shocked to see him naked, tied up and locked into a cock cage. He just watched, pathetically as the pizza girl writhed under my amateurish dildo onslaught. Then she had to go – she left her phone number – Dad and I shared the pizza after I removed his ball-gag”.

Lola: “OK what happened next – did you release your Dad?”

“um.. he begged me to free his cock – he said Mum always allowed him 10 minutes relief a day, just to cum once. I unlocked him and he shot off to the bathroom, but I couldn’t bear to insert that horrible urethral tube down the centre of his cock when he came back out. Now he wants me to punish him – I don’t know what to do – can you help me”.

Sue, placing her hand on Janet’s thigh: “come on babe – tell everyone about the Domino Pizza lady coming back”.

“um … she kept delivering pizzas I hadn’t ordered – you know with those little pots of garlic mayo that she spread on my tits to lick off again. She taught me how to punish Dad without leaving any permanent marks on his butt – she really enjoyed it – she called it Dominotion – which is pretty funny. Mum had left by then – gone with some fancy bloke up west – and the rent was overdue, so pizza lady had some business cards printed for us to provide Correctional Services. I put some into the local phone boxes and she gave them out with pizza orders. I used to get home from school to find 4 or 5 blokes outside the flat waiting to be abused. They paid good money to be tied up and dominated or just watch us having lesbian sex”.

Lola: “I understand that used panties were involved somehow?”

Janet: “Oh – you want to hear about that too? Well, I found one bloke on the floor in my bedroom – usually the door was locked. He was kneeling by my washing bin – he had a pair of my dirty panties in his mouth and he was sniffing a handful that must have been in there for weeks. Dad was useless at filling the washing machine, unless I abused him regularly. It was gross- I freaked out and kicked this pervert between the legs – he just looked up and grinned, so I kicked him again but harder. I could feel his erection quivering against my foot – it was disgusting – but he was enjoying it.

Just then Su – er the Pizza Lady came in and rescued the situation – she dragged him into the hallway, pinning him to the floor, while I sort of smashed his balls to pulp. He must have been cumming almost continually inside his trousers – a great big white stain appeared before we threw him out. He promised to replace the panties if I let him keep the dirtiest pair. Sure enough, he turned up next week with a whole pack of brand new pink panties in exchange for a used pair and so did most of our other clients. One lovely old man always brought me a new black thong – he insisted I put them on and cover my butt in pizza topping, then sit on his face. He called it ‘topping from the bottom’ – I think it was a BDSM reference”.

Sue chipped in: “his favourite was Pepperoni, but others liked Ham or Italian Sausage or Salami, with extra cheese – we took turns getting our butts eaten”.

Lola slid her hand up Sue’s skirt this time: “and of course in case you hadn’t guessed this is Pizza Lady – now a fully qualified Sex Ther(a)pist, specialising in food erotica”.

Janet: “Someone who bought me panties got the size completely wrong – do I look like a 36 waist? So one day on the way home from school I dropped into the Ladies Underwear shop to exchange them. As soon as I explained they were a gift, so I didn’t have the receipt the sales lady said ‘you must be Janet – we get all your clients in here’. Then she thought for a moment and said ‘you must have dozens of these really boring cotton panties – why not go for something a bit classier’. She pulled out a gorgeous pair of black see-through panties with delicate lace edgings and a completely open crotch. She swapped my pack of plain cotton for this killer pair and promised to stock them for clients as Janet Specials”.

Lola: “I bet you looked really hot baby girl, with those gorgeous pussy lips on show”.

Janet: “the other funny thing was blokes turning up for treatment in fancy dress. This guy dressed as a post man even delivered our letters – he loved being tied up and whipped, then f0rced to eat pizza after we had .. er moistened it with our own juices”.

Sue: “silly cow – that was the real Postman. We also had a vicar – he insisted you wore proper short trousers and keep your tits covered up – I guess he preferred boys”.

Janet: “then just last week two policemen turned up at the flat -– well one man and one woman – he was pretty hot plain-clothes and she was very cute in her uniform. They did all the ‘sorry Miss – we’ve received complaints, and you’ll have to accompany us down to the station’ bit. I just laughed and held my hands out to be cuffed –he pushed me up against the wall, while she frisked me. Quite roughly really, considering I was actually only wearing a pair of black angel wings and boots. I think she was actually enjoying running her truncheon up my thigh until Sue appeared and said it was all her fault. The real policeman seemed happy watching his female colleague strip off and fuck us two, and then eat some pizza and garlic bread out of my pussy. They left with a warning to be more careful who we let in, but no charges”.

Lola: “Thank you Janet and thank you Sue for your captivating account of pizza fetish. All this talk of food has made me realise I’m hungry and it must be nearly lunch time. We have ordered in some pizza, which Suchi and her friends will be happy to serve you. Just pull off their shorts if you’d like to try a ‘topping from the bottom’, I know I shall. Now are there any questions before we get stuck in?”

A man at the back bouncing a small pale-blue ch1ld SexBot on his knee: “is it OK to feed them – can they eat and swallow?”

“Excellent question sir – I see you are already filling that little boy’s bottom. Yes they can take surprisingly large quantities of most substances in any orifice. Enjoy your meals folks – we’ll start again at 1PM. Now Sue, get your clothes off – I fancy a Formaggio”.

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