Business Trip Pt. 6


Business Trip Pt. 6
we laid in bed together resting for a short while before Marcus led me by the hand to the shower, pushing me inside he closed the door behind us and forced me to my knees in front of him, my eyes staring up at my now Master i hugged his legs and instinctively began to kiss his thighs when he grabbed my hair and pulled me back, slapping me hard across the face and looking down at me with a stern look he took his free hand and held his semi hard cock with it

“now drink this up bitch” he said as he began to unleash a thick stream of hot piss all over my face and in my mouth, i sputtered and my head shot back in surprise but he held it there firmly and told me to keep my mouth open and i followed instructions, unlike anything id really felt before the last time he sort of just did it to me, now he was commanding me to kneel before him with my mouth open and let him degrade me completely. He was alternating between being romantic and sadistic and for some reason it was making my stomach knot with feelings of excitement and insecurity i had never felt before, i felt myself start to get hard again while this was happening and my mind raced to understand just what the hell was going on. he finished then took both his hands and wrapped them around my head, pushing his dripping cock into my open mouth he began to fuck my mouth furiously while i helplessly took it, trying not to choke or throw up he humped my mouth for what seemed like forever before pulling out and covering my face with what felt like stream after stream of his thick hot cum, my body heaving as i caught my breath and my face warm with his cum

“now you stay right there bitch” Marcus said as i lickedmy lips and rested my hands on my knees still on the floor, Marcus reappeared shortly after with a digital camera

“now stick your tongue out for Daddy”

i did as i was told and Marcus started to take photo after photo of me debased, covered in his semen and urine he placed the camera on the sink opposite the shower and set it up until he found what he was looking for, he set the timer and quickly walked over standing behind and beside me with his still hard cock resting on my shoulder and placed his hand on my head like a dog. *click*

“thats a good baby Eric, lets shower now” he turned the water on and let it wash over us for a few minutes before pinning me to the wall and rubbing his cock up and down between my soapy ass cheeks, my ass was still somewhat tender from the earlier part of the evening but i knew Marcus didnt care, he was about to take me and something told me this wasnt going to be as slowly as the last time. I was right, he started tobuck his hips at the entrance to my ass and when he finally connected he slammed his long thick black cock deep inside of me, forcing me to stand on my toes and whimper in pain and pleasure. Marcus’ head was leaning on my shoulder and i could feel his belly pressing against my back as he opened me up with each thrust

“yeah thats how i like my white bitch, always ready you hear me? this sweet fucking pussy is mine now bitch”

“yes Daddy ohhh its yours please fuck me”

*slap slap slap slap* his balls hitting me as he now fully stroked me with the entire length of his cock

Marcus reached around and grabbed my dick with his hand, completely covering it he squeezed it and began to move y body back and forth by pulling on it using it as a handle to keep fucking me.

i was now fully moaning in pure pleasure as the warm shower washed over my body and i felt like i was being impaled on his massive cock

“thats it bitch, listen to yourself moaning like a slutty girl for Daddys black meat only women moan like that when they get fucked, you hear me?”

“yes Daddy it feels so good ohhhh”

Marcus now had one hand on my hip while his other pulled my dick and pushed it back against him, the sounds of his cock fucking my ass filling the room with my moans

“moaning like that, are you a woman Erica? ”

“daddy im a im a”

“tell Daddy your his slutty woman Erica”

“Daddy im your slutty woman”

“and your name is Erica”

“and and my name is Erica”

he took his hand off my dick and placed in the other side of my hip, he was now easily pumping in and out of my hole as i held my hands agains the wall

“say “i’m a slut named Erica and i belong to my Black Daddy”

i started to say it out loud and got to Erica before i felt my dick start to squirt cum out, this was weird i wasnt jerking off, Marcus was no longer touching me, and i was shooting cum all over the wall in front of me”

“look at that baby you even cum like a woman”

i was now grinding my hips against him and moaning as loud as ever Marcus was furiously pounding me with his breathing now heavier until i felt his body shake and he pushed his cock deep inside me before he groaned loudly in my ear.

“yeahhhhhhhhhh take that fuckin cum baby deep in that pussy”

Marcus’ wet cock flopped out of me and i felt his cum leak down my legs as we finished our shower Marcus turned me around and kissed me with passion sliding his tongue deep in my mouth, i felt so small and secure in his arms, we dried off and that night i fell asleep in his arms nuzzled in to his big shoulder.

we woke the next morning and Marcus told me to go to the lobby to get us some coffees and come right back up. when i came back to the room he was wearing a robe and was on the phone.

“ok fantastic, he’ll be by in an hour thank you for taking the appointment”

i put the coffees on the table and looked over at him.

“take your clothes off and bring Daddy his Coffee baby” Marcus said smiling at me, “i’ve got a present for you”

undressing and walking over towards him, swaying my hips to make myself flirty

“a present, what kind of present Daddy?”

“you’re going to the spa while Daddy runs his work out today baby, Daddy has you booked for a hair removal, a manicure and pedicure, and a tan” i gulped and looked at him, standing in front of him while his big hand caressed my stomach.

“say thank you Daddy”

“thank you Daddy”

“then when you get back here Daddy will have another present for you now that you’re my slutty white girl Erica”

“yes Daddy”

“now get on your hands and knees and worship Daddys cock Erica, we aint got much time before your appointment”

i knelt between his legs and started sucking him down hungrily, working his cock head over with my mouth while my hand stroked and lubricated his long thick shaft, i was now fully immersed in his pleasure it had become my only goal in this moment. i wasnt even thinking about my life back home, my ex wife, my job anything, i was just thinking about pleasing my new owner, my Black Daddy, and wondering what surprise he had in store.

to be continued…

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