Birthday part 2


Birthday part 2
She nodded and said, “Even better, though, we’ll set up Bob here so you get your first proper taste of cock; not just cleaning him off after sex but giving him an honest-to-God blowjob while I’m doing you.” Bob said that sounded good to him, and while he doubted I could be quite the cocksucker she was, he was willing to “lend a hand” so I could start catching up! I almost fainted at the dizzying thought of being sandwiched between my wife and those 8 inches.

My wife smiled and ran the dildo in and out of her pussy to provide some lubrication before strapping it on. She positioned Bob at the foot of the bed, standing, with me in the middle and her at the head of the bed. I was shaking as she led me to my position.

“Remember,” she said, “don’t touch yourself or you’ll have to go!” Although I felt like my dick could probably blast off on its own at that moment, I had no intention of missing this and nodded my assent.

My wife ordered me to start on Bob while she finished getting ready. While I had jumped the threshold of sucking a man’s cock a short while earlier, starting instead of finishing was a new thing. He was already semi-erect, as my wife’s announcement of my imminent ass-reaming at her hands had obviously piqued his interest.

“Take it nice and easy—I know from experience that we need to build up to it when she starts up on you,” he whispered and flicked his tongue in my ear. Shivering, I reached out and started to slowly stroke his beautiful cock, up and down up and down up and down and around and feeling it start to come alive in my hands. He moaned and worked his hips in time to my stroking.

As he started firming up, I moved down and began rubbing his shaft with my face, feeling each and every bump and bulging vein with my cheeks and nose. The odor was dizzying and seemed to fill my mind; the world was reduced to just me and that cock. After moving to the top of his cock, I started to take him in my mouth, slowly working up and down his shaft in time to the rhythm we had established.

“Mmmmm, yeah, that’s it, take it, take it deeper. Oh yeah. Uh-huh uh-huh.”

“Damn, that’s hot!” I heard my wife say behind me, although she might have been on another planet—it was just that cock and me, in and out in and out in and out, with drool running down my chin. He tasted so good that I almost forgot my wife was behind me, but she reminded me by prodding the tip of the fleshy dildo into my rectum.

“Here comes mama, get ready!” she ordered. Fortunately, we had the strap-on thing a few times before so I had some idea what to expect. She slowly worked the dildo in and out of my asshole, stretching me around it and filling me up inside. The sandwich effect was tricky as I tried to time my pull’s on Bob’s cock with my wife working the dildo back out, then reversing it as she plunged it home again. The pressure inside my body was enormous and again I felt like my cock was going to burst.

Normally at this point she would reach around and stroke me off while she fucked me, but obviously the delicious torture was going to continue for some while longer and she just grabbed my hips and thrust deeper and deeper harder and harder faster and faster. Eventually I got it down where I could match their rhythms – it was almost like each was pushing the other to go deeper and harder and faster on either end. It was all I could do to keep from gagging on Bob’s cock but I could tell growing more and more excited every minute.

“Damn girl, fuck that ass,” he grunted. “Every time you hit it, he takes me deeper.”

“Fuck, Bob, all I want to do is help bring you off,” she panted, and slammed the dildo home again.

“Yeah, yeah yeah go go go Uhhhnnn.” For my part, it was all I could do to remember to breathe and not pass out from the delicious pounding. Eventually they matched rhythm and were thrusting at the same moment—I began to suspect and almost hope that they might meet in the middle and split me in two.

My wife began to slow her pace. “Guys, this is really hot but I’ve got to get some satisfaction here too. I think hubby here should help me out—Bob, we’ve got bigger things for you!”

“I think he’s ready for you now, baby, although it will be a TIGHT fit,” she said, laughing. “Besides, I’m still ready for more after last time and I want him to eat my pussy while you fuck him.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing but it was a dream come true. She pulled out, leaving me quivering but still slurping up Bob’s beautiful cock. It was so big I couldn’t imagine it in my ass but I couldn’t wait.

She walked around us and pulled Bob’s cock out of my mouth, leaving drool running down my chin. She rubbed Bob to keep him hard and ordered me to turn around so Bob would be behind me. She lined him up and told him to wait until she was ready, because she wanted to feel his cock thrusting into me as I licked her glistening and swollen pussy. I still hadn’t had any relief and the skin on my cock was so tight from my erection I thought I would explode. I was trying to catch my breath because I knew (or thought I knew) that I was only moments away from taking a serious pounding.

I could feel Bob’s size and heat behind me and I cheated a little while my wife was getting into position, rubbing my ass crack up and down on his dick. He laughed and told me to be patient, he wasn’t going anywhere.

“I know,” I begged, “but I want to feel you inside. Forget that dildo!”

“Oh, you’ll get it alright,” my wife laughed. “You have no idea what you’re in for with this stud!” She scooted in very close to my face, and again I almost fainted from the perfume of sex that enveloped me. She was almost smothering me, leaving just enough space for me to work with my tongue.

“I want to feel every thrust while you eat me; I want to feel like Bob’s fucking me again through you.” I started working my way toward her clit but she ordered me to go right for it. “I don’t want foreplay, I just want to cum!”

Turned out I didn’t have much choice; just then Bob started sliding that monster cock into my ass, driving me into her pussy. “Yeah that’s it; give it to him and give it to me, too!” she moaned. I think I actually did pass out for a moment from the intense pressure of his massive prick driving relentlessly into me, deeper and deeper. What amazed me even more than the pressure or the sensation of being stuffed was the throbbing heat of his cock in my ass! Dildos, anal beads, butt plugs—they were cold lumps compared to this glorious monster alive deep inside me!

When Bob started pulling out again, the pressure subsided somewhat, but it was followed more and more quickly by his entire weight driving it deeper into me as he built up a steady rhythm. Several times he pulled it out to the tip teasing me and making me push back against him before he drove it home again. “Goddamn, that’s a big cock,” was all I could think over and over and over. His faster and faster pounding forced me into my wife’s clit faster and faster and I could tell she was building up to an explosive climax.

“Yeah… yeah… yeah… right… there… oh god… Bob… give him… that cock… drive him… drive him… drive his ass… fuck that ass… fuck him… oh ssshit yeah… fuck him… that’s it… that’s it… right there right there right OOOHH GOD YEAH!”

She bucked against my face spasming as the climax took her. Bob grunted, responding to her cries and taking pleasure in his part in making her cum as well as the pleasures of slamming his dick into and out of my tight, virgin ass.

Bob continued pounding me into the bed as my wife moved back, panting. “Damn, that is some kind of hot, baby, watching you slam that ass. What do you think, love, isn’t that an amazing cock, filling you up inside to the point of bursting?” she taunted. “Bob, give his ass a good slap of two!” He complied, swinging his palm against my butt, leaving a sweet sting with each slap. Soon my buttocks were red and throbbing too.

“Okay, so here’s what we’re going to do. Bob, you keep going but pull him back up against you so I can get at his cock. Poor thing, it looks like it’s about to explode!” Which was certainly true! Bob ceased his pounding and wrapped a strong arm around my chest and pulled my torso back to his. The pressure inside shifted but he managed to keep most of his cock inside me, as I was straddling him with my hips higher than his. Now that I was next to him he pinched my nipples, sending delicious shocks through my delirious body.

“Here’s the deal, dear. If you can make Bob cum before you do, you get to call the next game. If you cum first, you’ll have to leave.” As she made this proposition, she ran a fingernail along the bottom of my dick, up its length to the tip. Her touch was thrilling, and a bead of pre-cum popped out when she reached the fleshy end. “I think I know how this will end!” she laughed, scooping the sweet liquid up.

Although it did not seem fair, I didn’t feel I was in any position to argue, with Bob’s throbbing dick in my ass and my wife holding my penis and slowly beginning to stroke the taut skin and cradle my balls. I agreed, and immediately began to focus on trying to get Bob off. My wife leaned over and took my cock in her mouth, thrilling me with her warm slippery wetness. I tried to thrust into her mouth but Bob’s cock and arms kept me pinned in place.

As he started pumping into me again I flexed my buttocks, squeezing his cock with every stroke. That seemed to work as he grunted and moaned and I could feel him building toward a climax. I was building up as well, as my wife greedily sucked my dick pistoning into and out of her mouth. The tension was incredible and I felt like I was going to pass out.

“That’s it, that’s it that’s it oh yeah just like that just like that….” I gulped deep breaths trying to hold on long enough to get Bob to cum first. I felt the swelling and throbbing of his cock inside me and knew the next stroke would be the one…

“Aaaaaahhhhhhhh,” he cried as his explosion of cum inside of me showered like a hot waterfall, filling my insides with boiling spunk. Spasm after spasm sent waves of cum into me and I released as well, geysering hot jizz into my wife’s waiting mouth. The climax washed over me like a wave, the release was like a dam bursting as each shuddering throb sent more milky white cum flying. My wife likes to swallow, so she got most of it, but there was so much that her face was splattered. Still stroking me, she rose up to my face and offered me my own cum to lick off, which I greedily did, followed by a hard kiss where our tongues entwined with our sticky fluids—hers on me and mine on her.

I flopped forward, still holding Bob’s dick inside, and he fell on my back in a sweaty heap. “Looks like Bob needs to be cleaned again, love.” He pulled out and staggered around to me, once again offering his throbbing sticky cock to me. I hungrily sucked him dry and licked every inch of his shaft until he was clean again, as the final climax shudders wracked my shaking body. It was an incredible experience that I hoped to repeat again and again.

We all paused for a moment to catch our breath, and I said, “Well, I guess it’s my turn to choose what to do. Bob, why don’t you come with me into the shower, I think we need to get cleaned up. Wait here, honey!” Bob winked at her and followed me into the bathroom to begin our next adventure…

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