Age of Consent


Age of Consent
“Zion,” yelled Tisha Knight. “Can you come in here?”
“What,” the soon to be sixteen year-old shouted.
“Boy! Get in here!”
“Yes, ma’am,” he called out running.
“That box over there is yours,” the single mom pointed.
“Oh okay. Thanks, mama!”
“What do you want for dinner?”
“Can we do Chinese?”
“Sure! Orange chicken?”
“Yep. And some crab rangoon.”
“Okay, baby! I’ll order in a minute.”

Tisha and her only c***d had just moved into the 1175 square foot ranch style house in the Lanesborough section of town. The recently promoted nurse manager had just made her first home purchase. She was thirty-two years old. After having Zion in high school, her parents assisted her with raising him while she worked full time and finished her education. She entered community college after getting her G.E.D. and earned an associate degree in nursing. A year ago, she completed her B.S.N. She was happy to finally own a home.

The doorbell rang. She headed to answer it. When she opened the door, she saw four people standing there.

“Hi! We’re the Ferrars,” the adult female said with a smile. “We’re your next door neighbors.”
“Hi there! I’m Tisha Knight!”
“This is for you,” she said holding up a pound cake.
“Oh, thank you! Come on in. Have a seat.”
“Thanks! I’m Carina. And, this is my husband, Devino.”
“Hey! How you doin’,” checked the six-foot-five, one-hundred-ninety-pound man.
“I’m good. Thanks! Who are these little ones?”
“This is D.J. and this is Yasmin.”
“How cute. How old are they?”
“Uh, they’re two,” Devino said.
“Twenty-three months,” the wife corrected him.

“Adorable. They’re twins,” puzzled the healthcare worker.
“Yes,” smiled Carina.
“My son is around here somewhere. Zion,” Tisha yelled. “We have company.”

Zion was busy arranging his clothes in his new closet and huffed when he heard his mom. He marched out with an attitude to see what all the commotion was about. He made it to the living room. He saw two rugrats on the floor. There was a lady next to his mother. And there was a super tall, dark chocolate man sort of hovering over the toddlers.

“This is Mr. and Mrs. Ferrar. And, their k**s, D.J. and Yasmin. They’re twins,” Tisha informed her teen.
“Cute,” the five-foot tall, light-skinned youngster remarked.
“Aren’t they, though,” the new homeowner asked rhetorically.
“Thanks,” Carina said.
“They brought us some cake. Will you get some plates and a knife so we can cut it?”
“Yes ma’am.”

Zion came back with a few saucers. The ladies sat on the couch. Devino had taken up a spot on the loveseat. Zion parked it beside him. He noticed the sexy scent Mr. Ferrar was wearing. He stared at the man with his large hazel eyes as his mom chatted up Carina.

“So, Mr. Ferrar. How long have you guys lived here,” Zion tried to make conversation.
“About two years. Call me Devino or Vino.”
“Cool, Devino. How old are you?”
“Twenty-eight. You?”
“I’ll be 16 in a month.”
“Good deal.”
“Do you play Call of Duty?”
“Yep. You?”
“Yeah! I like it. We should play together sometime.”

Devino ate his cake and set the plate on the coffee table. “I’m gonna take the k**s back home, baby. Take your time. Come on y’all. Let’s go.”

Zion watched the muscular giant heft up his c***dren and exit. The effeminate gamer thought Devino Ferrar was the sexiest man he had ever seen. Zion excelled academically and was still a virgin. Most of his friends were girls even though he went to an all boys’ private school. His mom often teased him about having a boyfriend, but he had never had one. He did think a couple of guys from school were cute though – Irv McCoy, a senior on the basketball team and Braxton Alexander, a junior and the varsity quarterback.

Zion hung around in the living room listening to his mom and Mrs. Ferrar kiki.

“What do you do for a living, Tisha?”
“I’m an R.N.,” she replied.
“Very nice!”
“What about you and your husband?”
“He’s a civil engineer. I’m a flight attendant.”
“Cool. How do you like it?”
“It’s cool.”
“Must be exciting doing all that travel.”
Carina laughed. “It’s not as glamorous as it sounds.”
“Nothing ever is. How long have y’all been married.”
“Four years now.”
“Black love is beautiful. How’d you meet?”
“In college. I’d gone out with his roommate and there was no chemistry. He introduced me to Vino. Been together ever since.”
“That’s amazing.”
“Yeah, he’s a good guy.”

‘I bet he is,’ thought Zion. There more he listened the more he wanted Carina’s life. He imagined being Devino’s wife and the mother of his c***dren must be a highly rewarding position. He daydreamed of nestling next to the attractive, ebony stud. He just knew that Devino would hold him close and tight. His skin tingled at the idea of feeling those muscles keep him safe and secure. Zion rolled his eyes in frustration and stormed off to his room.

The only c***d threw himself onto his bed. He stuffed his face into his pillow and screamed in frustration. He lay there obsessing about the fine ass nigga from next door. From that moment, Devino was now Zion boyfriend in his mind.

Monday came and Zion caught the bus to go to school. He saw the brown-skinned Adonis, Irv, in the hallway. He locked eyes with him. “You playin’ tonight, short stack,” the small forward inquired.

“Probably,” replied Zion. “Be on about 9:00.”

Zion went through classes paying little attention to what was happening around him. His thoughts were fully on Devino.

That afternoon, he went back home. About an hour after he returned, Devino was out in his yard mowing the lawn. Zion watched from the window. He grew excited seeing the shirtless sinewy, dark-skinned man. Zion put on some orange denim shorts and tye-dye graphic tank. He pulled a bottle of water from the refrigerator and ran outside.

Devino wiped his forehead with his arm. He spotted the boy from next door coming towards him. He shut off the lawn mower and smiled, “What’s up, man?”

Zion nearly melted. “I saw you sweating. Thought you might like some water.”
“Oh, thank! You didn’t have to do that.”
“I don’t mind. Just being neighborly.”
“Appreciate it!”
“You’re welcome. So, you’re an engineer?”
“You must be real smart.”
Devino chuckled, “I like to think so. My wife might disagree.”
“That’d be a shame if she did. Do you like your job?”
“Yeah! I love what I do. Are you thinking about engineering.”
“I went to science camp a couple of times. I think I wanna do architecture.”
“Well, that’s closely related to what I do.”
“Yeah. Let me know if you ever wanna shadow me at work.”
“Oh, I’d love to shadow you,” winked Zion.
“Well, when your school gives you a day for that, just let me know.”
“I will. Wanna connect and play Call of Duty tonight?”
“I may be able to play for an hour or so.”
“Awesome! What’s your online ID?”

Devino shared the username with his neighbor.

Zion told the married, father of two he couldn’t wait to link up later. The one-hundred-five-pound sissy boi sashayed back across his yard and inside his house. His plump, bubble booty shook.

Devino restarted the lawn mower. He glanced in Zion’s direction and noticed the derriere. ‘Oh shit,’ he thought. ‘That li’l nigga is built just like a bitch.’ Devino closed his eyes, shook his head, and splashed some of the water on his face. He pushed that thought out of his head.

Later that night, Devino was able to get on for about 45 minutes to play. He and Zion were slaying the enemy when he had to sign off to get some sleep.

Over the next few days, Zion found excuse after excuse to chat with Devino in the yard. On Thursday, he walked over to ask for help with geometry. Carina invited him inside. He and Devino sat at the dining room table as the engineer explained how to calculate the volume of a sphere. Zion was feigning difficulty, but Devino was patient and a very good tutor.

At the end of the session, Zion smiled broadly. “Thank you so much! I never would’ve gotten this without you!”
“You’re welcome,” grinned Devino.
“I’m so glad we live next door to you.”
“I mean you’re smart. You’re pretty intense too. It’s like you’re the neighborhood patrol all by yourself.”
“Dang, man! You better stop. You gonna blow up my ego.”
“It’s okay to be confident, Mr. Ferrar.”
“You don’t have to call me that.”
“My bad, Devino.”
“Alright, you should probably be getting home. I need to tuck the twins into bed.”
“Tired of me being here,” pouted Zion.

“No. Why do you say that,” the engineer inquired.
“I was just checking. I guess I kinda think of you as the strong male influence I’ve been missing,” Zion mused.
“You don’t have a mentor or nothin’?”
“I do. And my granddad is pretty involved. But they’re both older. It’s like you’re a big brother I can look up to.”
“Thanks! I’m happy to help whenever I can.”
Devino felt a soft spot for the k**. “You can always ask me for help. My pops died when I was your age. So I can understand wanting to have that male figure. Some things you just don’t wanna say to your mom.”
“Absolutely. And, thank you. Sorry to hear about your dad.”
“It’s cool.”
“I better get going. Hope to see you soon,” Zion winked.

Devino walked his tiny guest to the door. His eyes automatically scanned down and surveyed that juicy, round ass. He stopped himself after a few seconds.

The next Tuesday, Devino was inside the house feeding his tots. Carina was away on a trip. He had the TV tuned to the local news station for the weather updates. They were under a severe thunderstorm warning. He saw a flash lightning and the resulting boom of thunder. The power went out. A moment later, his generator kicked in. He had it hooked up to power the kitchen, a window air conditioner and the nursery. He cleaned up the mess and went to change the twins into pajamas. He heard a knock.

Devino rushed to the door. It was Zion.

“What’s up,” the tall guy said.
“Our power went out, but I saw your lights on,” Zion admitted.
“Come on in. Where’s your mom?”
“That’s the thing. She’s working nights this week. And, I honestly hate storms.”
“Well, you can wait it out here. Have a seat. I’m just getting the k**s ready for bed.”
“Need some help?”

The task took half the time with two people doing it. “This is nice,” Zion commented.
“Oh yeah,” checked Devino.
“For sure! Having a family and k**s that look up to you.”
“You’ll have it one day, man.”
“I hope so.”
“You’re a good person. You’re smart. Lots of people would consider themselves lucky to spend life with you.”
“You’re just saying that.”
“Nah, li’l dude. I’m serious. Every pot has a lid, you know?”
“I mean there’s somebody for everybody.”
“Well, how will I know.”
“You’re young. You got plenty of time to worry about that later. But when you know, you’ll know.”

Zion look confused. “Maybe.”
“Don’t get down, bud. I’m sure you’ll meet a really nice guy when you’re older.”
“You think so?”
“But I don’t like guys like me. I like guys that are more masculine.”
“It’ll all work out. Don’t rush it.”
“Okie dokie. Have you always lived in North Carolina?”

“Nah,” Devino shared. “My parents are Afro-Cuban, but I was born and raised in Florida.”
“That’s neat! Do you speak Spanish.”
“Cool. Maybe you can help me practice sometime.”
“Yeah. Want something to drink?”
“Do you have apple juice?”
“We do. Be right back.”

They sat in the living room sipping their beverages.

“You’re cool with me being gay,” asked Zion.
Devino contemplated for a moment. “I have no issue with that. You feel that way you feel.”
“Do you have any gay friends?”
“Most boys at school pick on me or avoid me.”
“That’s cause we’re dumb when we’re young. Give it time. Plus, a few of ‘em might just like you and don’t know how to say it.”
“Yeah. That happens.”
“You know a lot.”
“Well, I’ve been your age before.”
“Did you ever feel like that?”
“Feel like what?”
“You know…Knew a boi like me and liked him.”

“I’m so sorry, Devino,” apologized Zion.
“You’re good,” the host reassured him. “Life is complicated. Emotions can make it even more so.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean things aren’t always black and white. I don’t wanna say anything inappropriate.”
“It’s okay. Tell me. It can be our secret.”
“I’m not sure.”
“It can’t be that bad, Devino. Come on.”
“Uhhhh…I used to think someone like you was pretty when I was in college.”
“Did you tell him?”
“Sort of.”
“What do you mean?”
“Well…I…uh…I was drunk one night and he came down the hall. I got up and followed him. He turned around and asked me if I wanted to have some fun.”
“What’d you say?”
“I shrugged my shoulders.”
“What happened.”
“I followed him to his dorm room and we messed around.”

“That’s hot! I wish that happened to me,” Zion confessed.
“No, you deserve someone that is honest with you and himself,” warned Devino.
“Thanks! But it would be nice to just have sex,” giggled the boi.
“So, I take it you’re a virgin?”
“Yeah,” the guest frowned.
“Waiting is a good thing. You want the first time to be special. With someone you love and who loves you.”
“Well, I know who I love.”
“A k** from school.”
“No. They’re so immature. I love you.”

“What,” Devino choked.
“I know I shouldn’t say it, but I do,” Zion revealed. “All I think about is being with you. You’re handsome, smart, muscular, dark, kind, and caring.”
“Uhhhhh…Well…Thank you, but you know I can’t be that one.”
“I would never tell. Besides I’m almost legal.”
“How do you figure that?”
“Sixteen is the age of consent here.”
“Really? I had no idea.”
“Yep. Look it up.”
“But you’re not sixteen.”
“That only counts in horseshoes.”

“Would you do it with me if I was,” Zion queried.
“Whoa now! That’s too much,” Devino protested.
“I was just asking.”
“I’m not sure your mom would want us talking like this. I know my wife wouldn’t like it.”
“And neither of them is here.”
“Yeah, I read stories all the time on the Internet about men who fuck their stepsons.”
“Everything online ain’t true.”
“I know. But this stuff is. I see older guys looking at my ass when I walk to the bus stop.”
“Damn! You notice that stuff.”
“Of course. But, I want you.”

“You’re gonna get me in trouble,” Devino scratched his head.
Zion replied, “How so?”
“You got me thinking about you.”
“Thinking what?”
“I can’t say.”
“Yes you can. I won’t tell.”

Zion moved closer and placed his small hand on Devino’s leg.

“Wait a minute, man,” Devino jumped up.
“What are you scared of?”
“It’s between us. Please.”

Zion tugged at Devino’s basketball shorts. They fell down. Devino’s nine inch dick flopped out. It was already stiff as a rod. “See,” announced Zion. “Let me suck it.”

Devino was in a trance. The next thing he knew, his diminutive neighbor was sucking his cock. The boi’s mouth felt warm and wet. Zion was moving fast. “Slow down,” he whispered. “Savor this dick. Massage my balls.” Somehow, he realized that he would need to coach the sissy through his first time. “Better, baby! That feels good. Take those shorts off.”

Soon, Devino was leaning down to rub on Zion’s rotund butt cheeks. “You’re built like a girl. Look at this ass.” He smacked it gently. “It’s so soft too. Damn, you turn me on, baby.” He grabbed Zion’s head and held it steady as he fed the munchkin his tool. “Suck it good, baby!”

Zion choked as he took that meat stick down his throat. He was shocked when Devino stepped away then picked him up. His lover placed him on the couch and lowered behind him. He felt the sensation of Devino’s tongue licking his butt crack. He went crazy when the twenty-eight year-old began eating his anus.

“Gotta get this butt pussy ready for my dick,” Devino growled. He munched some more. Then he said, “Let’s go back here.” He carried the punk to the spare bedroom. In there was a full bed. Devino placed Zion on it. He tore off his shirt and scooted beside the elfin femboi. He angled the tip of his dick to meet Zion’s tight, little brown hole. He began to push inside.

“Ooooooooh,” winced Zion.
“Sorry, baby! I’ll take it slow. Try to relax. Breathe.”
“Yes, sir,” the bottom panted.
“Yeah, you’re letting me in now.”
“Oh my god! It’s so big!”
“I know, sweetie. I’ma be gentle.”
“It feels good, Devino!”
“Does it, baby?”
“Yes, sir!”

Devino got it about half way in before he started giving slow, methodical strokes. He had arm wrapped around Zion’s torso.

“I can’t believe you got me fuckin’ you,” the dominant one dclared.
“But do you like how it feels?”
“Shit yeah! It’s so damn tight and warm. Ooh, baby!”
“I’m glad you like it, Daddy! I love the way your dick feels!”
“Do you, baby?”
“Oh yes, Daddy! Fuck my little punk ass pussy.”
“Oh fuck!” Devino’s dick was now going balls deep.
“Give it to me, Daddy!”
“Want me to fuck you faster?”
“Yes, sir!”
“Yes, sir!”
“Alright, bitch!”

Devino started to pound with a higher rate of speed and force. He could feel wetness around his dick.

“Fuck yeah, sissy boi! You’re creamin’ on my shit!”
Zion smiled. “Do you like that, Daddy?”
“Yes, faggit! I do!”
“I’m your little faggot fuck toy.”
“Oh my god, bitch! I could get in so much trouble for fucking you.”
“I’m not gonna tell, Daddy!”
“You better not. Dammit, boi! This booty hole is open as fuck.”

Devino pulled out and spread Zion butt cheeks. He spat in the open hole.

“I can see all up in you, bitch,” Devino commented. “Get on your knees.”
“Yes, sir! Fuck me some more.”
“Hell yeah, baby! Take this big Black dick!”
“I love that big Black dick! Fuck my little faggot ass.”

Devino started slapping Zion’s big ass. He pulled the teeny bottom boi into him. He fucked the pussy bottom super hard until Zion fell onto his stomach. He kept on hammering.

“Damn! I love this ass,” Devino confessed.
“I love this dick,” Zion purred.
“Do you?”
“Yes! And I love you too!”
“Dammit, Zion! Your pussy is so fuckin’ good!”

Devino scooped up the k** and placed him against the wall. He fucked the femboi facing him. They kissed passionately as Devino delivered ample amounts of manhood.

Eventually, they made it back to the bed. This time in missionary position. Zion was running his hands all over his Daddy’s strong, defined back. Devino was squeezing the pliable butt cheeks. The continued tongue wrestling.

“I love you, Daddy!”
“You do?”
“Yes, sir! I love how you fuck me!”
“I love how you just take my dick! You’re a good li’l fag!”


“That punk boipussy is talkin’ to a nigga! Love that shit!”
“You really like my boipussy!”
“Hell yeah, faggit! I love it!”
“Fuck me, nigga! I’m your little sissy bitch.”
“Dammit! Yo’ pussy is gon’ make me nut!”
“Cum for me, Daddy!”
“Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Fuccccck!”

Devino impaled Zion. His dick released a hefty load into the teen’s open faggot ass.

They lay there spooning for a while. Devino got up to check on the twins. Zion snuck into the master bedroom and stole a pair of Carina’s panties.

When Devino returned, Zion was gone. There was a note on the bed that read, ‘Can’t wait till next time.’

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