Blowing David had awoken something in me that’s hard to describe he left my room and I could still taste his nut, I couldn’t stop thinking about his dick in my mouth, even though I had cum I started jerking off again, replaying the whole event in my head over and over. The next day everything was the same as it always was, I went to my uni classes, hung out with my mates, I even ran into David strangely enough and we both behaved as if nothing happened like we were two mates having a quick catch up. I realised that I could be a cocksucker and keep it on the down low and it not effect my uni life or my relationships with any of my mates. The most interesting thing about what had happened between David and I but was that I wanted more… I wanted more cock, more dick… more cum! But I was also very new to this and I didn’t really know how to get it.

One night I was attempting to study when there was a knock on my door, I opened it to see my mate Jason and Aden standing there, they were bored and wanted to go do something fun, go to a pub in town or something. I was a bit low on money so I said we should just go to the uni bar which we did. I didn’t drink heaps, it was a pretty low key night the boys and I just wanted to have some fun. Out of nowhere this guy came towards our table and just stood there, he looked pissed. “You right mate?” Jason asked, “which one of you assholes is Hamish?” This guy asked looking at all of us. “Me” I said “what’s it to you?” I continued. “What’s it to me?” You fucked my mates girl cunt, get the fuck Up!” He said. I looked at my mates and laughed, “what the fuck are you talking about?” I asked. He got even more pissed and grabbed my shoulder trying to pull me up from my seat. I grabbed his hand and pushed him away from me “don’t fucking touch me! Understand?” I said getting up and standing right in his face. “Yeah you better stop mate” Jason said. The guy just looked at me but I refused to move or back down. “You fucked Bec” he said, I looked at my mates and back at him “I don’t even know a Bec now fuck off before I literally kick your ass out of here”. After a moment he took off.

My mates were laughing but I was genuinely confused, who the fuck is Bec? I love that I already had a reputation as a “player” at uni when I had not even fucked any chicks there yet. As the night went on the guy eventually approached me again offering to buy me a beer and asking if we were “chill”, I asked him who Bec was and he showed me a pic of her, she was a chick at the house party I was at a few nights earlier but I defiantly didn’t fuck her. Once that was confirmed some of his mates were chatting to me and eventually my mates came over and we were all getting along. I was talking to this guy who was telling me about how soccer is a better game then football, as a footy boy I had to disagree. I stood up to go get another drink and without thinking readjusted myself, as I grabbed my crutch I couldn’t help but notice the guy I was talking to was having a good look. I sat back down and leaned closer to him “You like that bro?” I asked, “like what?” He responded. I grabbed my crutch again subtly, he didn’t say anything he just watched “you hard?” I asked. He looked around at the other guys who were all talking to each other then looked back at me “yeah man” he said. “Want me to blow you?” I asked, he looked around again before nodding his head.

A few minutes later we had left uni bar and were walking around campus, we were walking through the carpark “I can’t believe your gay?” He said, “hey bro what’s wrong with a straight guy enjoying another guys cock right?” I said, he just laughed. I stopped in the car park and leaned up against a car, “aren’t we going to yours?” He asked, “there’s no one around” I said and started unzipping my jeans, I pulled them down to just under my balls letting my hard cock out. I grabbed my cock and started slowly stroking, “her your cock out bro, come over here” I said. He looked around and cane over to me leaning up against the car right beside me. He did the same, he unzipped but rather then pulling his pants down he kept the top button done, put his hand into his open fly and after moving around for a moment pulled out a nice, hard and uncut cock. “Fuck yeah man pull it!” I said and he started pulling. “I thought you said you wanted to blow me” he said, “am I gonna suck your cock, but I’m new to this and I wanna enjoy it while I got you outside bro with your dick out”. We just kept pulling ourselves looking at each other.

”I think it’s funny that your mate at the bar thinks I fucked that Bec chick when I’m outside with you about to swallow your load” I said. He grabbed the back of my head “suck me dude” he said and while he was leaning up against the car I got down on my knees. I had a good look at that nice cock, I pulled the foreskin back on his dick and smelt the head of his cock… fuck it smelt good, then I had to bury my nose into his crutch to smell his balls. I wrapped my lips around his dick, my second cock, I was so fucking hard i remember moaning as I got that first taste of him. He was pretty boned up, he kind of grabbed the back of my head but not forcefully and I got the impression that he wasn’t going to last long. I stopped for a minute, admiring his cock again, giving it a quick tug before holding it down and letting it go watching it bounce, he was so hard! “Fuck yeah bro” I said before devouring him, what better way to learn how to deepthroat then to just take it whole. “You want my load cocksucker?” He asked but I kept sucking, “you want my fucking load?” He asked again more firmly. He started moaning but trying to be quiet as that first squirt of sperm hit the roof of my mouth. I started moaning to, as he unloaded, this cum tasted different to David’s but it was just as good. “Swallow it dude, swallow it” he said and I did. Taking his cock out of my mouth and admiring it again “that was fucking sweet bro! God damn!” I said kissing his cock head and having some last quick suck before standing up. I fapped real hard was I was up until I cum on the carpark road. “Ah shit man that was fucking hot” I said.

He wanted my number and wanted to do this again, that’s when I finally got his name… Dylan! We chatted for a bit longer in the carpark, turns out we had a bit in common, he identified as bi leaning more towards straight but loved having fun with guys and also didn’t want his mates to know. I told him I was a beginner and he told me that was the best BJ he had, had in a long time. Dylan and I are still mates we kind of share our sexual adventures with one another, and he really does have a nice fucking uncut cock. If I wasn’t living in a share house with 3 of my mates like I do now I’d have Dylan over more often, love feeding on his dick.

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