A surpise for me!


A surpise for me!
Sandy had gone off for the day for a walk with her friend. Now, to be honest, I have always had the hots for her friend but never had the opportunity to do anything about it. Sandy is 70 and her friends about 65. Both are very good for age (as the saying goes). Both Sandy and Mags fuck like rabbits! I now this cos Sandy has told me while we were fucking once that Mags and she describe their times with relative husbands and finger each other on some of their long walks (for fun).

When she goes off I usually stay naked for the day and often spend time in the garden, cutting the lawn, weeding or just generally wandering around. Our garden is private so no overlooking (sadly I wish the neighbour could see me sometimes!) so I can be naked all the time. As you know from previous stories we are both naked in the garden often.
Well this day was hot and I decided to do nothing but lie around in the sun and enjoy it. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remember is Sandy and Mags coming over to me and waking me up.

Sandy was already naked and Mags was shedding her clothes as quickly as she could. I could see she was desperate to clamber aboard my hardening cock! Her nipples were hard and there was a trace of wetness on her knickers as she shed them!

Now Sandy and I have a great sex life, once a day usually we get stuck in (so to speak). I had only ever had two naked women in my garden when the postie came in the other week and as I have said I had the hots for Mags badly.
Sandy could see my erection growing, bent down and licked the tip of it while Mags lost the rest of her clothes and her inhibitions at the same time.

Mags lowered her dripping pussy onto my face and I licked greedily on her juices while Sandy gently teased my cock into action. Nothing I like more that the taste of fresh pussy!

Sandy then slid hers onto my cock while I continued to tongue fuck Mags. I was not going to cum and Sandy knew that I wanted to wait but her pussy tightened and she squirted her cum over me. At the same time Mags filled my mouth with hers.

I was in heaven!

Now for the fuck I had dreamed of for years. Mags down on all fours, bum up, cut wet and ready. I told Sandy to get into the same position. I was going to have them both!

Sliding in each cunt for 20 thrusts I felt both of the ready to cum again. There tits in my hands as I ground my hard cock deep into each in turn.

Now where should I cum!

Both were never going to get pregnant so I decided that as Mags had never had my cum I would leave my load deep inside her. Sandy smiled as she watched me fill her friends cunt with my cream, pulled me out and sucked of the remains. It was not long before I was ready for more. Wel 2 naked females who are going to be around for a few hours was enough to make my cock spring back up very quickly.

Needless to say Mags stayed over that night and we fucked a few more times before the dawn!

A surpise the first time but we did this over a lot more weekends and I always enjoy the feeling of filling two hot, wet cunts with my cum.

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