Bathtime for Tuttut and Nylonm

Bathtime for Tuttut and Nylonm
Getting clean before getting really dirty with Nylonm6768

The sight that lay before Tuttut as he entered the steamy bathroom brought a smile to his face. There, amongst the foamy bubbles lay Nylonm, semi-submerged with legs akimbo over the side of the bath. Her head with eyes closed, heavy tits and vibrator filed pussy was all that could be seen of her body. Although Tuttut made no special effort to be quiet, he undressed and approached the bath without Nylonm realising his presence. He leant over and gently kissed her parted lips. Opening her eyes Nylonm purred and buried her humming Rabbit deeper into her aroused pussy.
“Give me your cock,” she demanded as they broke from their kiss, “I want to suck it!”

Standing, Tuttut obliged, presenting his semi-erect cock to Nylonm’s eager lips. The warmth of her mouth soon had Tuttut’s cock throbbing at full mast. Nylonm abandoned her vibrator taking Tuttut’s balls firmly in one hand while stroking his shaft forcefully with the other. She alternated between softly sucking, licking and slurping at his cock to biting his pulsating member or brushing the head with her teeth. When she pushed him too far Tuttut would pull her hair back wrenching her vice like mouth off his cock. They would look impishly into each other eyes before he would thrust his cock back into her deliciously torturous oral cavity, knowing the gentle sucking and stroking would soon become painfully pleasurable again.

“Let me get under the shower,” Tuttut said as he climbed to the far end of the bath. As he lathered the shower gel over his smooth toned black skin he looked down at Nylonm who was working her pussy once more. “Come here and get your tongue up my arse”, he ordered placing his left leg on the side of the bath to afford her access. Nylonm rapidly re-positioned herself under him. Spreading his cheeks so as to get her tongue up his crack and resuming her pleasuring and torturing of his cock and balls with her hands. She knew the rougher she was with his cock now the harder he would fuck her in turn and her butt-plugged arse was aching for a firm fucking. So she would stretch his cheeks apart to their full extent and prodded her tongue up his hole. Licking feverishly to his balls and then sucking them into her mouth. Then from pleasure to pain as she would bite and nibble at his sac. Until he dragged her to her feet, pressed her firm against the wall with a deep kiss, their tongue fighting in each others mouths.

He wrapped her full body in his arms pressing her against him by her arse. It was then he noticed her bejeweled butt-plug.
“You naughty girl” he teased. He turned her away from him and bent her over, steadying herself with the side of the bath, Nylonm’s face was centimeters away from the foamy water. Tuttut knelt behind her, spread her legs and buried his face in her fleshy thighs and arse. He pulled her pussy lips apart and fucked her with his tongue, tweaking and pinching her clit between his fingers and lapping up her streaming pussy juices. He bit and kissed her ample arse marking her cheeks as he fucked her tight hole with her butt plug. He stared fascinatingly as her anus stretched and clung to the bulge in the plug. Desperate not to let it escape and devouring it once more as he pushed it back in. As he drew it out he ran his tongue over her straining anal flesh. Nylonm knees quivered in ecstasy, her face dangerously close to the water.

Rising to his feet, Tuttut took a firm hold on Nylonm’s sexy arse with one hand while stroking her pulsating pussy lips with his cock. He perched his hot throbbing cock head in the mouth of her pussy, took hold of her waist with both hand and buried his cock deep into her hot hole with one powerful thrust of her hips.

“Balls deep, you bitch, balls fucking deep!” he whispered harshly to her.
“Yeah, well fuck it good, you Black bastard, fuck my cock loving cunt good!” she retorted.
She was his now and he knew once she had his cock in her holes he had to hold on tight. Who was fucking who was always the question. He slammed into her and she bucked back against him, both egging each other on the be harder, faster, deeper. Both demanding more and acknowledging how good it felt in equal measure.

“I am cumming!!” Nylonm screamed. “Hold me, hold me you fucker!” Her knees were gone and her arms where trembling as her orgasm rippled through her.
“I got you, you slut, don’t worry I got you!” Tuttut reassured her, holding her firmly against his crotch and keeping her from drowning in the bath.
After the waves of pleasure receded, it was Nylonm who now pinned Tuttut against the wall in another passionate kiss. Tuttut cock was trapped between her powerful thighs, he was acutely aware of her hard nipples and full breasts against his chest. His arms locked in the small of his back forcing her belly, which she longed to be filled with his Black babies, against his.

“You nearly drowned me, you fucker!”
Tuttut smiled, “Come on, on the floor.”
Nylonm got down on all fours her arse as high as can be, her face flat on the mat. Tuttut once again planted his face between her hot cheeks. Removing her butt-plug, he replace it with his wet tongue, fucking her hole with the ferocity his dick will soon emulate.
Nylonm was purring from the affects of his attention. But there was only one thing she wanted now.
“Come on, fuck me. Get that cock up my arse!”
“Hold your arse open,” Tuttut commanded as he returned to his feet. Stooping down over her wide open arse he brushed his cock around her hole.
“Come on fuck me…” she urged again. Tuttut continue to tease her.
“What do you want?” he asked.
“I want your black cock in my fucking arse, you cunt!”
Tuttut laughed, “What did you say?”
“I said..” but before she got any further, Tuttut rammed his cock deep into her wet tight hole.
“Arghh…you fucking bastard!!” She cursed, releasing her cheeks and wrapping her hands around Tuttuts ankles. “Now fucking fuck me!!”

Tuttut did not need any more encouragement. Steadying himself with his hands on the small of her back, he began the pound her arsehole. Dropping his full weight on her tunnelling his cock deep into her. The slapping sound of the skin and the unmistakable farting sound as he pumped air up her arse, filled the room along with the grunts of pleasure. Neither of them could speak now. The pleasure felt by his cock and her arse respectively took them both to a place beyond these walls. Although her arse was in the air, her face squashed against the floor and he was above her bouncing up and down on her arse, they felt wrapped in each other. As if they were fully entwined in each other’s limbs, drifting in the ether. As the intensiveness of the sensations grew, they returned to the present. Tuttut’s balls tightening, Nylonm’s pussy contracting.

“I am cumming..” the panted alternately. Tuttut not letting up his pounding and Nylonm not wanting him to. Tuttut could feel Nylonm’s anus contracting and pulsating around his cock.
“Fuck, fuck fuck!!” He exclaimed as he shoot streams of cum up her arse.
The bathroom door which was ajar flew open. In shot Hubby his rigid cock in his hand. He pumped furiously and dropped his load on his wife’s face.

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