A new client enjoys Ana’s body


A new client enjoys Ana’s body
Ana called me to know if we could get a round at the mall.
I told her that I was leaving my office early to pick her up at home. I needed to see a new client before going shopping. Ana told me she would be ready at home. I asked her to dress sexy…
When I picked her up, Ana told me she wanted to go for some drinks to a new bar that Helena had recommended her. Then I knew there would be some well hung black men at that place…
But I insisted first I would meet that client at his home.

I drove as Anita was rubbing my cock through my pants. I told her she better stopped rubbing me. It would not look right with me meeting a brand new client with a hard on. Ana just laughed…

Finally I parked at a fine house in an upper class neighborhood.
I told Ana she could come inside; it should only take ten minutes.
I mentioned Jim was my client’s name and he was a nice fellow. He had a very nice swimming pool at the backyard. Ana could sit outside by the pool with a drink if she wanted while I conducted business inside with Jim.

I rang the doorbell and a maid answered. I asked her if my wife could wait at the pool. The lady said led Anita to the pool and brought her a drink. She relaxed down there…
Ana’s eyes liked to pop out of her head when she saw Jim…
Jim was a very large black man. Everything looked to be extra large on him from his head down to his feet. He was a handsome guy.
I introduced my wife to him. Jim stared at Ana and commented:
“I liked what I saw here and I would like to see more…”

Anita got speechless. I knew her pussy was getting wet just to look at that huge black guy. Then Jim asked her directly if she had ever had a black cock… My wife looked at me and I nodded at her…

Then Jim told my sexy wife he would love seeing her naked.
Ana was still in complete silence; but she started undressing. Then she walked totally naked and sat onto Jim’s lap.
Jim moved his massive hand up and played with Ana’s nipples.
I saw my wife was grinding her pussy on top of Jim’s crotch.

Then he reached out and started to care Anita’s pussy lips.
He started to finger fuck her. Just his fingers looked bigger than any black dicks I had seen before going in and out my wife’s wet cunt. Soon Ana shuddered and started to cum in those black fingers.
As her orgasm subsided, Ana reached down and pulled out that huge black pole. Her nice red finger nails polish looked good as she stroked the black dick. She then straddled him and in no time had that incredible huge thing buried deep into her hungry wet cunt…
Jim started to suck on my wife’s nipples as he fucked her.
The black guy rose off the chair with my sensual naked wife still impaled by his black cock. He walked her over to his bedroom with Ana’s long legs wrapped around his waist and he fucked her as they made their way to the bedroom.

I walked up to them and kissed Ana; telling her it was time for me to go. All she did was grunt. She could not even answer being filled up with so much black dick.
Jim threw my wife on his bed and walked me to the door. Anita lay on the bed with her legs open waiting for Jim to come back.

I walked out and told Jim he could fuck my wife every Wednesday. He smiled and asked me if it would be fine with me if he could bring a couple of black friends to help him…
I just smiled back to him and then I left.
My sensual babe came back home after ten o’clock. I looked at her.
Ana looked really worn out. I undressed her and could see dark bruises and bite marks on her soft round boobs. Her nice red lipstick was smeared through her beautiful face. I noticed she had dried semen on her curly hair. She had red nail marks on her inner thighs and her pussy lips looked redden and very swollen.
She bent over to show me her tight rosebud had not been spared.
My cock started to get hard as I looked at her stretched asshole.
I lay Ana down on the bed and fucked her for about a full hour.
I could smell the musk of a black man on her sweet body. Her pussy felt stretched out and full of cum. Ana told me she had loved the brutal way Jim had used and abused her whole body…
As she screamed like crazy under my body weight, she cried out that she could not wait until next Wednesday…

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