a follow up the night things changed

a follow up the night things changed
That night changed all things, from that point on everything was different. He treated me better than ever before. We went everywhere together, he would but me everything from lingerie to skirts heels, oh my god the heels he would buy me, Jimmy’s, Maddens, Louie’s, If I liked it he’d buy it; providing I’d wear it during playtime and the sky was the limit. It became the most magical time of our life and our newfound relationship. We’d go to clubs, private parties and personal invites we’d have company over and they’d end up staying the night sometimes the weekend It was a fucking frenzy he couldn’t get enough I couldn’t get enough, different shapes, sizes, race creed, it didn’t matter at the end of the day, I was his and he, was mine. Playtime was just that Playtime all our fantasy, our wants, our desires came out and were fulfilled. We were no longer “vanilla” in our lifestyle. In all actuality, we became “deep dark chocolate” and we were not going back. All the people we’ve had the pleasure of meeting and playing with, were completely respectful of my wants, our wants, our desires and we of theirs. We received a personal invite one night to a party a masquerade party. The invite was beautiful very regal, gold with black embossed writing with complete instructions, it said it was for the serious couples only and all rules must be followed. We were very intrigued, and we wanted to go, but we needed to talk about it and make sure we’d be ok with all the rules. Once we spoke and we decided that we wanted this and whatever would come we’d be ok. That was the most important thing to us, that at the end we’d be ok with what ever happened that it’d always be us, and once that was established, anything went.
The evening came and we arrived at the home, very upscale and beautiful with rolling grounds that seemed to go on forever. All the attendees were in costume and the one rule above all the others was that the masks were not to be taken off, no matter what! We entered the home with the large oak doors and the marble floors the large sweeping stairways the larger than life chandelier. It was something we’ve only seen in the movies, yet here we were with a personal invite. The hosts had several couples gather in the rather large study adorned with beautiful paintings, here we were given a warm welcome and our ground rules for the evening, again we were told that tonight the masks are not to come off that tonight was about total anonymity, and that all that have been invited understood and have agreed to not ask names. We were told we have complete freedom to roam the home, the grounds, no doors are locked and to make
our selves at home. As we walked around each room was more magnificent than the next, each room had a different theme, it was beautiful. The basement was a dungeon complete with all the toys and furniture, all the bells and whistles were there, I was so excited. The room was dimly lit and there was a session going on, candles were all around the room. As our eyes came into focus, they fell upon the beautiful creature, she was gorgeous woman. She was bound in such a way, oh my, what a beautiful sight. I grabbed my hubbies arm and told him, I want to do that. She’d given up total control by being strapped down and controlled by the men that surrounded her. There were four of them and the way that she’d been strapped down they had all her holes filled and the 4th man was just caressing her just to stimulate her body further and the men were moving ever so slowly. I thought, “this is so erotic.” As we started to walk out she let out a moan at first, then a yell, it was muffled but I thought “oh they joy, the pleasure that she must be having” we stopped dead in our tracks and just watched. Her body started to shake, then it was as if the pipes had burst. She was squirting wildly and her orgasm was the most intense that either of us had ever witnessed. Her body started to convulse, then she just stopped and lay there still, breathing deeply. She began to cry slow at first but then it all came out, I couldn’t help but wonder what the hell had we just witnessed, was she upset, was she in pain, why would she cry? I must have said it aloud because she stopped for a moment and spoke to us, telling us that thses are tears of joy and that she has released all her pain and bad memories. I pulled my honey close and told him that is such a turn on to me. Grabbing his hand, I put it between my legs, I was soaked, and dripping, he smiled at me and kissed my forehead. We met up with her later and she had told us that she’d been abused as a c***d and had been gang ****d repeatedly. She said she could no longer enjoy sex and could not have a relationship. That her ther****t recommended this, she said it’s the best thing she has even done, to get control back in her life. That this place “Rebirth” was just the place for her to live out her dream her desires her wishes. We continued to walk around the home and the grounds, stunning just stunning.
There were no doors, no privacy just open rooms. We were voyeurs in every sense of the word and we loved it. We decided to grab a cocktail, settle in and mingle before any play time. On our walk about we came upon a room with sex swings, mirrors were placed in strategic positions, very nice I thought. Another room was a room with a large showering the middle, such a turn on. Everything in the home was amazing. A masquerade party I thought. I’m not so sure but we were here and we were ready for whatever the night held. In one room the was a beautiful woman in a swing and this gentleman was having his way with her and they were loving it. Yet in the swing right next to them there was a gentleman in the swing, a woman was straddled over his face as the other woman was pegging him I thought what did we just get into, Hubby pulled me close and said this is “Rebirth” and it is the place where things start anew. Then it hit me, that is why the masks, we are in for the night of our lives, and it was.
SO, it began. All the new attendees were called to the main room, where we met the hosts once again.
We were told just to re iterate once again, to leave your mask on and to not reveal your name, it is to be an evening of total anonymity, and one final thing there is to be no clothing here the entire evening. We were walked in to another room they called the changing room, it kind of reminded me of a high school locker room with lockers for our personal items, we were then told, this is the only way the rebirth will work. Ok I thought, then they told us all to strip down. What?? Please remove all your clothing except for the ladies please keep on your heels. Everyone in the room did as we were asked, we were then directed to the showers. We were met with a welcoming comity, the men went to one shower the women to the other, we could see the others through the glass partition not interact. As we walked further in we were met by 5 or 6 men each one better looking than the next. I glanced over, and it was the same for the men, the women were stunning. escorted into the showers we were washed, lathered, caressed, touched. I felt every part of my body as if it was on fire I was waking up, and it was orgasmic. I looked over and saw my hubby being afforded the same pleasures, it was wonderful. I was washed lathered, washed again, over and over my body was touched was being catered to as never, and I liked it, no I loved it. After the shower, they led me to another room, there was a table like a massage table but different it had the hole for my face 2 holes for my breasts a hole for my pussy and my legs although were on the table each leg had its own space, it was wild. As I laid on the table I was face down, I felt a warm liquid beginning to pour on me, what is this I thought, oil? It didn’t matter at this point, it was euphoric, and I was in heaven. Then it got weird, and I got scared, they strapped me in. One around my waist one around each of my legs, it must have showed I was getting nervous because one of the men leaned over and whispered into my ear telling me it’s all going to be ok. You’re not in any danger, no one is going to hurt you, please just try to relax, you’re going to enjoy this. I decided to trust him and give into this. As the oil was being poured on I was being massaged by two of the men while the other three were touching my caressing me feeling me heightening my scenes. I came twice before I drifted off to sleep.
As I began to wake up I felt very at peace, how long was I out how long have I been here where is my hubby is he ok? All these thoughts raced through my mind. Then the discomfort hit me slow at first then fast I was still on the table but I was almost inverted my legs were spread for all the world to see and my ass was raised high into the air I felt uncomfortable and began to move around, I asked what’s going on? That strong confident masculine voice was there once again to quiet me and assured me that everything is ok he said we are just finishing up, we have given you an enema. You are now completely clean. They began to message me again and again the oils began to flow and before I knew it I was out again. Upon waking that young man with the confident voice appeared and I thought, was he a hottie, he offered to pleasure me before I see my husband. MY husband where is he? is he ok? when can I see him, again the same voice leaned over and whispered in my ear all that has been done to you has been done to him. Would you like us to pleasure you again, there will be no penetration but you will receive a happy ending Yes I said, it was one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had until this day. My body began to shake uncontrollably I was squirting like I’ve never done before it just would not stop. Once it did stop, I was washed off again and then he dried me off all complete. Your rebirth has begun I was told, it was all so intoxicating. I was told to put my heels back on and wait here, I did as I was told, as I waited other women began entering and were told to wait as well. We were all naked and wearing heels, odd I thought but beautiful just the same. Once we were all collected we were diretedto yet another room just as beautiful as the rest. It was warm the ceilings were high it was beautifully lit the furniture was magnificent. One by one the men entered the room, there we were men and women one more striking than the next. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen such beautiful people and I was one of them. I wanted to grab them all. AS I scanned the room my eyes fell upon the most handsome man I have ever seen, he was so sexy. His body glistened from the oils his chest was explosive I had to talk to him. I wanted him to take me. I walked over put my hand upon his chest and kissed him long and hard. I haven’t seen my husband look this good in years. I pulled away only to profess my undying love to him. I couldn’t believe I was getting wet again.
Our hosts arrived and addressed the room they were a stunning couple. They asked for the men to stand on one side and women on the other. So here we were all staring at each other, naked excepts for our masks and all the women in heels. I felt s alive, my body tingled, my sense of smell was amazing, I felt rejuvenated, alive again. It was a rebirth! The host told us to look at the other across from us, now look to the left and the right, look at each other. Look at all the different shapes, sizes lengths, the heavy, the skinny, the tall and the short. Take a good look at each other’s bodies take a moment and look their genitalia. We were told this is a safe place, we are all equal here no one is greater or lesser than the other.
No one will know who you are here tonight, thus the reason for the mask. We expect all to be treated with the utmost respect and love. Respect one another’s wishes, their desires and their fantasies. Once they had finished, we were told to enjoy. I thought to myself with all these rooms I can’t think of leaving here unsatisfied…. Welcome to REBIRTH..

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