After the surveyor came the supervisor

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After the surveyor came the supervisorThis happened in 1993The surveyor had made his report so we had to wait for his supervisor to come and redress the situation. We recieved a letter to say SHE was coming on the 22nd. 10;30am came and there was a knock on the door, there stood this mature lady, 17 stone a lot bigger than Donna, short dark hair wearing a brown skirt and jacket.As she came in she introduced herself as Sheila, she was in charge of making decisions no-one else could. She sat down and Donna made her a drink, then she started to tell us about the problem. Donna was wearing her usual white top and black skirt. Half way through the ramblings Sheils said “May I use your toilet” and we said certainly and I showed her where it was.When she’d gone Donna said “What do you think” i replied “You know I like chubby women” and she said “mmmm yes”. When Sheila re-appeared and sat down on the sofa Donna said “Are you married” and she replied “Yes, for the moment” which we thought was an unusual thing to say. Anyway as time went on and she’d finished explaining we sort of relaxed.I sat next to sheila on the sofa and Donna sat on the other side of her, she eyed bursa escort us up suspiciously and Donna ran her finger down her cheek and onto her neck, Sheila shifted a bit on her seat, as I did the same on the other side. Donna tilted her head towards her and when they were face to face Donna brushed her lips over Sheila’s.As Sheila didn’t pull away I rubbed her shoulders and unbuttoned her jacket, taking it off rubbed her through her blouse. Donna was kissing her in a more solid way to the point that Sheila put her arm round Donna’s neck, as the two girls snogged away I unbuttoned sheila’s blouse and took it off over her shoulders.Donna placed her hand on Sheila’s breast and fondled her as I unclipped her bra, and it fell away Donna bent down and started to lick and suck her nipples. Sheila put her head back moaning but still had her hand running through Donna’s hair. I moved round and stripped my wife off and Sheila fondled her tits, Donna’s nipples were rock hard and she rubbed herself on Sheila’s nipples.I pulled donna onto the floor and put my hand under her skirt, rubbing her pussy she was quite wet. Donna rolled up Sheila’s skirt and parted her thighs, bursa escort bayan running her tongue up the inside of her thighs she moaned, as Donna got to the top Sheila parted her legs as far wide as she could and Donna ran her finger down the front of her knickers.Sheila was moaning and I pulled off Donna’s skirt and was fingering her from inside her knickers. Donna said to Sheila “Lift your bum up” and as she did she pulled down her big knickers, throwing them at me I sniffed the crotch, then pulled donna’s down. Donna stood up and said “Sheila lay on the floor”, as she did Donna slid underneath her and soon the two women were ina 69 post.As Donna reached up and forced Sheila to sit on her face she said “Now lick my pussy”, as the two girls, big girls, were licking each other my cock was straining in my pants as I sat on the sofa watching, after a few minutes and more groaning I stripped totally naked and ran my chunky cock over Sheila’s hole as my wife licked her clit.Donna inserted a finger into Sheila’s anus, as I fed my cock into her warm cunt, as I slowly screwed her as donna frantically licked her Sheila was close to coming, and in seconds escort bursa she screamed out her climax, her juices trickled down and onto Donna’s face. “Finger her Sheila” I ordered as Donna was moaning also.Pulling out of Sheila I slotted into my wife as I fucked her I said to Sheila “Rub her clit” as she did I knew she wasn’t far away, then she went rigid and had an almighty massive climax, she was writhing and shouting and squirting, this was one of Donna’s best ever orgasm. When she’d finished she said to me “Screw her ***** and screw her hard, you know where”.I pulled Sheila over and laid her on her back opening her legs I teased her cunt hole then her ass, “Not there please” she moaned as I pushed my cock up her ass, as she screamed I plummeted her harder, as Donna rubbed her clit and finger fucked her gash, she was coming quickly also,and to be honest so was I.After only a few minutes she was screaming and gasping as her climax ripped through her body, one she’d never had as emmense as this before. Knowing I was coming also I pulled out and straddled Sheila, wanked myself off and shot all my hot sticky spunk over her, it came down and landed on her face, dripping off her nose and cheeks.Donna kissed sheila and in doing so licked my spunk off her face, when it was in her mouth she french kissed Sheila and they shared my cum. What an afternoon and what an orgasm for my wife.

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