Of course this is fantasy as there is no way an old man like me could ever fuck a porn star like Vicky Vette, but I can dream, can,t I? . So after all these years the figure of Death was at my door and yes it was the Grim Reaper in his black cloak, skeleton figure and carrying his giant scythe. “You can have one wish before I harvest your soul.” a disembodied voice told me. “What do you mean?” I asked. “ As you,re about o die I can grant you one last wish, but one only before you expire. But choose well!” Death warned. . “For some years now I,ve lusted after a blonde porn star named Vicky Vette, but there,s no way she,d have anything to do with an old fart like me!” I thought out loud. . “Do you wish to spend a night making love to Vicky Vette then?” Death asked.”Yes Please, But I,d have to be younger and possess the stamina of a Male porn star!” I reasoned. “Anything is possible! Your wish is now granted!” . Suddenly Death was gone and I found myself in a dressing room I Didn,t recognise wearing only my skin, but though it was my face it was a younger man,s face with a younger fit body and my cock stiff as a board. Another naked male entered. “Hi Joe. I see the prospect of fucking Vicky has got you hard all ready!” The Male joked “Wish it was me as Jemma doesn,t exactly excite me much.” “We all have our crosses to bear!” I chuckled. Somehow I knew the fellow, but couldn,t recall his name, Suddenly a voice called from the door way “Producers tradynfor you Joe. Please make your way to Studio Two?” A Young man dressed in jeans, grey sweat shirt and trainers waited for me as I pulled on a dressing gown over my naked body and let him lead me passed offices through a door marked Studio Two..
Inside was a set resembling a lounge with a bedroom at the rear and the beautiful porn starlet Vicky Vette sat in an arm chair wearing a shimmering satin dress of light blue and high heels to match. . The producer asked me to take a seat opposite Ms, Vette though I found it hard to keep my eyes off her and she still had clothes on! “Okay Joe and Vicky! All I want is you two to be as natural as possible. You both want to fuck very much, but you also like to tease first so Vicky you slowly strip till you,re naked, then you both kiss passionately before Joe kisses and suckles your titties like a baby. You Vicky then remove Joe,s dressing gown and lick his nipples before you start sucking his cock. Joe before you cum in Vicky,s mouth you push her back and feast on her lovely cunt till she,s crying out in orgasm so you then slip your cock up her twat and fuck her. After a while you stick it up her ass, but just before you cum you pull out and shoot as much cum as you can in Vicky,s lovely mouth! Got it?” “We got it! Vicky and I replied together. . So the cameras began to roll and the filming began with me sitting watching tv and Vicky walking in. “So when did you get home Honey?” she asked. “About two hours ago. I knew you wouldn,t be back till late so had a shower and decided to wait for you.” I ad lobbed. “Good. Mike kept trying to hit on me, but it just made me really horny so I couldn,t wait to get home to Fuck you!” With that she kicked off her shoes and worked the zip on her dress down till she could step out if it leaving herself in white lace bra and matching panties with suspenders belt and stockings. She now removed her bra to expose her legendary tits and joined me on the couch lifting her tits so I could kiss them and suckle at the nipples like a big baby and she moaned softly as I did so. After a few minutes she took my dressing gown off then sucked my nipples for a while before trailing down my body till she reached my genjtals and proceeded to lick my sensitive balls before sucking my cock. Of course being a famous porn legend she,s an expert cock sucker, but was equally happy to let me eat her sweet tasting pussy till she groaned for me to “Fuck her good!, of course that was what I asked for and it was incredible to actual,y have my dick buried in Vicky Vette,s amazing cunt! Somehow I managed to avoid cumming yet and found my chick in her ass hole next and she was loving it. “Quick I,m gonna cum!” I moaned and she quickly extracted herself and captured my cock just as the first spurts erupted. The camera zeroed in in her as spurt after spurt shot into her mouth then she opened to show my thick ejaculate before swallowing it down in a loud gulp. What a Fuck! . The cameras had now stopped rolling and Vicky and I were back in our dressing gowns, but we only had eyes for each other as she led me to her dressing room so I could wait for her to put on her clothes. Once I was dressed she drove me to her house she shared with her understanding husband and we spent the rest of that day and part of the night sucking and fucking each other till she told me her husband would be home soon, she,d really enjoyed the day and she hoped maybe we could do it again some time. I missed her a kiss good bye and stepped outside to be greeted by Death. . “Did you enjoy your time with Ms Vette then?” he asked. “Yes very much so Thank You!” “Time to go then.” . A Porn Star to Die For Perhaps??

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